Sunday, January 29, 2023






Ten days of storm duty finally over this weekend. Power outages in NH restored. 
I have heard the following two terms for a couple of years now. They are thrown around as if everyone understands them. I am not one of those people. 
I asked several search engines looking for a layman's explanation and am immediately thrown into the deep end of medical language jargon.
SPIKE PROTEIN - what is it. I asked Google "spike protein defined" and got this:

"The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19. After the protein piece is made, our cells break down the mRNA and remove it, leaving the body as waste. Next, our cells display the spike protein piece on their surface. Our immune system recognizes that the protein does not belong there."
If I get a sliver in my finger and leave it alone, my immune system recognizes it does not belong there and attacks that sliver and works to remove it. 
"Any organism can acquire a new ability or property, or "gain" a "function." This can happen through natural selection or a researcher's experiments. In research, many different types of experiments generate functions, and some pose certain safety and security concerns." 
Ok!! More reading is in order.
Weather hovering near freezing here in east Texas into the first week of February.  Today the temperatures drop nearly 30 degrees from this morning into tomorrow. Rain in the forecast. Dreary.
February next week and official winter in Texas. 
Thanks for the visit. God bless. 

Sunday, January 22, 2023


Yes, I know they need cleaning.

All the hullabaloo these past weeks over banning gas stoves prompted the photo above. If you are a camper and spend times outdoors, you realize that the above is just a drop in the bucket. On the other hand, if you have little to no idea on the "having" of items like this, it might be something you want to learn about. Why, you ask? arghhhhhhh


HER FINISHED CABINET (see dwg. from last posts)

Happy wife!



I grew up on breakfasts just like this. No use to quit now.

The Queen of Eggs. Cute video. 


Deceiving The Deceivers (from Vox Popoli) A quick read. At least give a minute to the bullet points. 


From Western Rifle Shooters Association ie., Pilots EKG's.

The FAA is speaking out. How I have loved going to the airport, checking in and getting on an airliner to points all over the world. 


The Wolf Pack from The Burning Platform. Two scenarios; which do you believe?


Pleas to get vaccinated. From

I saw just yesterday a video pushing for getting the next VAX from Martha Stewart. Here it is. 

There is more and more information surfacing on vaxxing and  complications. Do your own homework. Anticipate a continued media push on this. Enough!! 


ALLY McBEAL now free on Prime. 

This comedy drama series could never ever be made today. Never. 

It is a cult classic and you will either hate it or love it. Not for the easily offended. And you need a sense of humor. You may not laugh out loud if watching these episodes in mixed company, but alone or with your better half, enjoy many uncontrolled bursts of laughter or "cringy" faces. 

Aired for 5 season of over 20 episodes each starting in late September 1997. In my opinion, the first season starts out slow. Introducing characters and too much stuff of what my wife calls "ditsy" comedy regarding Ally. But by episode 7, the series grabs second gear and heads to and runs over the redline for all of the remaining episodes. 

I do not think there is one social subject not covered or cringe worthy human experience untouched. The characters develop wonderfully, the guest lists each week are excellent and the music in every episode is always the icing on the cake.

Our cell phones go on mute every night now at 6 PM. We do 3 episodes in what seems a blink of the eye. I will hate to see us come to the end as I did many years ago. 

Give it a try. Get your feet wet. Season 4 is worth every minute you spend getting there. I promise!! And do not cheat!! Wait for it. Do it for yourself!! Think hitting 5th gear with it floored. Going through the gears is half the fun. 


This week flew by here. I do not know why some weeks drag on and on and other seem to be gone in a flash. This week was a flash.

There is hint of snow  coming in East Texas next week. Has to be a mistake.

As always, thanks for stopping by. 

A snow flower sent from New Hampshire. (smiley face!!)

Sunday, January 15, 2023


Late afternoon sunset this past week. Temperatures in the mid 70's in east Texas.

A good read found on 90 Miles From Tyranny. 

SKILL SETS and having fun.

Decided to get back to some bread making. Basic 4 cups of flour recipe. I add one egg and a little less than two cups of warm water. Electric mixer with bread dough hook. Mix for 5 minutes adding a little water or flour for the best. moist. tacky dough. Both risings in a warm place. Baked 20 minutes at 425F degrees. 

I have posted often here of bread making. Warm sliced bread with butter never fails to check all the boxes of the wonderful smell of fresh bread baking in the kitchen and simple satisfying moments of a fresh slice of bread out of the oven. Always an excellent filler to any meal. Best ever morning toast too.

Onions, radishes and potatoes can go in the ground now. I called the feed store in town and "yes". onion sets were in as were seed potatoes. An hour. later I was home with both. 

Warm weather and 10-day forecasts are favorable for planting. But to date. conversations about starting gardens, and most folks are doing the same, always end with "there is still February." February is winter in east Texas. February is a crapshoot but what the hell in life isn't?

The raised gardens above each received a full shovel of compost, some food, bone meal and some fresh potting mix. All raked into the left over dirt from last year. I have forgotten the pleasure I get from seeing rich soil and the feel of it in my hands. 

I always finish off each raised garden running my hands through the soil like a rake. Picking up a hand full and feeling the goodness of the ground. Reaching deeper to feel the same. 

That is as good as my explanation will ever get. This comes from the gardens I helped put in on the ranch and from the years helping my mother put in her gardens. Grandparents, parents who taught me, held the soil of their gardens in their hands and talked about the feel of good soil. 

Five pounds of seed potatoes have been cut in half or quartered making sure each piece has two/three good eyes on it. They rest now in a paper sack in a dark corner of the shop. Once the cut surfaces "harden/scab over," they can be planted. 



More "SUDDENLY" in the news this past week. 

I read where the Pentagon has suspended the mandate for mandatory vaxxing for the military.  

BUT, there is still a push for more vaxxing. From Western Shooters Association comes a good read on talking points that may be used by main stream media favoring continued C19 vaccinations. 

This is one of the biggest elephants in the room, I believe, as we start this year. Watching how all of this plays out ought to be interesting and worth our time. BUT "Facts are stubborn things." John Adams.
SIGNS OF THE TIMES from Vov Popoli 

Nations coming together.


The war in Ukraine and nuclear war possibilities always playing in the background this past week, too. Add finding classified documents. What ever!
I will leave you with this.

I am late to learn this also. Tastes just like mom use to make and oh so simple and quick. Lid removed for above photo .

Cooking/simmering meat in gravy. My mother could and did quite often. Inexpensive meat, browned and simmered an hour in a gravy mixture. usually in an electric skillet with lid on. 

The meat above was on sale; cubed steak, good price. Cubed steak needs to be grilled on high heat quickly, sliced and eaten. OR, cooked for hours to get it tender.  

Gravy mixture, simple as falling off a log. A can of mushroom soup, a packet of dry onion soup mix, one cup of beef broth, one cup of water. Adding more water as it simmers is normal.

Meat was floured and browned. The soup, onion mix, beef broth was added to the frying pan after most of the grease was drained off. Low low simmer and stirred for 5 minutes, meat laid back in, lid put on frying pan and simmered on the stove for an hour. Checking twice.  

Fifteen minutes prepping meat and an hour on low low simmer.  

From here it is cook's choice how to serve. Rice, noodles, bread, covered with gravy. The meat did cut with a fork and the flavor was home cooking comfort. Make sure you make enough gravy. The secret ingredient in my book.

This meat preparation and cooking will work with chicken and pork using chicken broth.  A myriad of examples on the net.

FYI. In the last post I mentioned we were going to add a few boxes of peanut butter cups to replace what we have eaten over the past year. Come to find out the cost has increased 400%. On to plan B!!

Appreciate the visit this week.

Sunday, January 8, 2023


Shun DM0723 Classic 6" Forged Chef Knife. Yep!!

Sister and brother-in-law gave my wife and me this Christmas gift. Sister in-law says she has two and loves them. Thought of us and thought this a good gift idea. 

My wife will not touch a sharp knife though. Just won't. When I sharpen our everyday use kitchen knifes, I tell her so that she does not surprise herself. Soooooo, I am the keeper of the new knife. Emoji emoji.

The first try was a whole onion. How many times have I watched someone slice onions? How many time have I sliced onions? A sharp knife is always a joy to work with. But those knifes were just sharp. This new knife is extra-terrestrial. 

There is a trick to holding fingers inward and letting the knife always land ahead of the end of the finger tips when slicing. I have learned. 

This new knife is not a knife to learn that skill set. The slightest pressure and forward movement always sent this knife to the top of the cutting board. As if I was holding the knife and merely thinking it through the onion.  

I had to cut a thick piece of cod off of a filet after the onion. I held the large filet in the air and pulled the knife right to left several inches below my hand. One single pull of the knife, done.  

I could go on, but you get the point. 

Now I am in the market for one more high-end knife like this.  I want a Nakiri Bocho style. A good one!! Gonna be fun shopping.



Her needs a shelf cabinet near her computer work station. A place to store stuff. She made the initial drawing, we made a note or two, took dimensions. Key part of the design and build is letting in natural light from the window. 

Twenty percent off sale yesterday at our local lumber store. Materials purchased. Will post as this proceeds.


I did not know this. I would enjoy watching one of these past through the evening sky. 

I did get to witness the first satellite orbiting the earth in 1957. Sun light flashing off of it as it flew over head.

From the  Surviving 2023

Not another "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" article, but good ideas/points on how to approach this coming year. 

My grand parents/parents went through the depression. I heard hundreds of stories growing up and watched my elders make what they needed, can meat and vegetables, garden fresh, butcher deer and cattle to keep food on the table. 

Barter economy at work among the local farms and town . 

Find a stray chicken on the road bring it home. Wade out to the oyster beds at low time with a gunny sack. Throw nothing away. Nothing!!

These stories have stuck with me. They way they lived and adapted to downtimes was a way of life.

Being FRUGAL in this coming year is a good plan to add to the list.


Her very old Samsung just gave up the ghost. We think back now and from what we have learned on the road to 2 new cell phones, is that the phone was so old to function in the new 5G system. Her phone started having little problem's at first and then grew into little to no connectivity, dropped phone calls and texting. 

We stayed with Samsung and found great value and deals at "Wallyworld." Also found a gal there who could transfer all information on the old phones to the new ones and complete a full set-up. 

We could have never navigated that road. But getting 2 new phones was a long long day as it turned out. Setting them both up out of the box, was time consuming, could not be rushed and took someone with the skill sets and patience to do the job right. 

Net videos on all the nuances of the new phone have been a big help. The little things that help this new tool be user friendly. We ought to be good for awhile.

I am looking forward to using the new camera(s). Eighty percent of all the photos here over the past few years have been from my Samsung S7 camera. My bet is that new cell phone camera sharing here will rise to 95%. Starting this post.



It has taken me a few days to get myself up and running in this new year. 

Holiday and vacation at year's end is all over. I think the throttle on the machine is advancing now and the stories of what may be coming are well worth the time to become aware of. 

I start my mornings now with (coffee coffee), a check-in on weather then DRUDGE REPORT. Why not get a media dose of world headlines and fear out of the way? Then off to blogs I enjoy and videos I care to watch. 

Trying better to set my tone for what I have control over and acting on one or two small things that need attending. Getting a hundred of these little chores done here would make a noticeable dent in clean up and little improvements. Will be healthy for mind and body.


C19 XBB.1.5  

Look it up and be wary wary afraid. Could be setting the stage for lock downs again. It may be more pronounced in blue states.



The elephant in the room will become too big not to notice and talk about. I am starting to see more and more stories of healthy folk dropping suddenly. Cannot hide this now. 



My wife asked if I have noticed the price jump in gas lately. I have not. But off to top off the Dodge this morning and one side by side diesel container.



We are down to two boxes. 

Peanut butter cups are evening snacks while watching TV. Also go to shacks during the day. Diet snacks. One slice of fresh bread and a PB cup is instant gratification.

Not pushing the brand. Just is what is at the market. Time to put in a few more boxes while we can still find them. This concept may come more and more into play as time passes. (Availability) If basic items like this are available now, might be best to take advantage of that fact.

I recently overheard two employees at a local market (different departments) this past week comment on shortages on their shelves. I did not notice it looking at the over all market, but they did enough to comment on it. 

The cost of going to the grocery store has doubled in the past 4 months. What use to cost $25 is now $50.

I have watched folks just standing and staring at the meat counter. I have found myself doing the same. I recently joked to one lady that watching the meat counter never changes the price. She had a sense of humor and agreed. Older gal. Said she now uses the smaller shopping cart because she no longer can afford to fill the larger cart.


Nice photo of fresh falling snow from the old home in NH.



I have mentioned east neighbor before. We have shared garden produce last season and for quite awhile now he has been bringing over a dozen eggs every other week. Four chickens that produce more eggs than he can eat. We drop off bags of chicken feed and scratch several times a year. 

You do not need a lot of chickens to produce eggs for a family.

He also brought over samples of what he cooks, this trip a 7 baked bean dish with more flavor heat than I am use to. 

I reached for a sheet of paper towel as he joked that this dish will clear your sinuses.  He said he used a lot of Ancho chilies, sausage and thick bacon slices. My flavor heat (seasoning) tolerances are increasing after 3 years living in Texas. AND I like it!!

I am going to learn to make this as it is the best I have ever eaten so far. Will share if I can reproduce.



Enough information to start cutting pieces and parts. A work in progress.


I will leave you with this. Her wheel barrow is in the garage for the next month or two protect it from weather. It took the cats mere minutes to discover a new place to nap. 

Thank you for the visit this week. God bless.


Sunday, January 1, 2023


 Christmas 2022 ! Check

Quiet, cold, a couple small presents each, small prime rib. 

Anniversary 2022! Check

Twenty-two years. Treated ourselves to lunch out with friends. Found a great buffet/good eats in Hughes Springs, Texas. 

New Year's Eve 2022! Check

Pot of clam chowder and homemade bread. Yellowstone and Jack Ryan for entertainment. Never made it to midnight.   

Warmer in east Texas. Some rain. Her and I talked of having made it through 2022. I have zero interest in looking back.

An experiment. Dinner helping of clam chowder plated around a leftover piece of fried cod. Definitely guest-worthy. 


*I enter this new year with arm chair concerns of truths from the world we live in. I am not the only one thinking or asking similar questions; "we gonna make it through this year?" From the Burning Platform. 

"Canada is going to mandate psychiatric medication for those that refuse mRNA injections or any kind of vaccination." From Westernrifleshooters

I look over the horizon at what is happening in other parts of the world and I take what I read to heart. Put yourself now living in Canada and hearing the above news flash.

Arrested and charged for silently praying. From NC Renegades.

AND there are all the stories regarding the war in Ukraine and tossing around the realities of nuclear war between the crazies. I have no idea of any truths about this war.  

Add in a statistic or two of border crossings. A big push coming on gun control and the coming hype about C19 mutant and how this may play out in more masking, lockdowns and push for injections. 

Predictions for 2023    From the

Precipice of Ruination From Ammoland.

No worries coming this year


Lineman son finished storm duty Wednesday. With a few days off, has vowed to treat himself to at least one full day of napping on the couch with fiancée, golden retriever and the fire going. I bet he gets a homemade spaghetti dinner or two.


Fun with Tom Cruise


Storm power outage here late last week.


Seventy-one degrees forecast for us today. It will be nice to get out in the yard and get in some clean-up.

This new year morning feels like any another morning/day. I know better.

Best to keep on keeping on. Appreciating each day to the fullest and loving without fault. Be not afraid.

Going to leave it here. God bless. Appreciate your visit.