Tuesday, April 9, 2024



From SV Airspeed: "Good Morning, Puerto Rico. We sailed all night and look at what we woke up to."



Completed the T-15 model sail boat this past weekend. A new hobby. This model proved to be a good entry point for learning about free-sailing pond sail boats. Highly recommend this model kit for anyone interested in a new hobby. Great for parents and kids to build and play with.

Used painter's tape to protect bottom of hull from excess epoxy overrun when installing keel. 

Squaring keel as epoxy glue set up.

Drawing water line with make shift jig. Sliding the pencil holder along the table top makes a perfect water line. Pencil can be adjusted to obtain desired water line mark.

 Taping water line for bottom hull painting. 


Hull complete on makeshift stand. Top deck stained red mahogany and varnished.

The process in play on recently built hobby table. Proof that no workshop or work table is ever big enough.

A very nice model now sits on my computer room work table. Satisfaction from little things in life.

POND YACHTS a book on building and sailing.

I picked up one of these books a few months ago and found the book to be a very good cornerstone for learning this new hobby. A little pricey, but shopping may turn up a bargain price.

I plan to build a couple from "scratch" boats using western red cedar next. I will be using the above book as a guide. Lots to learn.


Behind on posting. Hey, I have excuses.

Eclipse yesterday with some video to edit next this morning. Her and I watched from the quiet of our carport. A full four minutes of darkness. A wonderful experience and the first for both of us. Doubt that we would ever drive hours or fly across country for those four minutes, though.

Have a wonderful week. 




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