Saturday, April 11, 2020


Ace Trade Mark hand operated hair trimmer/cutter. 

My hair was cut during the late 1940's by my mother or father using this tool. It worked fine, but the person cutting the hair needed to keep them moving back and forth through the hair on each pass. If he/she stopped too early, the cutter would grab and pull out the hair. It was another skill set. 

The first or second time I jumped taught both of them to "keep 'er moving" through each pass. They worked quite well. 

My first trip to the barber must have been around the 5 year old mark. I did just fine and never had to rely on my folks for another mechanical haircut. But this hair cutter earned its keep in the family in those earlier years. 

This was one of the family treasures we have rediscovered over the past two months of clean-out. I could not resist brushing out the teeth with a small paint brush and adding a few drops of gun oil to the action. They work as well today as they did over 70 years ago. 



Jar placed on its side for photo.

This immune-boosting mix works in my opinion. There are spin-offs of this recipe  that are easily found on the net.

All ingredients long-regarded as immune-boosters. All from the fresh fruit and veggie isle at local markets.

Taken in a cup of hot tea and honey. Read up on this.

In the months and years ahead, one of the very best take-aways from C19 is the health of our immune systems. How you eat and take care of that system will pay dividends as flu and viruses rolle through our lands. 

There are many lessons in plain sight. Question, learn, apply and adapt. What will you need on hand for the next go-around? And a next go-around is already promised in the fine print.

Questions for you.

Do you know anyone who has had difficulty breathing and a horrible cough over the past 7 months? They did not know what they had? Doctors did not know either?  Never a fever!

Some cases a little more serious than others? Some whose symptoms continued into months and were given horse-pill size antibiotics, steroid shots, cough meds, inhalers, and ultimately, chest X-Rays. Still, no conclusive diagnoses?

Ask around. It is very possible C19 has been around for awhile and a number of folks have already gone though the comings and goings of this virus.



I see "the new normal" being preached and teaching us that the days of old are over forever. Possibly. Much like our last president telling the nation we were no longer great and to deal with it. Waving the white flag.

I believe we will be returning to going back to work amongst the nay-sayers that want to keep the peeps at home forever for their own sake. The American spirit will win; we will be back out and about working and living; in the new normal.

CDC 040820- Exposed C19 folk can return to work.


Go ahead, turn down a out-of-the-oven piece torn off, buttered and set in front of you. Not on your best day.

5 minute Artisan Bread

Just read and make it. Justify as a survival skill. 

Sent from a friend Thursday morning. He has been practicing while home and each photo and loaf are improving.


Nevada Sightings 

From the Moon 

If these are real, then C19 is just a walk in the park on our list of concerns.

I do like the moon one. Shadows and all. 

Given our technology, someone some where knows what on the dark side of the moon and the glowing cigar shapes. I bet that cigar has a name just like every storm coming up the east coast does now. 
In some far off rusted container arrayed with antenna and gadgets, Bruce says to Clarice; "I see cigar Sam is on the move again."

"Calendar and time have predicted this, just not where" said Clarice. 

They sat, watched, photographed and logged Sam's arrival. Clarice set to immediately wash the photograph for public viewing. The public is not yet ready to see the clear portals or center cluster arrays."

Could also be a couple kids years ahead in their CGI home computing skills. If so, I wish they would invite me over for hot chocolate and some storytelling. Their secret is secure with me.

Don't think I cannot go down this rabbit hole at the drop of a hat. 

I hope to live long enough to know truths here, regardless.


Days and weeks now under C19. Lost count. 

We are keeping busy house cleaning, stem to stern. Throw throw and throw more. Sad that Good Will, local library and garbage dump are not open for the good stuff during this shut down. We are resolved to much of what we have saved, now into the dumpster. Life lessons here.

Today, the only way to clean out properly is throw away. All of these little things!?

Hints of opening up businesses and an economy early May. Not really an option as the long term down turn of shutting down the economy hurts more and lasts longer than than a passing virus. 

Troubling that some voices now warn of a second wave. Floating those ideas to see if there is any push back. Nope!! A grand scheme to keep all Americans very afraid and under the thumb of government control. 

Take care of you and yours. Every detail. Plan for more bumps in the roads ahead.

Never wave the white flag and never get on the government buses. Never!!

Thanks for the visit.



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