Sunday, April 26, 2020


Back in the olden days of purchasing said goods, having them bagged, paying for them and leaving..... well, those were the days my friends. Those were the days!

There were even times when we would talk with the business owners and other customers. People talking to people. I can tell you stories.

Today,  042420, this particular store is still open, but ya can't go in. I had to phone my order in and give a general pick-up time. 

I called upon arrival and a muffled voice told me to put the check under the frog. 

Again, then again and yes again. I could not understand what the muffled voice wanted me to do. The word frog sounded like fauogh or somewhere there with in. 

I said: "You want me to put the check under the frog."

"Yes" was the reply. 

And this played on. 

Finally, a masked worker, looking like she had just come out of ER surgery, stepped out of the back door and pointed to the frog. She said the frog keeps the wind from blowing the checks away. She set down my small bag of goods and moved 12' back to the side recesses of the small out door landing. It was her backing up and backing up that keeps playing in my head.

C19 had no chance of jumping between us. 

I inched up, set my check under the frog, picked up my goods and said, "thank you." 

This is what it must feel like to do some kind of underground back alley business.  

I wore my father's smile, I know I did as I turned around shaking my head slowly side to side and walked back to my car. In fact, I wish my father had been with me today to just watch his bewilderment. His reaction would have made me laugh out loud. Thanks, dad.

I would like to tell this business how crappy that whole ordeal felt, mentally, emotionally and physically, from the customer's view. 

But my money is on that falling on deaf ears and far outside of common sense. Actors acting.

Maybe I best get to getting use to the "new normal."




YOU ME AND THE AFTER will be taking  a few weeks off from blogging. 

All is good.

All is well. 

Keep your heads up and your knees bent. 

Yes, thanks for the visit.

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Another family hand-me-down.


Complete Guide to Prevention and Cure of Disease. 1923 Edition
Historical Publishing Co. Philadelphia, PA
1774 pages

The book is in fairly good shape. Some apparent water damage causing the first few pages to still stick together at the bottom. But book is still readable.

My guess is this book started life with my grandparents and has been in the family since early on. My wife noted that the printing of the entire book was all set by hand for a printing press. Those were the days of attention to detail. 

Thumbing through many a malady, an underlying theme on any disease appears as  "avoid getting it" advice at the onset of the explanation of and possible cure(s) for. 

Back during the days where much of health care from A to Z,was home-based.


For well over a month now, my wife stands at the ready when I sit down for breakfast. 

Space age tool in hand, I am trained to take off my glasses and brace for contact. She pushes the on bottom, says to wait for a second and then holds the tool against my left temple. "Beep" goes the tool and a 97.7 degrees reads out. 

Blood oxygen levels are fine, too. But I'll be damned if I am going to weigh myself daily. 

Concord Hospital put on a parade this past week, Nashua and Manchester too. (Seems all of the major cities, as of publishing time, are in parade mode)

Yep, a parade for all of the heroes. Flashing lights, folkdancing, elbow to elbow clapping, whooping and hollering on the sidewalks as the police, ambulances and fire trucks drive by the hospital entrance. Happy signs waving out the windows. 

The optics of all of this and the self-bathing in self-hero worship and greatness of the few doing their job is painful to watch. The organizers of this public orgasm are indeed the elite of the elite and need their daily stroking."We are with you" signs works wonders on the warm and fuzzy, huh?

Catholic Medical Center celebration of heroes took the cake though, at the end of this past week. Touching, hugging and grouping like in the days of old. Again, the optics of all of this is laughable. This is how the heroes of today act and display. But but but 6' self-distancing and the governor shutting down the state of NH for reasons that change daily. 

The wearing of masks and self-distancing did not apply/do not apply. And, of course, there was a speech. Must explain to the quarantined. 

Someone needs to do some "'splaining" to all the good folk out of work.

And, of course, the Governor carrying a box of PPEs for first responders was staged to perfection. No quarantine distancing for him used, nor his support staff, nor the others he interacts with on media news. Business as usual. 

God forbid the governor could trust the peeps of NH to start to re-open with a few simple guidelines minimizing the spreading of C19. God forbid that the governor could be on the front lines of getting folks back to work. Many will be dropping dead financially over the next two months of shutdowns. God forbid that the people of NH were first on all of the governor's lists.

Want to know what the governor of NH is going to do next. Watch what the bedside states are doing and expect him to copy.  

They are all here for us.

FYI - - That was ranting and I feel better.





Three old old computers. What to do with them?

All served her and me well over the years. One was the computer I used at school teaching. (If we wanted our own computer in the classroom, we had to buy it). The other two served as home computers. All dependable and taking care of business, photography, music and the net. 

It pained me to pull the screws, pull the two electrical plugs on each hard drive and look at the remains of their exposed shells. 

Today, they go in the dumpster, their hard drives photos, music and some documents will be saved on one single hard drive and that one will be installed on our home computer. Much of the old memories still intact and available at the new push of a button.



": any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods."

Look around and feel the change. Political leaders around the states now pushing the absolution of their powers to shut down, control, prescribe, mandate, fine, negate the Bill of Rights, turn neighbor against neighbor and direct huge amounts of free money as their agenda sees fit. 

So how does it feel?

                                    BAD LANGUAGE AND IN YOUR FACE. SO BE WARNED.



Another week gone by.

I appreciate the visit as always. Stay sane and safe. 

"Get busy living or get busy dying......" 


Saturday, April 11, 2020


Ace Trade Mark hand operated hair trimmer/cutter. 

My hair was cut during the late 1940's by my mother or father using this tool. It worked fine, but the person cutting the hair needed to keep them moving back and forth through the hair on each pass. If he/she stopped too early, the cutter would grab and pull out the hair. It was another skill set. 

The first or second time I jumped taught both of them to "keep 'er moving" through each pass. They worked quite well. 

My first trip to the barber must have been around the 5 year old mark. I did just fine and never had to rely on my folks for another mechanical haircut. But this hair cutter earned its keep in the family in those earlier years. 

This was one of the family treasures we have rediscovered over the past two months of clean-out. I could not resist brushing out the teeth with a small paint brush and adding a few drops of gun oil to the action. They work as well today as they did over 70 years ago. 



Jar placed on its side for photo.

This immune-boosting mix works in my opinion. There are spin-offs of this recipe  that are easily found on the net.

All ingredients long-regarded as immune-boosters. All from the fresh fruit and veggie isle at local markets.

Taken in a cup of hot tea and honey. Read up on this.

In the months and years ahead, one of the very best take-aways from C19 is the health of our immune systems. How you eat and take care of that system will pay dividends as flu and viruses rolle through our lands. 

There are many lessons in plain sight. Question, learn, apply and adapt. What will you need on hand for the next go-around? And a next go-around is already promised in the fine print.

Questions for you.

Do you know anyone who has had difficulty breathing and a horrible cough over the past 7 months? They did not know what they had? Doctors did not know either?  Never a fever!

Some cases a little more serious than others? Some whose symptoms continued into months and were given horse-pill size antibiotics, steroid shots, cough meds, inhalers, and ultimately, chest X-Rays. Still, no conclusive diagnoses?

Ask around. It is very possible C19 has been around for awhile and a number of folks have already gone though the comings and goings of this virus.



I see "the new normal" being preached and teaching us that the days of old are over forever. Possibly. Much like our last president telling the nation we were no longer great and to deal with it. Waving the white flag.

I believe we will be returning to going back to work amongst the nay-sayers that want to keep the peeps at home forever for their own sake. The American spirit will win; we will be back out and about working and living; in the new normal.

CDC 040820- Exposed C19 folk can return to work.


Go ahead, turn down a out-of-the-oven piece torn off, buttered and set in front of you. Not on your best day.

5 minute Artisan Bread

Just read and make it. Justify as a survival skill. 

Sent from a friend Thursday morning. He has been practicing while home and each photo and loaf are improving.


Nevada Sightings 

From the Moon 

If these are real, then C19 is just a walk in the park on our list of concerns.

I do like the moon one. Shadows and all. 

Given our technology, someone some where knows what on the dark side of the moon and the glowing cigar shapes. I bet that cigar has a name just like every storm coming up the east coast does now. 
In some far off rusted container arrayed with antenna and gadgets, Bruce says to Clarice; "I see cigar Sam is on the move again."

"Calendar and time have predicted this, just not where" said Clarice. 

They sat, watched, photographed and logged Sam's arrival. Clarice set to immediately wash the photograph for public viewing. The public is not yet ready to see the clear portals or center cluster arrays."

Could also be a couple kids years ahead in their CGI home computing skills. If so, I wish they would invite me over for hot chocolate and some storytelling. Their secret is secure with me.

Don't think I cannot go down this rabbit hole at the drop of a hat. 

I hope to live long enough to know truths here, regardless.


Days and weeks now under C19. Lost count. 

We are keeping busy house cleaning, stem to stern. Throw throw and throw more. Sad that Good Will, local library and garbage dump are not open for the good stuff during this shut down. We are resolved to much of what we have saved, now into the dumpster. Life lessons here.

Today, the only way to clean out properly is throw away. All of these little things!?

Hints of opening up businesses and an economy early May. Not really an option as the long term down turn of shutting down the economy hurts more and lasts longer than than a passing virus. 

Troubling that some voices now warn of a second wave. Floating those ideas to see if there is any push back. Nope!! A grand scheme to keep all Americans very afraid and under the thumb of government control. 

Take care of you and yours. Every detail. Plan for more bumps in the roads ahead.

Never wave the white flag and never get on the government buses. Never!!

Thanks for the visit.



Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Back roads road trip to "SAMS". Swung through Concord Hospital and found Covid-19 screening tents empty. Light breeze moving the hanging tent doors. Four workerfolk inside. 

My current understanding is that one needs paper work from a doctor to get into a screening tent. 

There were more construction workers and landscapers working the hospital property than the movements of patients and or support/medical staff. Parking lots at 10% capacity. Skilled labor is essential and these folk are working.

Main hospital parking lot with three Covid-19 tents at the ready. 

Other Covid-19 test spots closing this day due to lack of need. Although they do have to add a side-note of lack of sufficient PPE equipment. What to believe? 

Dartmouth Hitchcock just a block away screening tents with flaps moving in the morning breezes, too, appeared to be empty like the parking lots. Two tents here. 

Does it mean anything? Don't know. Curious, though.

Downtown Concord NH looked much like a ghost town at 09:30. On any given normal weekday, this main street is a hustle-bustle of delivery trucks parked in the middle lanes, parking spots full and traffic on the move.

So what? Downtowns are quiet across the nation. 

Concord is not different other than to my wife and I having to see it for ourselves. (Yea, I can hear the stay-home stay home for crying out loud!! My guess that stay-at-home will be a mandate within days). We are out because we cannot believe the news media anymore. And we were out because we still can be.

Yep, we the get the seriousness of the virus. No doubt. No joke. The coming economic downturn, ever-so popular bell curve and hints of food shortages suggest our tomorrows of norms are soon DOA. The political cures for this virus will most likely be worse than the virus and longer-lasting.

SAM's was easy, normal, orderly one-way shopping routine other than masks and lots of disinfectants. Cooked chickens for take out. Plenty of fruits, vegetables and breads. Plenty of stock with some holes. Frozen food choices, too.

Folks improperly wearing masks everywhere. Adjusted and placed over the mouth only. Nose bands improperly adjusted. Many fine homemade masks doing a better job.

Yep, a face mask option.

Part of our coping is a get-out-of-the-house road trip. Getting out of the house while we still can will give us a window memory of the way life use to be. So much we have taken for granted living in the "......or Die State."

Old folks have already lived wars and freedom. We know deep in the heart of hearts what is at stake. 


HF Ham Radio listening to some of the south eastern states chatter.  

Peaks on the waterfall visually show real time voice activity. Tune and listen. Hard to get into a chat so just listening to folks through out the day fills time and sheds light into other talking of the Rona. Most all with similar stuck at home stories. No one crazy, just filling time. 

Large spike right center indicates very strong watt out put from calling station. 


Chicken Little is telling us "the sky is falling, the sky is falling."

Keep your knees bent and for goodness sake, get out and get what you still can right now. Rice, noodles, canned goods, band aids and beer. Long long line for food in Florida (if true) now. Get out, get it, put it in. You will regret not doing so. 

Over the counter meds available yesterday, rationed today.
Thank you for the visit.


Sunday, April 5, 2020


Some talk of an old gal with a checkered past this early 1964 Winchester Model 94, lever action 30-30. 

I first heard of her from a friend of a friend.

When she was first put in my hands for a look see, she stuck like glue from the years of cosmoline doing its job. My hands peeled on and off at every grab. 

Some rust, some bluing peeling and a wood stock in much need of love. Maybe, just maybe she was a.....had never been shot. 

To me, this was a chunk of gold found at the bottom of a small freshwater stream. How much I asked. "A hundred bucks," he said. 

"Let me shoot it and if all works fine, it is a deal." 

After, as I quickly walked away, to myself I kept saying "a hundred bucks----a hundred bucks!"

Later that day, some oil was applied to smooth the lever action. The inside of the barrel cleaned to shiny. No rust. Lands and grooves appeared as good as the day she left the shelf. If I ever wondered about why gun manufacturers apply cosmoline to new rifles, I will doubt no more. It works in protecting all of the metal parts against the elements while in storage.

My stomach fluttered as I inserted the first 30-30 round into the magazine tube and chambered it into the breach with a lever-down and a lever-up action. Hammer cocking in the action. I held her level at my waist and squeezed the trigger. 

A crisp bark with noticeable recoil. I knew then she will always have to be held close and tight.

The next several rounds were pushed through into the magazine tube, chambered and fired from a sitting bench rest. Thirty yards dead on.   Some seat of the pants elevation adjustments for longer distances. 

Ten rounds in all. My shoulder reported her recoil with some soreness. That notwithstanding, from that moment forward, this old gal would forever be by my side. She was home. And she will still be here when I leave. Then in another good home.

The following week found her on the bench. I watched several you tube videos on tearing her down, cleaning, oiling and putting her back together.

The wood stock was sanded and loved with coats of stain and oil. Each coat a good soak, wiping, sanding and then another coat. 

The newly assembled rifle in my hands felt like I was holding my very own part of American history. This model and this gun that will never ever be built again

She is irreplaceable now. 

If her history, beauty and lines are not enough to warm the heart at ever look and embrace, her performance, in good times and in times of trouble, equally match her beauty.

Carrying mid-gun, the Winchester moves easily though the brush. I worry not of dragging her though the brush nor resting her against a tree. She raises to the shoulder with iron sights easily on target. Resting against a tree helps with the aim small, miss small.

The 30-30 cartridge is a hunting cartridge. 170 grains of powder and an expanding bullet upon contact leaves a wound channel best not described.  The hunting cartridge is designed to bring down an animal in one shot with little to no suffering. A good aim and rightly placed shot, the animal falls where it stood. 

The western movies showing these rounds bounce off of corners of wooden buildings is all Hollywood. I do not ever remember seeing any movie ever showing the real violence of one of these rounds. Never. 

But more than anything to me, she is art. Art in the viewing and art in mechanical action. She is art in the shooting and plinking. She is art in the act of hunting if needed and for self-defense as in the days of old. She carries 5 cartridges, 6 if one is chambered. Whatever the job, she will have to get it done in a first go-around.

By the time I write and you read this, new sets of rules will be in place. Changing daily to hourly now.

One way traffic inside Walmart now. Only 5 people allowed for every 1000 sq feet. There must be math on this. Ummmm, each person get 200 sq feet. Ten foot by 20 foot. Am I required to wear a mask, gloves, wear red and walk in a straight line? (At posting time all of the rules are further expanded)

Our local chain market has shoppers and baskets lined up single-file waiting to get in check-out line with in the 6' safety limit. Lines waiting to get into lines now blocks shopping isles all in the name of a safe distance. The market has sacrificed quick, safe, efficient shopping for jump-through-your-ass rules.

Institute new practices fine, but do not FU what works in the process. The rule makers have little concept of the extra hardships put on families shopping with small children, an alone parent with children or the extra in store travel and standing for the elderly. Not impossible, but the extra time inside a closed environment with lots of people increases the sharing of the Rona.

Upside for us is other mom and pop stores with in 15 minutes. Their businesses will increase this day forward as shoppers who can avoid long lines will and shop at the smaller markets.

One of the reasons peppers prep is to be able to avoid these kinds of rules that slow down commerce and force people to group and wait wait wait. Long lines for basics are here now and may get worse. The other big problem is it is these kind of practices may make people "winky-eyed." 

Do not be surprised by violence. Do not be surprised by long lines everywhere. 

Do not be surprised at long lines for food distribution. 

Do not be surprised that every American will need to be carrying official papers to move outside of the home by month's end.


Now suggested we all wear masks outside when out and about. Folks not doing that may be shunned and probably verbally corrected by those who know better.

Banking now only by drive through. We witnessed a gal several days ago so dumbfounded and discombobulated that she stopped the drive through line for 15 minutes. Getting in and out of her car. Talking with the drive-through attendant. Confused. Did not have what was required and so forth. AND for some reason, no one drove around to the extra drive through lane. We did and were in and out while the lady performed in the lane next to us.


My opinion. My belief. Two weeks now hard at home for us. Why? This is why!!
Read it!!! Act accordingly. 

"Doubling every 3 days and has done so 6 times...."

Ask for help if you need it. Give help if you can. Step back, slow down and be smart in the daily processes of living and loving. 

Thanks as always for the visit.  

Friday, April 3, 2020


......HISTORY HAS TURNED A PAGE....uh...huh..."

We put up with Sonny just to watch Cher. A looker.

We are living through a few pages being turned yesterday, today and many more tomorrows. RONA...there is no other news.....Well, there is the onslaught of everyone a hero and all of that.............


 An visual example of telling businesses and folk they are non essential.

Tearing down the old, installing the new. One structure at a time

In an out of the way nook, lineman are practicing distancing in their everyday offices. Linemen "linemenning"!!


What day is this now for being self-quarantining? The bigger question lies in the talk of months rather than days or weeks ahead. Now ,I hear that hope is we will be recovering by June.

From The Daily Mail Online. "Food banks near Disneyland....40 fold increase in people asking for help.."

Is this another wave we need to be concerned about. I ask myself, is this too just over the horizon. How many days before this is a story in all 50 states. We do not bounce back from this one. Not from major food shortages. Not from the lack of available food to feed yourself and your family.

This morning, our local major food market chain announced they are limiting folks inside their chain stores. Distancing the reason. The shopping carts will be disinfected by an employee. We saw that yesterday at SAM's Club. Each cart's push handle was wet with spray disinfectant. An employee pointed us to carts ready to use for shopping. 

Dinner conversation tonight. "This is what we have been planning for." A matter of fact comment from her after a home made dinner from the fridge and pantry. "We are in THE AFTER" I said. 

These are the days that teach of the one you love after all these years is also your very best friend. 

A few friends check in daily. An older couple than us touch base too. Family check in and we are getting a daily dose of how family and friends are working their self defined quarantines.

HAM radio VHF contact up north via a repeater. Just chatting. 

New HF radio and antenna up and running, but the leaning curve is steeper than vertical. 

Every one thing I learn brings on a half dozen other questions. I have picked up chatter from south eastern states, Portugal and Venezuela. I have yet to make contact for reasons I am still searching. 

Atmospheric conditions dictate high frequency communications. Add a thing or two I do not know about my antenna set up and it is a work in progress.

Reading and asking you tube video from HAM's who cover just about everything under the sun is very helpful. If only most of them would just get to the teaching. 

For all of their knowledge, they kill the lessons with over my head jibber jabber and self importance. Why can they not see that?

The good stuff though I will watch several times.




Her problems are far from over.


Tired this evening.  A mental tired more than physical.

But if you eat the elephant one bite at a time, it can be more manageable. 

Thanks for another visit. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Glassing the open fields does not put us behind fortifications this day. The serenity of the visual calm and quiet stirs mixed feelings. 

Signals from the hills far away still tell of the rising tide. It is still coming and everyone will be touched. 

According to police reports, folks coming north are finding empty vacation cabins in the lakes region and moving in. Squatting. Worrisome and opens the door of what else is coming and what is that going to look like? 

We have talked of times like this.

Meat loaf, corn, carrots, mashed potatoes soaked in a little gravy.

Sunday was a stress day for me and mostly self-induced. Ducks not in a row, low clouds, rain, drizzle, damp cold. Northwest coastal weather. The kind of weather that sends young couples, who have moved to the excitement of Seattle, back to family in less than a year's time.

Topper was son's birthday and we chose not to hug. Birthday party 2.0 later in the weeks/months ahead. 

We delivered a small, just out-of-the oven prime rib for him and his gal, chocolate cup cakes and a couple gifts. Good heart gifts. Emotions surfaced that we could not cement with holding family close. Difficult, but not impossible. 

The heart just ached that day for all of us. But in a world turned up-side down, we were not the only folk with heartache. We move on. We always move on.

Her and I had nothing at home waiting as dinner. We were not going to cook. We decided to stop in at our local market and pick up some wings and a couple meatloaf dinners. She is a fan of the locally prepared meatloaf meals. Four meals for two cents over $15. 

A half-hour before closing at the market. Quiet and noticeably clean. It felt clean. The walk in and the surrounding aisles and people; fresh; bright. Nothing out of order, floors bright and displays neat and tidy. The few customers and staff were practicing some distancing, polite, helpful and getting it done. Not sure what other markets look like around the country, but ours has the whole package together working daily in tough times. We thank them over and over and it all helps. 

Dinner was on the table, piping hot from the microwave as quickly as we turned up the heat and took off our jackets.

There is still order in the world. Simplicity reigns.


4 hour wait crossing from Alabama into Florida. Check points.

My bet is this is a new normal of crossing state borders and will be common a week from now.

 "Well sonny, I can remember the day when we could cross this whole country top to bottom and side to side with only the welcome signs to and from each state................." said the old man.

Add Texas to stopping and checking all of their borders as of Tuesday. 

Coast to coast to coast on a Road King, 2005.


Not proud of filling this dumpster. Even less proud that I was still throwing and tossing when the fellow came to pick it up. 

We had it for a month. Paid up front. Initially, I thought we might had wasted our money.  Not so much.

Flat surfaces have become a problem. I fill them with stuff. Stuff not put away. Stuff I think I will need, use or add to another stuff to make a larger stuff. 

Found stuff I never knew I had. Found stuff I had forgotten about 10 years ago. Say what you will, I/we had stuff. 

There are more clean flat spaces now. Feels open and good. 

I set down a roll of electrical tape and a screw driver a few minutes ago on one of the clean flat surfaces by the chop saw. I will get to putting it away next time I go downstairs. I promise.


We purchased this roast when the 'Rona was just a twinkle is some bat's eye in a wild food market in a land far far away.

It has been passed over a dozen times for other freezer foods. To the point where it appeared that it was never going to make it to the dinner table. That would have been a mistake. 
290 degrees F for five hours. Some garlic salt, olive oil and several sliced onions on top. Always cooked fat side up.

Glass pan covered with tin foil. Set it and forget it. 

A cup of left over beef broth to stir up the dregs. Sliced against the grain till it started to fall apart. 

Pulled apart when plated, a few potatoes added and several spoons full of broth. 

The only thing missing was home made bread for additional soaking. Next time. 

This is comfort food to the Nth degree. 

Dinner for two old folk x2. 

The passing of west coastal rain and filled in behind with cloudy and warmer. Attitude better.

Headlines say that April is cancelled and from snippets around the world, that fracking bell curve will be peaking mid-month. Maybe, just maybe May will be a month of positive up-ticks. 

Chances are we all will come to a point of "F===it, we are getting on with getting on." Eventually the survivors will be the story. Time will tell as it always does.

Long days of housework cleaning have given into a day off. Her wants to again get out of the house. A brief list was made over breakfast. I do want to do some photography. Recording of the times and all of that. 

We plan to drive back roads north to one of our favorite stores and then circling clock wise as far south as the skirts of Manchester, then back home. The shopping we would like to do will be dictated by people out and about; or not. Mostly a road trip and enjoying the signs of Spring.


Downtown Dallas 33120

The story in the above photo is the absence of traffic. 
Photo taken by her nephew in his Cessna 210

 April one today. Keep your knees bent. 

Thanks for the visit.