Sunday, March 29, 2020


The last pre-dawn snow fall for the next 8 months.

Before daybreak of recent snowfall. Samsung S7 never ceases to amaze me in the quality of a quick photo. In this case, the cell phone camera captures the morning view of snowfall, from outdoor garage lights, wonderfully. 

Seniors can shop early in some local markets. "O" dark thirty the other morning found a dozen oldsters lined up for doors to open. Many with gloves and masks and a few very worried about the 6' spacing. No time to talk and some masked couples walking and shopping as if the Cvirus was chasing them through the store. Getting in their space produced a kind of body language one might expect reacting to displaying large open sores. Apparently, this is their first rodeo!!

Staff were busy, polite and very helpful.   Other staff were in wipe-down mode. 

The store was well re-stocked with some items now rationed. The checkout lady took my extra cans of diced tomatoes and tomato paste.

Flour on the shelves, but rationed. Paper product rack filled but now rationed to one each of most items. No pork to speak of. Some chicken whole and pieces. Beef very expensive. Plenty of bologna, hot dogs, eggs, cheese and fresh fruits and veggies. Some of the frozen bays replenished. 

Her says she needs to get out of the house. Stories now surfacing of local government folk grabbing power to tell people to stay home or some kind of else may happen. The longer all of this goes on, the more convinced this is a full on power grab and will continue through elections is some fashion. Will continue into the years ahead some say.

Every state surrounding NH is on lock-down. Then, "just like that," only essential workers announced for us this past week. 

My bet this morning; 39 days will not be long enough. Suggestions:
Make sure you and yours can completely isolate for months. Think national shut down and quarantine. Think Martial Law. I bet there are New Yorkers telling themselves, if only we had left 2 weeks ago. If only!! Pay attention: learn: act. Or not!  
We are all on our own and the sooner that sinks in and we act on taking care of ourselves, the better each will be. Helping where and when we can without the need to be on headline news.

I have thought that all of this was a test. Just how might all of us act including government. Then the big one. The REAL AFTER. 

But this morning, I am thinking that this is the event we have been talking about and, in some sense or another, planned for. I do not think we are ever coming back to the good old days; EVER. Like it or not, irrelevant.


Technology here provides some excellent insights. So this kind of tracking technology exists and let there be no mistake, if you have a cell phone on you, "someone somewhere" knows where you have been, where you are and probably much much more. The only future solution to this kind of invasion is to go cell phone free. If you drive a new car, that will not solve your private traveling wishes.


Talk about never ever coming back to the good old days

Does this cause you any alarm at all in The After?


I have been following this gal and her around-the-world ride on a motorcycle. She does a very good job with video and sharing her trip in real time. Looks like she is now locked down like the rest of us. Check out some of her video. You might become a fan.


A most wonderful story and read. Good heart stuff.

In the later parts of our lives, I have joked with her that just maybe the end will be living to 105 and the joke will be on us. 


I am happiest with the TV off. 

Hunkered down in chores. A million little things. Homemade soups for comfort food. A good night's sleep helpful. More serious about staying away from other peeps. The outside weather has been wonderful the past few days. Her and I even saw children outside playing in their yards. Who knew?

"Cancel Christmas, kids." A perspective from folk closer to the center of all of this. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Full Hazmat Shopping. Photo originated somewhere on FB last week.

The store looks fairly well stocked in this photo. I am guessing this is an older gentleman. He appears to be ready for "Covid-33."


Entering week #2 of quarantine, social distancing and living in The After. 

The president indicated in last night's speech that the cure should not be worse than the virus. Something to that effect. Sounds like common sense. Gives me some hope that we will not all go too far down the rabbit hole, but I would not bet on it. 

Made some chicken salad this morning from a can of chicken breast, mayo, chopped red onion and a big spoon full of home made zucchini relish. A splash of black pepper and then in the fridge till lunch. Stand alone meal for two, too. 

Frozen chicken strips out of the freezer and on the thaw for dinner. And so it goes. Some food from storage and some from the freezer. 

Up at 04:00 which is the norm here. We both have 8 hours of sleep and instead of staying in bed, we are up checking blogs and enjoying talking of current events. Good conversations and a wonderful way to start out a day.

Heavy wet snow starting mid-afternoon giving us the morning for any last minute outdoor chores. Plenty to still do as we are steeped in spring cleaning. 

Not ones for having nothing to do. There is always something to do around a home. Always.

Two cords of wood on order and filling the oil tanks. In keeping with this time of the season prepping for the coming winter. Once delivered, we can check off these two "must do" items. 


A daily shot of Fire Cider, spoonful of honey and cup of hot tea.

Will go to three teas mixed like this if and when flu symptoms appear. Until then, once a day, more for learning and testing than anything else. I want to make sure my system can cope and so far all is fine. It is made from all natural spices and ingredients. "You could look it up."

I woke this morning and for the first time (in a long time) was not stuffed up from mild allergies due to dust, etc. Old old time remedies, working with herbs said to aid improving the immune system and giving these mix of spices a try, will not hurt me. I am of the opinion it works.



Makes no difference this day that C19 or 7" of fresh wet snow on the ground: we are not going anywhere. Snow blower has been removed and it will be a cold cold day in New Hampshire before I put it back on. 
Wood stove constant at 500 degree F, blog checking on the temperature of the world and a small roasted chicken planned for dinner. 
Her and I enjoying each other's company and visiting with family and friends. 
Tomorrow is a new day.
Thanks for the visit. This is post #200 and goes to press w/o fanfare.
Morning sun and the trees are shedding the wet snow.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


Going through some food storage here. Learning that flour goes bad not too long after its sell by date. Sealed yeast still good. Rice is as good as the day I set the bags in the bin. Candy bars and candy also good past due dates. AND a bucket of individual Chicken flavored Ramen Noodles /one packet had to be tested. It is nine years past its sell by date. 

Cooked up just fine. Added some soy sauce and gave it a taste or two. Her removed the remainder of the bowl when I blinked and I have not seen it since. BUT served as comfort food. Easy to make. Should have added more water to the broth, but the salt content of those flavor packets can preserve raw meat. I always just eat the noodles. As bad as I want to suck down the chicken flavor, I do not. Just the flavor on the noodles is ok for me. It appears that in the end of world, her is going to check my Ramen intake from the get-go. 

Bottom line, it is still eatable. Not a food to be relied upon, but in the end, it will be much better than nothing.

All canned goods 4-5 years past their due date still good. Six years or longer, tossed.

I also found several bags of Hard Bread that we brought back from our Newfoundland trip in 2010. 

This bread puts any hard tack I have made to shame. Her says we can use these as ammo for our trebuchet. 
This bread needs to soaked over night and is prepared with a salted fish. Fish and Brewis.

These bags are as good as the day we purchased them and will be used in the end of the end of days. 

I am going to soak one overnight though. Curious. 

Those little breads pictures at the right are as solid as rocks and just about as heavy. Absolutely no way in hell can be eaten without soaking. 

Same as salted fish. Needs hours of soaking before cooking. 

Suffice it to say, rotate your storage and get rid of products that are long over due dates. 

This C19 virus has done wonders for cleaning out our long-term storage and forcing us to clean out and update.

Most likely the last snow fall of winter 2019-20. New HF Ham antenna is purposefully slacked at one end as it tied to a tree. New snow fall accents this new line over the driveway that is otherwise invisible. The antenna can easily be tightened to near perfect horizontal when in use. This particular morning was a photo op!

Mother Nature has sent us one more beautiful landscape covered with fresh wet snow. Rising temperatures erased her last winter painting for a few months. 

The tractor snowblower was power washed just a few days ago and set into storage till next winter. This was my way of letting any last snow fall of the season fend for itself. What difference does it make that we are housebound due to snow or invisible virus.

NOPE; NOT LAST SNOW FALL as of posting time. Six to ten inches forecast Monday/Tuesday. Screw!! I refuse to put the snowblower back on. Not going to do it period.



Bake some bread. Bing/Google "5-minute Artisan Bread".

I make a half batch, follow the directions and use flour not beyond its due date. Makes a good loaf for her and me. 

Make some soup. Simple chicken or beef soup. Veggies you like; canned ok. My secret ingredients are thyme and basil. Veggies sauteed in olive oil and a good double dab of olive oil when the pot is set to simmer. A little pasta or rice will give the soup some distance. A good bowl of soup is one of the best comfort foods on planet earth. (Interesting to note that local store as stocked full of fresh fruits and veggies - processed and frozen foods are low or gone)

Get your kids in the kitchen daily helping make meals. Long-term skill sets for them and a great way to pass time stuck at home. They will forever link today's down times with you and them cooking in the kitchen. 

My parents stories and grand parents stories of living through the depression taught me lessons on being completely self sufficient home/food/security wise.

Those dividends paying off 100% today. 



A good read. Black Swans. 

Personally, I think that much of what is happening today around the world is a test. How far can people be pushed convincing them all of it is in their own best interests? Some local and state leaders taking the law into their own hands to see just how much/many restriction they can impose and can get away with w/o push back?

Yep, C19 is an issue, needs to be addressed, but this morning I believe all of this is going to pass in a reasonable amount of time. Tomorrow morning, I could be just as easily be hiding behind a rock. One day at a time works best. At 74, this is not my first life-changing ordeal.



The best well grounded article I have read since all of this C19 has started. Worth the time. Worth sharing. 


Thanks for the visit AND!!

Slow down just a little. Look where you are walking. No cuts from a slipped kitchen knife, no chipped tooth from a hard piece of candy, no injury that could turn into a trip to the hospital. Shift into third and if you can, second. Steady and keep on keeping on!!

Staying away from crowds has solved itself, huh? 

 Say it with me; "_ _ s _    _ o _ _    _ _ _ _ s"

Thursday, March 19, 2020


Local Market Basket in middle NH opens Thursday morning, 05:30 till 07:00 for senior citizens over 60. Most all shoppers this morning seemed to be shopping normally for needed basics. One or two younger folk and one extra large member of the human species with an overloaded bread-only basket. The chains plan is to have their stores open like this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Several other chains have followed suit.

Eggs and bread here this week till the middle of next week. Eases some of the worry for elders keeping the basics.

Talk though of complete shutdowns. Feels like fear tactics as some decision makers are looking over seas and at large metropolitan areas having serious problems containing the virus, for guidance. Martial law overseas declared in some places. 

It may just a matter of days before those kind of restrictions are put into place nationally or locally. 

Her and I are playing this one day at a time and wash wash wash. 


STELLA from American Digest

Need a smile. Watch this video for a minute or so. Especially if you are a dog lover.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020



You may remember this song. You may not. Give it a listen.

Seeing older adults struggling with the 2-4 week closures; well, the game has just begun. The rules are being made up play to play.

Try getting your draft notice at 18 and knowing if you do nothing, you will soon wind up in Vietnam as a ground soldier. If that was not challenging enough, try learning at 74 years old, you are listed as a no-need to show up at the emergency room and placed in an expendable group.

"There are reports that emergency room doctors are allotting respirators to those with higher life expectancy due to the limited equipment in the hardest hit areas of the province. If you are older or have other illnesses, you may simply not be eligible for treatment."  Gingrich from Italy

Life and times had us coming and now has us going. "No longer eligible or treatment." Letting this sink in if this is what is headed to the good ol USofA.

I have already seen other reports of how older folks will be the last on the list. Youngsters will come first.

That is fine, unless you too are in the expendable groups.

Oops, looks like restaurant owners are now also expendable at least in their ability to earn a living. How comforting it is to know though, that "these decisions are not taken lightly." Feeling warm and fuzzy all over.



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Sunday, March 15, 2020


A quote from the friend of a friend: "A sense of humor goes a long ways these days."



A biscuit mix with water 5 years past its due date. I added a half teaspoon of baking soda for no good reason. 

Baked on a pizza stone for 11 minutes. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, momma!! 

Being on a diet for over a year now, I think I would have enjoyed eating the dry powder mix. (NO) 

Biscuits cut in half and butter melting. Now how to convince her we need to break out a package of Mac and Cheese. That will be a harder sell, but it is for the children and becoming a part of my mental health needs. 

I know better than trying her to cook a package of Ramen Noodles. That will indeed be the last of days. 

Point! Any kind of mix off-the-shelf like this is easy to store, easy to make and bake and also serves as comfort food any time of the day. Add butter, honey a blob of peanut butter and you are eating healthy.  

While the world is going crazy with toilet paper, $30 worth of mixes like this is money well spent.


"Concord hospital has security guards to all entrances to the emergency room with a nurse station screening everyone and denying access to people who are not patients."

A FB post from a friend of ours mid-week.

Friday morning Sam's Club Concord toilet paper and paper towel shelves. We just had to see for ourselves.

Sam's Club hamburger meat section empty. The butcher said that the truck had come in yet and they did not know when it would arrive.

Walmart Concord Friday Morning. Again, toilet paper rack all but gone. 

I noticed a young couple, late 20's maybe, walking this isle bewildered by the fact the total run on toilet paper. The fellow said he could not understand why the public run on this product. The both turned a few circles around their cart in utter disbelief.

I told him that Sam's was empty this morning too. 

I said that I thought the reason was most folks live week to week on items like this. Maybe having a half dozen rolls on hand and always having the option to pick up as needed from the local markets. 

But being faced with several month shut downs and stay at home quarantines, folks realized having no toilet paper can be a problem.

The last photo was taken at our local home town market late Friday morning. Toilet paper briefly on hand. Paper towels were stacked in the isle as there was no need to stock shelf's due to run on these items.

Shopping felt normal at Sam's. 

Walmart shoppers looked a little more stressed. I got the feeling many were last minute shopping for items needed for having to stay at home for a few weeks or more. Shoppers and workers were cordial but all looked tired keeping all of this working and moving along. Hard to put into words. 

Shoppers at our local market were taken aback by the volume of shoppers on a late Friday morning. Several agreed that it looked and felt like shopping just before the arrival of a major winter nor'easter. Almost every shopper had paper products in their carts, and the general shopping mode felt normal. Shoppers were more relaxed, willing to talk and visit and all amazed at the volume due to potential need to stay at home due to C19.

We were able to stock up on needed items for older folks having to take care of ourselves in the case we were to get a run of flu or C19. It is obvious from our take on the general news media and blogging, that old folks like us are at a higher risk and yes, expendable. 

That sounds fine unless you are 74 years old. To each other, I am not expendable, my wife is not expendable. Our years have taught the lessons of self-reliance a few times. Lessons well learned. The upside of our age is that we have seen times like this before and we have worked those times as needed. We never gave up nor did we give in. We just rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Day after day after day.


Friends and neighbors have called checking in and offering help. We have been put into their caring and concern loop as they are in ours. Very reassuring on many levels.



There is order in the world. Our bear is out of hibernation. 

Our free-standing birdfeeder is down-- and for the last time.  

The bear is doing what the bear does. My bet he is hungry as is the case after a long winter nap. 

The feeder and pole go into the dumpster this weekend. 

Not sure of future bird feeding solutions.

For now, I am regrouping and looking for a better option. 

Nothing I have done so far has endured. 

Maybe a little hand ul of feed on the picnic table each day?    


Our President has done a good job bringing government and industry leaders together for actionable help in this "crisis." I watched the stock market go up 1000 points during his speech. The nation and world is watching. "You go to war with the Army you have." He is!!

Yes, this will all pass. Much will be learned and the haters in and of this country will continue to hate. But common sense, minimized fatalities, and our economy will triumph. 

Be there for your family and neighbors. Give help when and where you can. Ask for help as needed. Practice smart cleanliness. Avoid crowds when you can and stay home more often when possible. This can be a great time to get closer to all in your home. Be creative, have fun and get a chore or two done working together. Bake a cake or make cookies for end of the day treats. Of course you put in comfort food, right?

Keep informed beyond the television outlets. 

One day at a time works just fine. One day at a time! It has worked before and it will work again.

We are in an After my friends. We are going to be fine. You know the drill. 

Thanks for the visit.

Thursday, March 12, 2020


Seventeen years here on the small hill in middle NH. Planned to stay here till the end of days. End of days in a normal getting older till our end of days. Someone one else would worry about all the little things left behind. 

During these past years we have always said that one of the up sides of living here and for all folk further away from any center of hustle/bustle, is that we will have time to "see it coming." In this sense, we will have some time to be better prepared.  Something is always coming and "it" always well defines itself starting the clock of "seeing it coming." Whew.

Today is the day. Yesterday was the day. Last week was the day. 

C19 has to be dealt with in a serious adult manner. We are older folk and the sights from C19 have us in the cross hairs with range, windage and elevation accurately adjusted.  One accurate shot gets us both and we are on our own. Get out the first aid book for cleaning this wound.

So what to do, la?

Daily reports now cover the bell curve, leaving little doubt that arrival of C19 is just a matter of time. C19 most likely is the "it" in our "it's coming."

Her and I have added a few things, thrown out, outdated storage and looking to shore up items that improve our immune system. A healthy immune system will help us fight the onset of being infected with C19 and is positive action now to better prepare ourselves.
A zinc lozenge each every morning before breakfast. Read up on zinc.

More liquid intake daily. Drinking more water daily as a matter of starting a new habit.

Fire cider bottled and new batch started. Powerful stuff. One test sip cleared my sinus's, covered my throat and I do not have a breathing problem. Will start daily when the draw bridge rises. One table spoon in warm tea with a little extra added honey taken at least three times a day.

Hand washing and disinfecting now more often as daily routine. 

Filling a small cardboard box with items needed set on kitchen table.  No need to start roaming storage nooks looking for immediate needed items.

No Panic plan. Being mentally and physically ready to stay the course for weeks and months. Having skill sets and tools to take care of each other. It appears that we will be on our own and that having to go to a hospital will not be an option with expectations of being well cared for. 

We (as most very sick folk will be) are expendable. Our age will be the first question asked upon our arrival. Our fate will be sealed. Just a fact of life Dorothy.

Over the counter.
Could save a life.  Yours?

Healthy eating and some more weight loss. Foods and vitamins that fulfill maintain a healthy immune system.

No more wife swapping, smoking, drinking, gambling, bar hopping, dancing on tables, hugging, hand shaking and running hand in hand naked through the woods.


From the article

"Ali said his clinic was also offering the worried wealthy an intravenous infusion of vitamins and minerals to boost their immune systems. “We know that 90% of adults have a deficiency in vitamins – what better to improve that than an IV immune boost? An intravenous infusion ensures instant and optimal delivery of these nutrients to the body’s cells and the nutrients should include vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B12 complex, glutathione, zinc and essential amino acids such as arginine, taurine, lysine and citrulline.” The treatment costs £350."

We do not have a bunker, nor access to a private jet let alone a desire to be any kind of participant. Even if invited with all expenses paid and a place to live underground indefinitely, we would not go. Never ever. 

Going full BS crazy locked underground has no appeal. 

I would enjoy though listening in to the under ground groups first meeting setting rules and guidelines. GMTFOH. I bet the billionaire wants to be in charge.

The upside for the normal Joe here is the list of vitamins we can put in our diet and supplements to add now to boost immune systems. We can still start all of this today. Right now. Get to the store, purchase what we want/need and better solve working our immune systems. 



If all of this just turns out to be an exercise, it is a good one. My bet is we all would prefer to look ridiculous in our concerns and actions. I would. And if this becomes the case, what great practice for the next "it."

I just saw a headline of 5 things that just changed in the past hour. Life changing.

Maybe the header for the next blog will soon become "WE ALL LIVE IN A DIFFERENT  WORLD THAN WE DID JUST AN HOUR AGO."  

Kevin Costner gets credit for all of this. 


Wash your mouse before returning to this blog site; please. 

Yep, I appreciate your visit.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


A Few Immune System Boosting Daily Additions

One garlic clove raw and chopped. We eat it on a half slice of toast. 
Butter, bread and fresh garlic!

From a friend, re: coronavirus (COVID-19)


Last evening dining out with friends, one of their uncles, who's graduated
with a master's degree and who worked in Shenzhen Hospital (Guangdong
Province, China) sent him the following notes on Coronavirus for guidance:

1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold.
2. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough with no runny nose.
3. This new virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature
of just 26/27 degrees. It hates the sun.
4. If someone sneezes with it, it takes about 10 feet before it drops to the
ground and is no longer airborne.
5. If it drops on a metal surface it will live for at least 12 hours - so if
you come into contact with any metal surface - wash your hands as soon as
you can with a bacterial soap.
6. On fabric it can survive for 6-12 hours, normal laundry detergent will
kill it.
7. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink
liquids with ice.
8. Wash your hands frequently as the virus can only live on your hands for
5-10 minutes, but - a lot can happen during that time - you can rub your
eyes, pick your nose unwittingly and so on.
9. You should also gargle as a prevention. A simple solution of salt in warm
water will suffice.
10. Can't emphasize enough - drink plenty of water!

1. It will first infect the throat, so you'll have a sore throat lasting 3/4

2. The virus then blends into a nasal fluid that enters the trachea and
then the lungs, causing pneumonia. This takes about 5/6 days further.
3. With the pneumonia comes high fever and difficulty in breathing.
4. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You feel like you're
drowning. It's imperative you then seek immediate attention.


 Best not to catch this virus. Especially older folk. 


Monday morning local market. They have had a run on wet wipes and disinfectant. But, stocked to the hilt otherwise.

Many isles were restocking from full pallets. Normal as normal can be. Want for nothing this past Monday!!


Bottled first batch of Fire Cider. Adding honey in the pic to the right. First try will be a tablespoon in a cup of tea. 

Fire Cider helps immune system fight off flu and colds. Long-time successful remedy. Why not have it on hand make some and have it on hand?

Batch #2 on the cook for the next six weeks. 

I used this recipe below. I had to use prepared horseradish. No additatives.

That stuff was serious coming of the jar. Immediately cleared sinuses with out a sniff test.

When making this, do not touch your face. Wash wash wash and still avoid touching your face for awhile. 

Covid 19 is in our daily concerns now. I am a prime target for this virus and we have planned to take care of each other as best we can should it come. Keep it home and make sure we have all the information, skill-sets and tools to combat this. Taking this s**t seriously!

Being sent to a hospital may not be in our best interest. Especially if this gets out of hand as some folks think. 

Again, we are older folk. I am guessing we will not be at the top of the list for intensive care. Most likely a let God sort it out ranking on that list.

From Raconteur Report     No sugar-coating.


Bottom line. What to be doing today to improve care of/secure home and family?

Sunday, March 8, 2020


Some 35 local students and a half dozen chaperones have returned from vacation in Italy. Northern Italy is currently one of world's hot beds for Corona Virus outbreaks.

School officials have requested that these students stay home for a week of self quarantine.  Another school has requested their students wait two weeks. (read The Wuhan near the end of today's blog)

That sounds like about the right amount of time for them to be coming down with visible sniffles. But this is what I would do if I was the school official. CYA sure, but what else can they do? Our youngsters have to return to school after vacation.

School work to continue electronically.

Are the parents still going to work? Are siblings going to school?

How many of those returning students and chaperones visited face to face with friends over the weekend? Shook hands welcome home and how was the trip, did you get some good photos, how was the food, did you see any sick people, did you spend time in crowds?
How many shopped at our local grocery stores pushing those baskets? Using those environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags? Gone to the post office? Pushed those buttons at the local gas stations? Purchased a slice of pizza, a big mac, croissant bacon egg and cheese, visited a mall? 

So.... "COVID-19!"

We thought ourselves safe here for awhile. Folks in the back country, protected by trees and long driveways. We were going to see all of this coming from miles and miles away and at the correct time, pull our safety trigger.

Reality is that life is going to go on like it has and does with the flu. I can days at local markets mingling with folks sneezing, coughing and looking like some character in a bad movie with red eyes, red noses and body language saying "I am sick as hell." 

The thinking ones sneeze in their coat, handkerchief or arm. Most other just let it go at will. Pictures of the spew of a sneeze comes to mind. Google or Bing sneezing photos. No, don't! 

Much of this feels like serious comedy.

Speaking of comedy. Thirty three minutes and you will not sit to watch the whole thing. My bet is that you will stay for the first few minutes and yes you will at least smile.



I found this paper and video from The Feral Irishman and on The Burning Platform.

Long read and half-hour video but worth the time for good back ground information on Corona Virus today. You may have to wade through some of the technical terms to stick with the read and the fellow on the bike talking of his research. I believe he is a biologist.



Stopped into our local Sam's store yesterday morning. Wanted a few things and to also replace a few food items that are past their due dates in our cupboards. 

I asked one of the workers if they would help me find canned tomatoes. While following that person, I asked how their supply chain was holding up. Really did not know how else to ask. I am curious. 

The answer was simple. "We have holes." Holes are shelves not topped off or product gone and no in-house re-supply to fill or top the "hole" off. The employee did not seemed phased, but rather matter of fact. No hint of a real problem beyond they "have holes."

I did not notice anything beyond these photos that would be note worthy. No more comment here beyond it be worth noting in the times we are living in. I look for these "signs of supply" inside any market place now.

I have never seen the Emergen-C shelf this low. Only two boxes left on the shelf early morning. I am a believer in this product for helping my immune system and if I feel a cold coming on, I start the 2 packets a day as prescribed. I believe it has helped minimizing my colds and flu's in the past.


I went to the VA Hospital in Manchester for a doctor's appointment later that morning. All seemed normal. There were lots of folks milling about in the hallways wearing badges and mingling. It was lunch time though so maybe all just normal. 

A hello handshake from the doctor. I checked out ok and we had a good visit like we always do. One nurse was wearing a mask ushering in patients. No big deal.

There we a lot of hand sanitation bottles on desks from entry, to the waiting room to exiting the hospital.


I took an old friend (B52 pilot Vietnam Era) to the VA Hospital in Manchester Friday to help him learn of his eligibility for VA health care and benefits.

The main doors were closed and signs pointed to one open entrance "for screening." The hospital had started a Covid-19 screening procedure for everyone entering the facility. Everyone!! 

We were met by a small group of 6 folks or so asking everyone 5-6 questions. Where have we traveled, have we been around folks who have traveled, etc. Simple screening and took no more than a few seconds each. Screeners were polite and answered curious questions from folks entering w/o issue.

Once inside we knew that everyone there had gone through the screening procedure. And no! They had not found anyone questionable needing further screening yet.

All the fear mongering on the media crap!! This VA hospital put together a procedure where everyone entering is quickly and simply screened. Reasonable and matter of fact. Move on!!!

Minimal minimal minimal coverage on the evening local news.



As this week has progressed, I see articles like this of empty shelves around the nation.   From Daisy Luther at the Organic Prepper 

A mixed drink recipe at the end of his article that I just have to try. Our fire cider gets bottled this weekend.



I have started turning on my VHF/UHF HAM radio daily now. 

Early morning to bedtime. I monitor one of Concord's main repeaters and an UHF frequency further south. The UHF frequency is common to many of our friends. If they pop up to chat, it will be on this freq. 

Quite by accident, a NH state hospital net checked in at 4 pm on the UHF frequency. Each major hospital was asked to check in with news to report or questions to discuss. Most all reported in with-in a few minutes with "nothing to report at this time." Any amateur HAM operator listening was also offered an opportunity to call in to check their ability to access the net, ask questions or offer information.

Hospitals not reporting in were covered by one of those who did to ensure that any pertinent information from this weeks net would get to them.

According to conversations, the hospitals have scheduled a meeting near the end of March on on Covid -19.

This net meeting is now on my watch (listen) list.

HAM is a good example of having another line of communication to monitor.


 Thanks for the visit and wash your hands.