Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Back roads road trip to "SAMS". Swung through Concord Hospital and found Covid-19 screening tents empty. Light breeze moving the hanging tent doors. Four workerfolk inside. 

My current understanding is that one needs paper work from a doctor to get into a screening tent. 

There were more construction workers and landscapers working the hospital property than the movements of patients and or support/medical staff. Parking lots at 10% capacity. Skilled labor is essential and these folk are working.

Main hospital parking lot with three Covid-19 tents at the ready. 

Other Covid-19 test spots closing this day due to lack of need. Although they do have to add a side-note of lack of sufficient PPE equipment. What to believe? 

Dartmouth Hitchcock just a block away screening tents with flaps moving in the morning breezes, too, appeared to be empty like the parking lots. Two tents here. 

Does it mean anything? Don't know. Curious, though.

Downtown Concord NH looked much like a ghost town at 09:30. On any given normal weekday, this main street is a hustle-bustle of delivery trucks parked in the middle lanes, parking spots full and traffic on the move.

So what? Downtowns are quiet across the nation. 

Concord is not different other than to my wife and I having to see it for ourselves. (Yea, I can hear the stay-home stay home for crying out loud!! My guess that stay-at-home will be a mandate within days). We are out because we cannot believe the news media anymore. And we were out because we still can be.

Yep, we the get the seriousness of the virus. No doubt. No joke. The coming economic downturn, ever-so popular bell curve and hints of food shortages suggest our tomorrows of norms are soon DOA. The political cures for this virus will most likely be worse than the virus and longer-lasting.

SAM's was easy, normal, orderly one-way shopping routine other than masks and lots of disinfectants. Cooked chickens for take out. Plenty of fruits, vegetables and breads. Plenty of stock with some holes. Frozen food choices, too.

Folks improperly wearing masks everywhere. Adjusted and placed over the mouth only. Nose bands improperly adjusted. Many fine homemade masks doing a better job.

Yep, a face mask option.

Part of our coping is a get-out-of-the-house road trip. Getting out of the house while we still can will give us a window memory of the way life use to be. So much we have taken for granted living in the "......or Die State."

Old folks have already lived wars and freedom. We know deep in the heart of hearts what is at stake. 


HF Ham Radio listening to some of the south eastern states chatter.  

Peaks on the waterfall visually show real time voice activity. Tune and listen. Hard to get into a chat so just listening to folks through out the day fills time and sheds light into other talking of the Rona. Most all with similar stuck at home stories. No one crazy, just filling time. 

Large spike right center indicates very strong watt out put from calling station. 


Chicken Little is telling us "the sky is falling, the sky is falling."

Keep your knees bent and for goodness sake, get out and get what you still can right now. Rice, noodles, canned goods, band aids and beer. Long long line for food in Florida (if true) now. Get out, get it, put it in. You will regret not doing so. 

Over the counter meds available yesterday, rationed today.
Thank you for the visit.


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