Sunday, January 1, 2023


 Christmas 2022 ! Check

Quiet, cold, a couple small presents each, small prime rib. 

Anniversary 2022! Check

Twenty-two years. Treated ourselves to lunch out with friends. Found a great buffet/good eats in Hughes Springs, Texas. 

New Year's Eve 2022! Check

Pot of clam chowder and homemade bread. Yellowstone and Jack Ryan for entertainment. Never made it to midnight.   

Warmer in east Texas. Some rain. Her and I talked of having made it through 2022. I have zero interest in looking back.

An experiment. Dinner helping of clam chowder plated around a leftover piece of fried cod. Definitely guest-worthy. 


*I enter this new year with arm chair concerns of truths from the world we live in. I am not the only one thinking or asking similar questions; "we gonna make it through this year?" From the Burning Platform. 

"Canada is going to mandate psychiatric medication for those that refuse mRNA injections or any kind of vaccination." From Westernrifleshooters

I look over the horizon at what is happening in other parts of the world and I take what I read to heart. Put yourself now living in Canada and hearing the above news flash.

Arrested and charged for silently praying. From NC Renegades.

AND there are all the stories regarding the war in Ukraine and tossing around the realities of nuclear war between the crazies. I have no idea of any truths about this war.  

Add in a statistic or two of border crossings. A big push coming on gun control and the coming hype about C19 mutant and how this may play out in more masking, lockdowns and push for injections. 

Predictions for 2023    From the

Precipice of Ruination From Ammoland.

No worries coming this year


Lineman son finished storm duty Wednesday. With a few days off, has vowed to treat himself to at least one full day of napping on the couch with fiancée, golden retriever and the fire going. I bet he gets a homemade spaghetti dinner or two.


Fun with Tom Cruise


Storm power outage here late last week.


Seventy-one degrees forecast for us today. It will be nice to get out in the yard and get in some clean-up.

This new year morning feels like any another morning/day. I know better.

Best to keep on keeping on. Appreciating each day to the fullest and loving without fault. Be not afraid.

Going to leave it here. God bless. Appreciate your visit. 

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