Sunday, April 14, 2024


For the want of pulled pork

 Nine pounds pork butt, thirteen-hour cook on pellet grill.

Eight hours into the cook, roast @145 degrees F. Wrapped in foil for remainder of cook.



Roast done to 200 degrees F internal and "rested" for an hour and a half. Falls apart.

Dinner 1, 2 & 3 repeats.

All of the above was the next "cook" on my list using new pellet grill. Started at midnight.

Salt and pepper only just before putting inside the grill. First 3 hours at 220 degrees F, next 7 hours at 250 degrees F and then finished at 300  degrees F to get to the 200 degree F internal temperature by dinner time. I think this is called "pushing the cook." There was no loss to the finished quality.

Her and I agree that this is by far the best pulled pork we have ever eaten. And it is not me, the cook. It is SLOW COOK TIME, TEMPERATURE PROBE INFORMATION AND THE PELLET GRILL. 

I spent considerable time reading articles and watching videos from other backyard home/family cooks and then simply gave this a try. What we found amazing is the flavor, that the pork is moist and that the bark is full of flavor and adds to the overall meal. The pork needs nothing and is stand alone on any plate. Warmed up as good as off the grill. For some reason though, maybe habit, BBQ sauce always finds it way to the plate.






I mentioned awhile back that I raked to the bottom of a leaf pile out back and planted the remainder of my seed potatoes in the rich dirt of rotted leaves. Covered them up with 6"- 8" of leaves and "gave them to God." Kinda!

I remember as a youngster going to corners of mom's garden and digging beautiful potatoes from under grass and leaf piles. What did I have to lose from trying that here?

Low and behold, potatoes are taking off like gangbusters. Truth will be in the digging. Baby red potatoes with butter, salt and pepper. That's the dream.


Three and a half inches of rain this past week. Thunder, lightening and the pitter-patter of rain for hours. Dark grey days. Outside surroundings, all a lush green. 

Ditches on both sides of the roads, fields and ponds are shedding what they cannot hold.



The price of roses are going to go up. Oops.  Rationing water for nine million people. Producer of flowers/roses and coffee. 

COFFEE. Now this story has my attention. Second largest producer of coffee in the world. Ouch. The price of coffee is already through the roof. This is not going to help. What to do? What to do? We drink 6 lbs. a month.

Not so long ago, our red can of coffee (last summer) was $8 a can. Then the price went to $11 and then to $14 and now it is unavailable. However, a single can of the same coffee on Amazon is available for $23. Think investment and barter. Shop different brands while still at lower prices.


Originally found on The Daily Time Waster.

A good take on an old song, I thought.


Just released on Prime.

Graphic, violent, comedic, great story telling, excellent sound track, visually gripping, some of my favorite actors and some new ones. We completed the 8 episode series last night. Love it or hate it! 


The NET. More now like car wreck after car wreck after car wreck. Lot of folks throwing words, memes and videos in the air. I find a few to quickly look at as they arc. 

Looking here, looking there, down the road and turning to look behind me. The smallest of things are indistinguishable from potential catastrophic things.

What ever is building and coming, is coming this year.  Soon, I think. Sooner than later. "Biggly."

In the mean time, I looked this past week at day turning to night turning back to day, water in ditches, potatoes growing under leaves, fields, overflowing ponds and to the woman who puts her arms around me, pulls tightly and kisses me on the cheek. Says softly, "I love you." 

God is offering me good days and I know it.

Shopping yesterday in one of the larger nearby cities. Big nationwide store. The gal checking us out mentioned that currently at "her" store average shopping cart purchases are $335. And, $394 for 10 bags, young family with three little kids from another local friend this morning.

And to you. I appreciate your time and visit. Share with a friend this day.


Tuesday, April 9, 2024



From SV Airspeed: "Good Morning, Puerto Rico. We sailed all night and look at what we woke up to."



Completed the T-15 model sail boat this past weekend. A new hobby. This model proved to be a good entry point for learning about free-sailing pond sail boats. Highly recommend this model kit for anyone interested in a new hobby. Great for parents and kids to build and play with.

Used painter's tape to protect bottom of hull from excess epoxy overrun when installing keel. 

Squaring keel as epoxy glue set up.

Drawing water line with make shift jig. Sliding the pencil holder along the table top makes a perfect water line. Pencil can be adjusted to obtain desired water line mark.

 Taping water line for bottom hull painting. 


Hull complete on makeshift stand. Top deck stained red mahogany and varnished.

The process in play on recently built hobby table. Proof that no workshop or work table is ever big enough.

A very nice model now sits on my computer room work table. Satisfaction from little things in life.

POND YACHTS a book on building and sailing.

I picked up one of these books a few months ago and found the book to be a very good cornerstone for learning this new hobby. A little pricey, but shopping may turn up a bargain price.

I plan to build a couple from "scratch" boats using western red cedar next. I will be using the above book as a guide. Lots to learn.


Behind on posting. Hey, I have excuses.

Eclipse yesterday with some video to edit next this morning. Her and I watched from the quiet of our carport. A full four minutes of darkness. A wonderful experience and the first for both of us. Doubt that we would ever drive hours or fly across country for those four minutes, though.

Have a wonderful week. 




Monday, April 1, 2024


Rained all day last Monday which is a perfect excuse to make soup. You have seen this before and my bet is you will see it again. 

Hamburger soup tossed together in a few minutes. Stock is 1/3 chicken broth, 1/3 beef broth and 1/3 water. Ground chuck left in larger chunks and fried/drained. One can diced tomatoes, one can drained string beans, 1/2 white onion and other vegetables from the bin in the fridge. A pinch of red pepper flakes (easy). Recently dehydrated squash. Pepper, Italian seasoning and a good dribble of olive oil. Simmer an hour.

In days of old, before elder year's diet mandates, bread and butter dunked in the broth normal. This is a kitchen sink kind of soup and one, in my opinion, should be tried, perfected and practiced often. Don't even consider lean hamburger. Ground chuck only. 

Guests would destroy a pot of this with a loaf of warm bread. 











Just me and her for Easter dinner this year.

A first for both of us is cutting into a locally smoked fresh ham. Not as salty and a tenderness much different than the basic off-the-shelf grocery store ham. 

A local service group sold tickets a few months ago and she ordered two, one for us and one for neighbor. Hams picked up Saturday morning and we agreed that these were the best best hams we have ever eaten.

Two hundred and eighty five hams locally smoked by a couple dozen men and 12  large smokers (not pellet-fired) on trailers parked in the front yard of the group's lodge. Shop locally.

Ordering these hams again next year is already on the calendar. 


Cat and Canna Lilly

The cat can still wiggle into her favorite napping spot on the garden wheelbarrow. 



Bridge collapse was the major story this past week.  Interesting take. Regardless, this fix will take many men of high competency to repair and get everything moving again. Time will tell.

Day one April this morning. First quarter of 2024 in the books. It seems to me that these past three months have passed in the blink of an eye. Keep on keeping on.