Sunday, February 26, 2023


 A great way to spend the winter months.





A month has passed in what seems like a day. My wife's new hip replacement is improving daily and she is now walking with the use of a cane. She will be driving this coming week and will be picking up many more of her chores and daily activities as time wears on. The recovery hard part is over. Continued physical therapy and common sense will rule the next two months. She gets an "atta girl" daily from me.


Being the spouse that has picked up most all of the daily responsibilities was somewhat hampered when I threw my lower back out moving her wheel chair out of the car. Just pissed me off. A simple twist and strain and I was rendered AFU.

This damn aging thing. Nothing drives my wife and me crazier than NOT being independent. 

But otc pain relievers and heating pads have improved my back (has happened before) and her improved mobility has lessened some of my responsibilities. 

If you are younger reading this, please take an old man's advice. While your mind and body are still working and up to speed, keep doing, going, trying, moving, and using every inch of your body, every day, every night, every moment. Under no circumstances think that it lasts forever. It does not.  Build a million more memories. 

You can start resting more when you get old!!



The world continues to evolve. The truth is lost in a grinder. But the folks living in the fertile Ohio Valley know. The new world has come to their front doors, their lands, gardens, work place, church, main streets and water supplies. How many families and individuals have had to evacuate just to survive?

How many elephants will the room hold before the foundation crumbles?


Behind on posting. Life happens.

Appreciate your visit. God bless

Monday, February 13, 2023


A recent reply from my wife when I asked her what she would like for dinner a few days after left hip replacement surgery.

We were on the road at 07:00 to Tyler and back home at 7 PM that night. Out- patient. 

Surgery went perfectly according to the doctor. Text book.  Used a robot to help perform the surgery. He said my wife would most likely be happier going home than spending the night at the hospital. We fought the pending ice storm rains all the way home. A two hour run. 

Neighbors were waiting with  house lights on. Husband stepped right up to helping my wife out of the car, to the walker and into the house to her chair. Like a sent protector, he stood close by making sure all went well. His wife visited with my wife. How are you feeling? What else can we do? chit chat!! "There is a breakfast casserole on the stove for the morning. Make sure you put it in the fridge." I did. 

We were home safe and sound with promises of being checked in on at morning day light. We were and a large pot of chicken stew was delivered piping hot just before dinner time.



Picked up a few containers of fresh yogurt from a local dairy to help my wife's stomach and systems deal with the pain meds she would be taking for a few weeks. She mixed three cap fulls of Mexican Vanilla in each container. Quite tasty/ High fat content as seen in the photo above.


Diesel prices in NH


Moved Dodge to the front yard to protect from falling iced over limbs during recent ice Texas ice storm.



Moon Rise


Near by lighting strikes inside thunder storms. 

"Incredible lightening storms all over the place last night. We went from the Great Exuma Bank into the tongue of the ocean, the depth goes from literally 20 feet down to 8000 feet over the course of a few hundred yards. With that came huge swells but unfortunately not a ton of wind so we were taking a bit of a pounding. 

We pushed pretty hard and rounded the northwest tip of New Providence island, the island that is home to Nassau located on the northeast of the island. Big storms over Nassau but we managed to avoid them.

Then the convective cells started consolidating around us but fortunately they dissipated. We had to divert 20 degrees here and there in order to stay out of their way. 

The sun is just peeking from behind the clouds now and it's getting warm. Hard to believe it was chilly as **** last night." 



Calmer evenings


50's 60's ROAD TRIP found on the Feral Irishman's blog site a few weeks ago.

I could see myself in every photo . Memories of those years growing up into my teens. I doubt there is any way to share these times other than a run of photos like this. I admit, I hang on tightly to those days. The cars, towns, stores, people, country side and the music.


Behind in posting. 

Planted onions, potatoes and a few cabbages as of today. February has not yet been nasty cold day after day as it has been in years past. But the month is not over yet either.

Thanks for stopping by.