Sunday, March 22, 2020


Going through some food storage here. Learning that flour goes bad not too long after its sell by date. Sealed yeast still good. Rice is as good as the day I set the bags in the bin. Candy bars and candy also good past due dates. AND a bucket of individual Chicken flavored Ramen Noodles /one packet had to be tested. It is nine years past its sell by date. 

Cooked up just fine. Added some soy sauce and gave it a taste or two. Her removed the remainder of the bowl when I blinked and I have not seen it since. BUT served as comfort food. Easy to make. Should have added more water to the broth, but the salt content of those flavor packets can preserve raw meat. I always just eat the noodles. As bad as I want to suck down the chicken flavor, I do not. Just the flavor on the noodles is ok for me. It appears that in the end of world, her is going to check my Ramen intake from the get-go. 

Bottom line, it is still eatable. Not a food to be relied upon, but in the end, it will be much better than nothing.

All canned goods 4-5 years past their due date still good. Six years or longer, tossed.

I also found several bags of Hard Bread that we brought back from our Newfoundland trip in 2010. 

This bread puts any hard tack I have made to shame. Her says we can use these as ammo for our trebuchet. 
This bread needs to soaked over night and is prepared with a salted fish. Fish and Brewis.

These bags are as good as the day we purchased them and will be used in the end of the end of days. 

I am going to soak one overnight though. Curious. 

Those little breads pictures at the right are as solid as rocks and just about as heavy. Absolutely no way in hell can be eaten without soaking. 

Same as salted fish. Needs hours of soaking before cooking. 

Suffice it to say, rotate your storage and get rid of products that are long over due dates. 

This C19 virus has done wonders for cleaning out our long-term storage and forcing us to clean out and update.

Most likely the last snow fall of winter 2019-20. New HF Ham antenna is purposefully slacked at one end as it tied to a tree. New snow fall accents this new line over the driveway that is otherwise invisible. The antenna can easily be tightened to near perfect horizontal when in use. This particular morning was a photo op!

Mother Nature has sent us one more beautiful landscape covered with fresh wet snow. Rising temperatures erased her last winter painting for a few months. 

The tractor snowblower was power washed just a few days ago and set into storage till next winter. This was my way of letting any last snow fall of the season fend for itself. What difference does it make that we are housebound due to snow or invisible virus.

NOPE; NOT LAST SNOW FALL as of posting time. Six to ten inches forecast Monday/Tuesday. Screw!! I refuse to put the snowblower back on. Not going to do it period.



Bake some bread. Bing/Google "5-minute Artisan Bread".

I make a half batch, follow the directions and use flour not beyond its due date. Makes a good loaf for her and me. 

Make some soup. Simple chicken or beef soup. Veggies you like; canned ok. My secret ingredients are thyme and basil. Veggies sauteed in olive oil and a good double dab of olive oil when the pot is set to simmer. A little pasta or rice will give the soup some distance. A good bowl of soup is one of the best comfort foods on planet earth. (Interesting to note that local store as stocked full of fresh fruits and veggies - processed and frozen foods are low or gone)

Get your kids in the kitchen daily helping make meals. Long-term skill sets for them and a great way to pass time stuck at home. They will forever link today's down times with you and them cooking in the kitchen. 

My parents stories and grand parents stories of living through the depression taught me lessons on being completely self sufficient home/food/security wise.

Those dividends paying off 100% today. 



A good read. Black Swans. 

Personally, I think that much of what is happening today around the world is a test. How far can people be pushed convincing them all of it is in their own best interests? Some local and state leaders taking the law into their own hands to see just how much/many restriction they can impose and can get away with w/o push back?

Yep, C19 is an issue, needs to be addressed, but this morning I believe all of this is going to pass in a reasonable amount of time. Tomorrow morning, I could be just as easily be hiding behind a rock. One day at a time works best. At 74, this is not my first life-changing ordeal.



The best well grounded article I have read since all of this C19 has started. Worth the time. Worth sharing. 


Thanks for the visit AND!!

Slow down just a little. Look where you are walking. No cuts from a slipped kitchen knife, no chipped tooth from a hard piece of candy, no injury that could turn into a trip to the hospital. Shift into third and if you can, second. Steady and keep on keeping on!!

Staying away from crowds has solved itself, huh? 

 Say it with me; "_ _ s _    _ o _ _    _ _ _ _ s"

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