Tuesday, June 4, 2024



Storm after storm after storm. Rain on top of rain. Power outages accompany some of these storms often enough to where we have become well-trained for short or long term outages. 

Because my sleep patterns and midnight trips to the storm shelter are interrupting daily routines for the past month or so, I found my wife sitting on the edge of the bed this morning at 6 AM. Quietly talking to me with her hand on my side. Waking me. Time for my morning pill. She worries about these kinds of things. 

She tugs me softly into waking. Sits quietly by my side as I wake into the new day. "There is a big storm over Oklahoma this morning," she says. I reply that we are not going to Oklahoma then. She agreed. And the awakening begins.

She has been up at 4 AM, our regular morning get up time. I have slept in 2 hours past that and feel somewhat guilty that two hours of the day have already passed me by. But I can feel the extra sleep/rest and that it was a good choice for my body over mind this morning. 

And I/we do not feel special in this Texas seasons rain and storm patterns. The nation, Pacific North West, central states, New England and the South. Thousands of folks enduring some storm/severe storm drama. Regardless, it is wearing on all in varying degrees. I should not complain!


Might as well finish some others worries for this week too. I internalize most all this now. From Theburningplatform


20" Pond Yacht mast mount

Center of balance and center of pressure points marked with green tape. Adjustable mast mount finally built and installed. Final float test shows the boat a little stern heavy, but not enough for me to worry about. Also lists to port a bit but I do not care. Now, that is engineering problem-solving at its best, huh?

Finding small parts and pieces and some inability to make decisions have slowed down progress.

Did I mention that it is again pouring down rain outside. I digress!



As a younger man, I thought people 79 year-olds were old. Old man. Old woman. Now, having arrived here, I see that 98 years old is an old person. Maybe birthdays are just numbers. But I do know that the older I get, the older I get. I can look back and often do, but there is no going back.

My wife just came in and asked if I have my phone near by. "Take a look at what is coming."

A stationary front sits just south of us and to the north.......

Have a great week and I appreciate your visit.