Sunday, October 31, 2021



Neighbor mid-week sunset. iPhone camera.

Visitor in neighbor's garden. iPhone camera.

Frontal storm approaching from the west Wednesday morning. 

Four hours of steady rain. A drop in the bucket for what the land needs.


Hold On   posted October 26.

I read Sarah Hoyt. Have for a long time. She is a "prepper." Writes well, gives good advice and grounded in common sense. Her articles help me with weekly up-grading of what lies ahead, to take it seriously and continue to act on being  ready.

Gas here now $3.09/$3.19/$3.29 give or take. Costs more to drive so we now take that into account. The Dodge truck stays home more often and her Kia is daily/weekly transportation. 

Some store shelves have noticeable spaces: milk, cream and other basics are up in price. Her tells me the price rise on most everything we shop for. Not just a few cents, but dollars more. 

Many articles on the net regarding the bottlenecks of shipping containers stuck in ports, ports overloaded and nowhere to put the empty containers, much less the full ones. Serious trucking problems. It is starting to add up and we are now seeing the tip of the iceberg ahead.

I have always waited to a few days before Christmas to get presents sent out and or purchased. This year it will all be done by December 1st. 

Consider getting your turkey, ham or a roast if these are in your holiday habits.  Apparently, this will be the most expensive Thanksgiving meal ever in history.

Could be Hamburger Helper, a side of Mac and Cheese with a large slice of pumpkin pie smothered in whipping cream to finish it off. And then...!

FYI: Found frozen turkey's for 98 cents a pound at Wally World on Thursday. 



I was lucky enough to get to fly on a few of the missions in which we coordinated our gun runs with the Air Force Skyraider's. Standing off watching or daisy chain attacks with these large beautiful aircraft were loved by this pilot. And yes, I have always longed to fly a fighter plane like this one. To this day, that longing is the same. 

When I was not flying and heard one of these approaching the airfield, I would run with camera in hand just to catch a photo or two. I cannot imagine what it would be like sitting side by side with the pilot in one of these planes. What a rush that would be. 

C-130 departing Phanthiet. Same run to photo when the large C-130's were coming and going. 

I did get the chance to fly for 10 minutes right seat in one of these years later. A few gentle "S" turns and maintaining altitude. 

A few hundred more hours please!!

Siksorsky S -64 Sky Crane. Serious big!!

Pick up to hover and the noticeable nose drop into take off. Medivac.

Twin Beech 18 on final approach. Beautiful then as they are now. 

Off to work.

Flying right seat; first pilot.

A few inches higher and the bullet would have hit the rotating tail rotor shaft. A good example of shooter aiming at the helicopter instead of aiming ahead of it. 

Gun ship

Delivery of "box(s) O rockets."

Empty ammo boxes pile up. With in a few days, they would all be gone. Building materials traded away for other goods our unit wanted or needed. Helicopters always parked in sand-bagged berms for protection. 

A love of dogs, then and now. Not rat dogs, but dog dogs. I spent a few great moments with this fellow, sharing hot dog sandwiches. 

Dogs, too, were caught up in this war and surviving. I never ever saw a G.I. not go and love on the dogs that came around us. Never!! These moments instantly took us back home.
One hundred slides left from the Vietnam era to scan. Will be done with this project NLT mid,month and then on to hundreds of other photos and color slides. Eventually a very good smattering of family history/quick easy access for son to enjoy and build on.


A busy week being on the road with doctor appointments and shopping outings with her. Looking forward to a quieter week ahead.

Down the road neighbor's horse again out of its pen and visiting closer to us. Ears back, horse not happy, folks are stopping. I rolled down the window and talked to the horse. Figured it the neighborly thing to do. It had just bolted in front of the Dodge having been charged by the black horse on the other side of the fence. Territorial horse play. 

The sheriff had been called so I eased away towards home. I told neighbor that I like horses, even the ones who have gotten out of their pasture's. "But not as a hood ornament" was her reply.

I agreed. 

Enough for now. Thanks for the visit this week.

Sunday, October 24, 2021


Well over 2,000 color slides viewed, 800 scanned now. The last several hundred of some of best photos are next. These are the ones in circular trays that I used to show in slideshow presentations. Plan to get to all of these by the end of November. For now, a few more from the 800.

A favorite photo of a Chinook and the landscape.

DHC-4 Caribou. A workhorse delivering everything under the sun all over Vietnam. Probably most every GI in-country rode one in of these at one time or another. 

Typical set up of living conditions and spaces we gathered to play cards, socializing, and awaiting mission calls.

We were fat with building materials. Worked well for barter to get anything we could not easily get our hands on. Also provided all the building materials we needed to build hooches to live in. 

Pulled every nail, saved every hinge and screw and every piece of each of the the hundreds of boxes the rockets came in. No sooner helped get this hooch built and our platoon was sent south to Phanthiet.

Phanthiet living for two. Room-mate and I built this in a few days. Very comfortable. Wooden floors vs sand, dirt and dust. 

One landing Chinook would soak every living nook and cranny around it in dust and sand.  We quickly learned to cover our bunks and other important things with tarps every morning. 

OV-1 Mohawk. Used for observation mostly and intel gathering. These airplanes and their pilots could land these on a dime and give change. Full-reverse of props just after the wheels hit the runway. The airplane would then re-appear out of a cloud of dust.

Captured AK-47

Helio courier. Best damn short take-off and landing airplane ever made. To this day. Intel gathering and back country ops. 

I often looked at coastal views like this and thought what a wonderful place for a resort instead of a war.

A pair of fired rockets. Twenty-four pair per helicopter. 

After mission cleanup.

Last few weeks of my first tour of duty. Dak To November, 1967. The airfield was constantly being mortared from the far hillside. Short rounds, then long rounds for bracketing. On this day, at this moment, a mortar hit in the middle of the fuselage and wings of a C-130 and it burst into flames. Luckily no one was killed.

Somewhere out there, folks on that particular C-130 landing at Dak To have very good stories to tell. Would love to hear one?

We needed fuel and had no choice but chance being hit while fueling. Very high pucker factor. 

All the firepower we had, including Air Force, could not eliminate the influx of the NVA. They had us triangulated with high-powered .50 caliber guns. 

Attack one gun position and the other two had us as easy targets. Carpet bomb with B-52's overnight and we were again taking heavy fire from the area the next morning. 

More pics and stories in the weeks ahead. 



Her and I finally concluded if we were ever going to get the new pipe fence painted, we were going to have to do it ourselves. Promised workers never showed up. The one time they did, well, suffice it to say, if any of us ever want a job done 100%, best we do it ourselves. A truism in living me thinks. 

Took small bites, an hour and a half at a time. Her on one side, me on the other and two small rollers. By the end of the whole fence painting (half seen here) we were getting very good at knocking out one section at a time quickly. 

Lawn still a mess though. Hard to grow grass without rain.


A2 milk from the dairy farm comes with much cream on the top of the gallon container. Have shared pics here awhile ago. 

Her asked if I wanted to do shots with her after breakfast and I blinked. Cannot remember the last decade I have done shots. 

Welllllllllllllll, now it has come down to doing shots of cream. Like always, I said yes. Crazy I know, but damn that flavor was a bright  memory of my childhood on grandparents dairy farm. As always, I wanted another shot. 

One shot of cream was just fine. 





Alec is having a bad week. A gun is always loaded and always treated that way. 

A good Read!

A single-action revolver. Who cocked the hammer? Who aimed the gun? Who pulled the trigger?


East Texas cooling somewhat. No rain and many here saying "we need rain." Ponds getting very low. Little to no rain in sight for the next 10 days. 

Projects here finished. Do not have to look at them daily, no contractors coming to work, garden down, her plants cleaned out and the cats are doing fine outside. 

Kittens have grown large and the sisters run together everywhere.

I am not a cat fan. BUT these girls have grown on me and becoming family. 

Weekend outings, wings on the marinade for the grill and relaxing on the porch with neighbors telling lies. Yea, laughing. Can you imagine laughing.

The smell of two batches of brownies just coming out of the oven. I am needed to for my taste testing skills.

Thank you for the visit. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021


Third photo grouping. A smattering of helio flying and some of the surrounding countryside that was the helicopter pilots "daily office" for work in 1967. 

It did not take long during those first few weeks of flying daily missions for me to appreciate the magnificent beauty of this country. Everywhere. Everyday. To this I would add that the waging of war part and all of this never ever computed. Never came to a comfort zone nor grips with the polar opposites of war being waged in the beauty of a paradise. 

I am not doing justice to trying to explain and share that here. More so now that I am a much older man. Nowadays, I put myself living in one of those villages while war was over head, just up the river and or too near. 


Large troop airlift preparation. All these young men!!

HQ tents

Vung Tu view

Enroute to a mission

Huey "C" model rotor system. Noticeable by wider blades.

OH-13 Light observation helicopter. Flew low and slow over enemy contact areas or out scouting low and slow.  

Hughes "500" gas turbine Light Observation Helicopter replaced the OH-13's early in 1967. Same mission. Low and slow drawing ground fire, looking for a gun fight. Part of that mission was to take fire away from our boys on the ground and eliminate those problems early in the mission.

Good pic of the LOH flying, and the UH-1H troop lift helicopter to the right. Note longer body on the UH-1H.

CH-37 Mojave helicopter. Largest twin piston engine helicopter ever built. 

Coastal view.

Lush mountainous areas.

Could/would not drink the water. Settled for warm beer.

Troops head to board helicopter.

Another troop lift. All these young men!!

Coastal airport, Phan Thiet.

Chinook helicopter with door gunner at the ready.


East Texas chill.

This past week finds a chill in the air now. Cool house bring out sweatshirts and snugs. Her has this weird mandate that we cannot turn on heat till November 1st. She initiated that rule living in New Hampshire. Something about "a principle involved." But I get cold. Working on it!!

Chores and the comings and going these past weeks have eaten up any free time we get around here. Last minute work on painting some of the house for better protection against the weather, re-staining some of the outdoor wood window shutters and putting away flower beds and garden. 

Add to this road trips with other folks for other reasons. Damn near impossible to plan meals. Chicken nuggets,  bowls of cereal, a hot dog or baloney sandwich because we do not want to cook.

Today will be spent here house painting the pipe fence. 

If you have time to read a small piece of history:  

Found a brief mention of this woman on ACE this morning. Found the full story on the net and spent time reading about her. 

How deep did she have to reach to survive all of this? Become a champion. Have a family. Live a full life? God Bless!

Thanks for the visit this week and thank you for the great comments.