Sunday, November 28, 2021


Pre-turkey week.

Found marked down kebabs at the market store early last week. Half-price. Beef and chicken. Looked fresh and took a chance. Wellllllllllll!! Just under 20 minutes and they were a full meal deal. No muss, no fuss. Grilled meat with all our vegetables. 

Who knew! 

I have never been a fan of making kebabs. All the cutting, prepping, poking and so forth. But when someone else makes them, wraps them and then cuts the cost in half, seems I would be a fool not to give 'em a go. 

Drizzled the chicken kebabs with honey and coated the beef several times, on the grill, with olive oil. When her does not talk at the dinner table and eyes my chicken kebabs, I knew I had a  "winner winner kebab dinner."  

and then...Her goes to the store the morning of the day before Thanksgiving. Before leaving, she said; "poke the turkey." I did and it appears to be on the thaw. Twenty-four hours left.

Off to the store for just two celery hearts. Had one in the fridge, but with soup planned and a large pot of dressing, best to be safe. Walking in the door a half hour later she said she got the last stalk of celery in the store. She said there was big hole of nothing on the end wall of the produce section. No more trucks that day either. 

Everyone needs celery on Thanksgiving. Everyone cooking a turkey and side dishes. But, no more celery for you!

Then she brings out two items wrapped in black packing paper. She found another kebab deal. Beef and teriyaki Chicken. "They were on sale." Pointed to the price. I wrapped my arms around her and told her that she was now pre-forgiven for any/all her mis-doings for the rest of the day. A kiss on the cheek to cement my sincerity. Winner, winner!!



Lets put the kids, the dog and mom in the front seat, without life jackets and head out through the Haulover inlet. The gal in the video first boat was no snowflake. It only gets better.


Men with skill sets having fun.




I was flying over this plane and pilot one day on my way to drop off geologists at a near by ridge line. I flew several small circles over him as we watched the pilot making low passes over a gravel bar he wanted to land on. On each pass he mowed down the scrub brush with the propeller, making a safe landing and take off strip. The pilot later told me that all of that was fairly normal in his flying of hunters in and out of the wild. 





A rare photo find as the home behind is reminiscent of the stories my folks told of the old homes they purchased after leaving Seattle. My mother always mentioned all the black berry vines they had to remove and the old chicken house on the side they had to take down. And here it is. 

Brother-in-law asked me yesterday what my dad and I had of mutual interests as I grew up. One of those interests was cars. My father always tried to have one of the newest cars out and loved driving and taking care of it. I grew up helping and of course have to this day yearn for old cars to play with. 


A short post this week. I am covering a lot of ground now scanning old photos, negatives and color slides. The Vietnam photos are all scanned. Other old boxes of photos are pulled out at random and being scanned. I am realizing that my parents enjoyed photography and mom kept anything and everything regarding the family. Fortunately, all of her work was not lost and kept close as I have moved and life has changed. 

Many of the older photos are friends of my elders in their younger years and before me. I do not recognize many of them but do love the old black and white photography. And with in that, these people have passed through my history.


This is a post card. I have found others like this of family and friends. Apparently folks could get a family photo made into mailable post cards. Add a note on the back and send it through the mail. It appears to me that this photo was taken on a logging job site. A father and his son. Most all photos show family and friends and activities. Good simple moments in time that can stand on the merit of the photography and still be shared.


Turkey and all the leftovers gone for the most part. Black Friday passed quickly and all we know is what others who ventured out said of the lines not moving and crowds. No thank you. 

For the very first time in her life, wife has a Christmas tree covered in lights, on a timer and sitting on the front porch. Large boxes of decorations are down and I have promised to be "the good husband" helping, not complaining. So far, so good, but it is early.

After this post goes up, the first batch of oatmeal cookies with nuts and cranberries will hit the cooling racks. "I love the smell of cookies in the morning."

December 2021. Where in the hell has the year gone?

Thanks for stopping by this week. I appreciate. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021



Pulled over to visit with neighbor sitting on one of the blocks of wood in his pile. He is my age and was spending some time splitting wood for the coming  east Texas winter. He thinks that some of the local plants/animals are telling him that it is going to be another cold winter like last year; that hundred-year Texas freeze. 

He showed me this splitting wedge stuck in the block and we both laughed out loud. He said he was now splitting these blocks with a chainsaw. They were all burled and full of hardened knots. All but impossible to split with a maul and wedges. It has been many years since I have set a wedge like this splitting wood. 

Plan B was to get the splitter from his son. The upside of this will come winter as this wood will burn hot and twice as long as dense as it is. 



......before grandpa bought his first Ford tractor for the farm.


FINALLY DECENT BREAD AGAIN. It was all in the tap water minerals causing the bread not to properly rise. 




GETTING CHRISTMAS GIFTS READY.    Second batches of homemade granola.








FLOATING RESTURANT HONG KONG, 1967. First time in my life I walked into a restaurant and picked my lunch live from a large glass pool of swimming fish.

Probably most every G.I. that went to Honk Kong on R n R ate at this restaurant once.  It was the list of places to visit and experience.



During the last months of the Army helicopter flight school training, cadets were excused from noon Saturday till midnight Sunday. We were all but assured our wings and bars if we stayed smart and did not mess up. 

We were usually set free around 1100 hours for lunch at the mess hall. Many of us put on shorts and a t-shirt and packed a small overnight bag of stuff and left the base to play. 

I put the top down on the "vette" and a good friend and I headed out the gate. We had a 5th of whiskey stuffed under the passenger seat and stopped at a local gas station for a package of Oreo cookies and a quart of milk for lunch. 

Topped the car off with gas and headed out sharing milk and cookies. If we did not cruise too much while at our destination, one tank of gas would get us there and back. Important because we could then go broke having a good time. 

There were dry counties on our roads and we never knew where. On one such weekend journey, we got caught in a "stop all vehicles" checkpoint. We pulled over as the old southern Sherriff checked vehicles ahead of us. When he got to us we identified ourselves as cadets out of Ft. Rucker and were heading to Panama City for the weekend. "What's in the milk jug, son?" 

"Milk, sir." We offered it to him for inspection over the bag of half-eaten Oreo cookies. And sure enough, the boys were drinking milk and eating Oreo cookies. He stepped aside and waved us out of the line wishing a good/safe weekend trip. We were the only car exiting that lineup. 

We laughed out loud most the rest of that drive that day. The 5th of whiskey came out when we landed in Panama City. It was a very good lesson. 

The Beach Party was a club/bar/dance hall located directedly on the beach. Opened at noon or so and stayed open till midnight/one o'clock. The drinking commenced at noon and the music started late afternoon. Live bands, rock and roll and there was no place like it before in my life. I was smart enough to soak up every living weekend there with friends that I could. And even then, there was not enough time. 

I met a very nice gal from Tallahassee one weekend early on and she turned heads riding in that red Corvette. We had a wonderful time together to the point she invited me down for a few days after graduation. But time was short and getting home to Washington state for those few weeks before going to Vietnam was a mandate. We said we would keep in touch but, never did. 

The Beach Party was a world of it's own. One of the airline stewardess schools would drop off the gals attending those courses for a Saturday afternoon and early evening. The gals had to be back to their quarters by midnight Saturday or would be kicked out of their program. 

There was just enough time to party and dance. And there were plenty of young guys and gals to go around. It was just plain old fun, teenagers dancing the night away, barefoot in the sand to the world's best-ever live music. I never saw nor heard of anyone getting stupid, guys or gals. But we may have come close. 

Dancing the nights away to live rock and roll music on the warm beech sands of Panama City was an end game in and of itself. 

When all was said and done, at the end of the evening, the beach outside would be lined with bodies covered in blankets for a night's sleep on the warm sand. I found a way to sleep in the Corvette parked outside the club.  

The Beech Party is but a story now. Most likely remembered by a few older gals and guys who found that club during the times of their lives. My guess is it the memories are still followed by smiles. It was a great time in trouble times. 


SAILING a ghost town in Russia

Normal days for my wife start early - 3:30/4:00 AM. I/we have had a good night's rest by then and both love the quiet of the morning. The only sound is tick-tock of the AA battery operated clock on the kitchen wall. The coffee pot completed gurgling out our first cups of coffee into the pot. The gas fireplace is lit as winter sets in.

We both read a series of blogs and when I am done, I head to YouTube. 

I have followed several couples sailing around the world for several years. Most any video of someone playing on the water with boats draws my attention. The couple "SAILING UMA" are folks I check-in on from time to time. This particular video title caught my eye and has proven to be one of the very best video sailing adventures I have ever seen. These early morning hours provides the time to crawl into a video like this.

The subject matter, the photography/videography/editing, the sailing, abandoned town and their presentation of the days adventure....then the last 4 minutes. 

The last 4, do not just go there without spending at least some time in that first half hour from the start. Get to know the story/days adventure and spend at least 10 minutes with this sailing couple first....paaaahlease!! Then, if you must,  go to the 30-minute mark, watch and turn up the sound. 


FALL COLORS linger here. Not big splashes of color, rather, random tossed color against an east Texas smattering of trees and scrub brush. Simplicity in a typical landscape surrounded by fields with homes tucked in. 

The garden is still producing peppers although they struggle now to  ripen as temperatures cool. 
Beets are growing and more need time to grow larger. Lettuce and spinach, poorly planted, grow and survive in spite of my lack of attention to proper seeding. This weekend offers fresh lettuce for baloney sandwiches and small spinach salads with dinner. Picking only what we will eat extends the crop. 

Two lemon trees produced 7 lemons. I found out too late how the bugs love that baby lemon that pops out when the flower leaves drop off. I will cover with netting next season. The lemons I have harvested are sopping wet with juice when cut. Nothing like store-bought. A reason to improve my understanding of growing these fruit trees. If others can, so can I.


Bulk Tennessee Red Valencia and Spanish peanuts are in now at the local feed store. Another seasonal for feed and roasting. We were gifted a few bags from local friends last year. They had roasted the peanuts and brought over a paper sack full. 

So what!! No one in my lifetime has ever brought over fresh home roasted peanuts. Peanuts always came from the lower shelves at the grocery store and I never ever gave peanuts a thought beyond that. If local feed stores ever offered this, I never knew nor had reason/interest to purchase. But here in Texas, bulk fresh peanuts  are another seasonal crop that passes through local stores. 

Two and half pounds of the small Spanish peanuts scooped out of a hundred pound bag: $7.00. Roast 45 minutes at 300 degrees. Turn once. Filled a large clear plastic jar with home-roasted peanuts because I could. More importantly, I wanted to learn the process from purchase to roasting to storing. And yes, eating. 

Are they better? I am not sure. Would have to do a side-by-side test and I am too lazy to do that. The Spanish peanuts are smaller in size and the kitchen smelled of peanuts roasting over an op in the oven. An upside. They are fresh and full of flavor and gift-worthy. 

I roasted the peanuts because I have never done this before. Seemed like a good time to learn and I had fun. Yep, fun!!


THE VAX  a personal opinion, shared from VOX POP0LI.



I think the wheels are falling off. I turn my back and purposely find chores to help me ignore media and find ways of moving through each day without being swept into the lies presented in most every nook and cranny. It all appears to me that my America is under heavy attack and all of this may soon be coming home to our front doors. If the elephant is not in the room yet................ 

To piss and moan and walk in constant quicksand of complaining while looking down the road for someone to do something is not a platform from which I want to write each week. I fight this. Have said that before and you will hear it again. 

I have voiced that I fought my war. Stepped up and walked straight into it. My other choice was to run north but I would have spent my years running and this was no way to live for me. No future. 

Age teaches me to be patient, but that may be yesterday thinking. Yet patience provides and may clearly define the reality of "the after" that is ahead of us. I do not know and refrain from giving advice. Not knowing is grit in my machine. 

One constant is and has been appreciating your weekly visit. Thank you. 

Sunday, November 14, 2021




Ventured with neighbor into his turnip patch this week. A good crop from just casting seeds in September. He asked if I like turnips and in all honesty I replied, "I do not know?" I have avoided turnips my whole life for absolutely no good reason at all. 

It is a root vegetable after all and I am a root vegetable fan. He said that he likes them raw. Just like a freshly pulled carrot. Seventy-seven years and I never knew. 

Dusted off, peeled with a pocket knife and slices cut just like an apple from the orchard. I asked for seconds and thirds until that turnip was gone. Great texture, maybe a hint of sweetness and then, in the back door, comes the slightest heat of horseradish. Every bite. There is also a hint of horseradish from the bunch sitting on the kitchen counter.

He filled a 5 gallon bucket with greens attached. I asked for a couple more. Neighbor said we will never eat 'em all before the freeze gets them. With a slight side smile he said we will not go hungry! (I will come back to this)



Bleed the meat on ice for three days and then her and I killed the whole small roast for lunch and dinner. Her rarely ever asks for more of anything. Rarely. But when these little steaks hit the table, she was taking her share off the top before I could even sit down. 

We had boiled red potatoes with butter and fresh parsley. A small bowl of mixed vegetables. Her ate steaks, then another, then another and I offered one of mine. She did not even make eye contact as her fork killed the last steak headed to her plate. 

Yea, like this!


1942 L-2 TAYLORCRAFT Over the bay just north of Bowerman Field. November 1979. Another good story here and will be told in future blogs. 



Mom and dad's.

Her and I.


Project completed. Eleven hundred color slides, photos and black and white negatives scanned and backed up twice. 

Shelves still full of other family work and play history to get to. A work in progress and I am enjoying visiting those times and getting a digital library to share with son. 

Will continue blogging with some more Vietnam photos and stories not already told, but not as major postings as in the weeks past. 

Will also continue to share other photos here from the past years of my life and living. From the amateur photographer in me and for the "love of the game."


I have always loved black and white photography. Dabbled in it in years past. 

I came to the realization that maybe the apple did not fall too far from the tree with my father and me. I realized this past week that dad was a photographer. Had an eye. As I think back, he always had a small camera with him. Always. Mom helped.

And as my life has slowed down now, I have time to just sit back and appreciate and realize what I think is good photography. Not pictures, but good photography.

You do not need to know anything about me to see stories in some of these photos. These too are timeless and historical representations of times gone by. Americana. An era.

1945/6. We were visiting a site outside of town where dad was topping trees, falling trees and logging. 

1947 guessing by my age. Mom and me. Most likely a weekend outing on the beaches near by. We were always on the roads on Sunday's to rivers and the beaches with friends.

Regardless, I do love the photography.


Cold winds blowing in the mornings, afternoons are one the reasons we moved to Texas. Beautiful, warm and pleasant. We spend a lot of time outside sitting and visiting. Much more than we ever spent while living in New Hampshire. 

Taking this photo with my cell phone just now taught me how I have always neglected cleaning off the camera lens of the phone camera. Tripled the clarity of photo taking. Who knew?

Rumors of turkey out of the oven, sliced and placed over mashed potatoes, seasonal homemade dressing and soaked in a triple coating of gravy. Hot homemade rolls torn open, drenched in pads of butter and the first bite of hot buttered roll properly drenched in said gravy.  Anticipation is again at work this season.

Appreciate the visit again this week. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

VETERANS DAY 2021 - Vietnam Movie 2/20th ARA 1st Air Cav-1967

 Vietnam Movie. 2/20th ARA. 1st Air Cav-1967

Photos taken and compiled in 1967 serving with The 2nd of The 20th, ARA, 1st Air Cav. We flew out of An Khe, Bong Son, The An Lao Valley and Phan Thiet. Lyrics and music by Joe Galloway "God's Own Lunatics" from "The Shadow of The Blade"


Second tour of duty 1969. Just a few pics. 7/17th Cav


1ST AIR CAV 227TH. Spent many days flying with and in support of the two two seventh. A good video with music. Most realistic. Pay attention to troop drop off. All the flying is Spot on!! 

We provided the initial LZ Prep (covered the landing zone with 96 exploded rockets and machine gun fire just prior to the first troop ships setting down in that LZ), then: soon as the boys were on the ground another fire team was in contact and ready to deliver any fire support as needed. We were Aerial Artillery.


HILL 875

To all veteran's this day, thank you for your service to this great country. With highest respect and honor, I was most proud to serve my country along side of you. 

If you pass through this blog today, take time to reach out and personally thank a veteran for his/her service to this country. 

Thanks for the visit to YMATA this week.

Sunday, November 7, 2021


Looking east as storm approaches from west Texas. 

Oats, Grape nuts, almonds and cranberry granola. We have wanted to make and learn this for years. Yes, as easy as everyone says it is to make and scrumptious. 

Gifted the small jar. 


Wonderful homegrown heat and flavor. 

Avoid the whiff of freshly ground red peppers when taking the lid off of the food processor.  Cleans the sinuses like an invisible rotor-rooter.



Three dead pine trees no longer a danger from passing storms. 



Pikes Place Market (early 70's) protest. Seattle.

Sling loads of cedar blocks. Pacific Northwest, Washington State.

New rebuilt engine installed in L2-Taylorcraft rebuild project - 1976-1979.

First fights of rebuilt Taylor Craft L-2. Bowerman Field in the background.

First fights of old L2 Taylorcraft November 1979. Bowerman Field in the background.


Cooler and wet this past week in east Texas. 

Long pants now, shorts put away in the bottom drawers. Heavier socks and two layers of long sleeve shirts until early afternoon. A/C set to heat. Gas fireplace in the queue.

Her started making pots of hot water for hot cups of tea with sweetener and touch of milk. Comfort "food" in these cooler days ahead that will continue through winter.  

Forgoing the Vietnam post this weekend. Will have a post on Veterans Day later this week. 

Appreciate your visit this week.