Sunday, March 29, 2020


The last pre-dawn snow fall for the next 8 months.

Before daybreak of recent snowfall. Samsung S7 never ceases to amaze me in the quality of a quick photo. In this case, the cell phone camera captures the morning view of snowfall, from outdoor garage lights, wonderfully. 

Seniors can shop early in some local markets. "O" dark thirty the other morning found a dozen oldsters lined up for doors to open. Many with gloves and masks and a few very worried about the 6' spacing. No time to talk and some masked couples walking and shopping as if the Cvirus was chasing them through the store. Getting in their space produced a kind of body language one might expect reacting to displaying large open sores. Apparently, this is their first rodeo!!

Staff were busy, polite and very helpful.   Other staff were in wipe-down mode. 

The store was well re-stocked with some items now rationed. The checkout lady took my extra cans of diced tomatoes and tomato paste.

Flour on the shelves, but rationed. Paper product rack filled but now rationed to one each of most items. No pork to speak of. Some chicken whole and pieces. Beef very expensive. Plenty of bologna, hot dogs, eggs, cheese and fresh fruits and veggies. Some of the frozen bays replenished. 

Her says she needs to get out of the house. Stories now surfacing of local government folk grabbing power to tell people to stay home or some kind of else may happen. The longer all of this goes on, the more convinced this is a full on power grab and will continue through elections is some fashion. Will continue into the years ahead some say.

Every state surrounding NH is on lock-down. Then, "just like that," only essential workers announced for us this past week. 

My bet this morning; 39 days will not be long enough. Suggestions:
Make sure you and yours can completely isolate for months. Think national shut down and quarantine. Think Martial Law. I bet there are New Yorkers telling themselves, if only we had left 2 weeks ago. If only!! Pay attention: learn: act. Or not!  
We are all on our own and the sooner that sinks in and we act on taking care of ourselves, the better each will be. Helping where and when we can without the need to be on headline news.

I have thought that all of this was a test. Just how might all of us act including government. Then the big one. The REAL AFTER. 

But this morning, I am thinking that this is the event we have been talking about and, in some sense or another, planned for. I do not think we are ever coming back to the good old days; EVER. Like it or not, irrelevant.


Technology here provides some excellent insights. So this kind of tracking technology exists and let there be no mistake, if you have a cell phone on you, "someone somewhere" knows where you have been, where you are and probably much much more. The only future solution to this kind of invasion is to go cell phone free. If you drive a new car, that will not solve your private traveling wishes.


Talk about never ever coming back to the good old days

Does this cause you any alarm at all in The After?


I have been following this gal and her around-the-world ride on a motorcycle. She does a very good job with video and sharing her trip in real time. Looks like she is now locked down like the rest of us. Check out some of her video. You might become a fan.


A most wonderful story and read. Good heart stuff.

In the later parts of our lives, I have joked with her that just maybe the end will be living to 105 and the joke will be on us. 


I am happiest with the TV off. 

Hunkered down in chores. A million little things. Homemade soups for comfort food. A good night's sleep helpful. More serious about staying away from other peeps. The outside weather has been wonderful the past few days. Her and I even saw children outside playing in their yards. Who knew?

"Cancel Christmas, kids." A perspective from folk closer to the center of all of this. Stay tuned.

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