Monday, November 30, 2020


Yep, pet neighborhood deer. Came with the house. True story.

Apparently a neighbor down the road found the injured baby deer and nursed it back to health a few years back. Did not pen the deer, but continued to care for it. Now the deer, named Baby, travels between local houses and farms. The very first thing we were told about the deer is that it a pet and do not harm it. We never would. Apparently, the deer is cared for by all the neighbors. This past week was our first personal visit by Baby. 

The deer appeared silently behind me on the driveway. It blended in with the surroundings and I had to take a double-take recognizing a deer was standing next to me. I figured it would run if I made any quick motion. I told my wife to look at the deer and she too was quiet as we watched. 

The deer did not startle but rather followed me towards the carport and then it saw the lemon trees and the celery. Into the garage the deer came and was quickly chomping and tearing at my "prize" celery plants. We immediately did the hand-waving and "swooshing." The deer was steadfastly snacking. Then it went up a lemon tree branch and found the leaves to its liking. Seconds passed as it snacked. One by one, lemon branch's being de-foliated. 

More "swooshing" and hand-waving. Can't, won't poke or physically move the deer. So we set to standing in front of the deer. Blocking moves. 

The deer stood its ground, its nose working its way up my pant leg and chest. Eyes fixed on mine. And it was like that for the next two hours. The deer was indeed a pet and had zero worries about us trying to dissuade its advances on our plants. So we moved all the plants into the garage shop and back end of the side by side. Whew!! The deer won.

It then walked around the back of the house and I knew that our new garden of wife-plants and trees could be next on the list. Sure enough from the boxwood trees to each of the new plants. The deer passed what it did not like and found the $40-each green trees with bright leaves to its liking. My wife is trying every verbal swooshing mover she has ever known. I am again blocking. And that is all we could do. Making noise did not work. The deer had no intention of leaving.  

Eventually it sauntered into the front yard, leaf snacking. We thought "good." A car drove by and the deer ran. Not away, but back to us and laid down next to the side walk in front of us. Safety ya know! We had the deer's back sitting in our porch lawn chairs and the deer could safely watch the road out front.

Our neighbor drove over and told us that indeed this is the neighborhood pet deer. Said it does visit her from time to time and that she has tried feeding it apples and other assorted deer snacks. The deer was not interested. She said "hello Baby" and patted the deer on the head and neck. The deer responded as a big dog would. Took the patting and rubbed next to her in passing.

It is plainly clear to me that we will be learning about Texas electric fencing around our green house and garden this next season. We get it!! If not Baby, then other wild animals looking for good snacks.

A pet deer! Never saw this one coming. 



And it was good. No drama. No politics. Great family and friends gathering for Thanksgiving dinner and all the fixins. Long day but nothing that 12 hours in bed that night could not fix. 

Pie for breakfast. Pot of turkey soup was quickly on the cook. 

On the road to Christmas.

Yep, Christmas decorations. 

New Mexico Governor shuts down grocery stores for two weeks. Deems non essential.  Folks waiting in line 2-4 hours to buy food in the name of C19 today.

I wonder how many folks are crossing into Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma and or Texas to do their shopping. Helping to build up bordering states economies while killing the economy of NM. Not by choice, but because putting up with the nonsense of this state governor is worth rebelling against. 

I put myself and my wife in a scenario like this and realize that standing in a line outside for 4 hours for a few groceries is an experience neither of us ever want to have to endure. But will come to all of us soon if Socialism takes root. 

Plan accordingly!!


Appreciate the visit this week.

More animals.
As of this past weekend, there is a kangaroo running loose and a pet pig that has escaped its pen. Everyone is on the look out.

Monday, November 23, 2020


.22 LR Rifle Art



I try to avoid the political arena here.  God knows it is the blanket covering this country. Impossible to pull the blanket aside to get a breath of clean fresh air. That the smothering of living a free life may only directly affect a neighboring state, county or city is no consolation for folks living in relaxed restrictions. The spirit of a Live Free or Die country is being strangled by folks the people elected. Not to see that freedom for all is slowly being pushed to take a knee to a new world order is the onset of terminal blindness. 

This second lockdown across the nation was on the table for everyone to see weeks ago. The left has told us what they plan for us.  Second lockdown is again programed for a couple weeks, but then expect extensions through Christmas, then New Years, then Inauguration day and then into Spring. All of this is not by coincidence, but by design.

Doing a little homework reviewing states and cities under draconian rule show the results of political power grabs at any cost. To kill a city/state economically in the name of C19 renders people helpless. More and more major cities and streets, once bustling with a growing healthy economy, are now boarded up, businesses forever destroyed and the rats grow larger and many. Small towns too being strangled and left to dangle in the wind on politically infamous nooses. 

Some folk are longing for a little freedom at damn near any cost. Once it becomes dead serious evident, to all the people, that a nation held on its knees at gun point is nearing the end of a permanent death spiral. The good old days will be but stories and those too will be gone when the remaining elders depart. 

In the original movie, Red Dawn, there was a scene where the youth were armed and leaving the city in their pickup trucks. They stop at a mom and pop home/store front for supplies. Anything they want or need is given to them and off they go to the hills for survival and organizing a resistance. The older couple are left behind. The older couples age and abilities were a liability to the demands of fleeing to the hills to live, survive and organize fighting back. I get that. It is the way it has to be. I get that too. 

But now we are the older couple who will be filling the kids pick up trucks with anything we have that they want/need. Our hearts will go with them, with every ounce of hope and love a human can muster for another. But staying behind now too, soon be swept away from patrols working off of lists provided by government officials, does not set well. Yes, they are making lists and boasting of consequences. Not a slap on the hand or even to the face. Permanent consequences for having conservative values and having a voice. 

We are being told over and over what will happen to half the nation in the months ahead if this election is successfully stolen. We might even witness our current President of The United States being prosecuted for crimes he has not committed. 

That being said, we will go out with our boots on and never bend a knee. I hope to God that day never comes. But a gnawing inside of me is worrisome. I am convinced that many a nook and cranny, in this great land, will plan to go out the same way when push comes to shove. God, Country, Family and mom's apple pie. 

There has been early evening and day shooting in the surrounding area since we moved here. Comforting, yes. Some plinking. Rifles being zeroing for hunting season. A 30-round magazine ripped off because it can be. My guess is it has been the norm in East Texas lands for many many years.  

These are familiar and healthy sounds of a free society.




There will be family. Early afternoon gathering. The table will be like it always has been for the past 75 years. A turkey carved to the bone. Homemade buns, salads, stuffing and enough gravy to choke a horse. Pot of turkey soup and cold turkey sandwiches, on fresh bread, the next day. 

All of these traditions will be up to the youngsters soon. It was handed down to us and we continued in same. Will the youngsters pick up the traditions and continue or will this day and history become dust in the wind? 

Making the big turkey dinner starts weeks earlier and becomes a 24-hour adventure on Thanksgiving day. There are worse ways to spend one's time. 

Do whatever it takes to keep this alive in your family and circle of friends.

Thanks for the visit this week.

Thursday, November 19, 2020



Optimists grow things. Planting trees is trust in a future, something of the kid in us staying alive, pleasure in seeing some of our efforts and love pay off, short term and long term. My planting of things is woven in my genes and being around family that planted and harvested. For me, it is a simple pleasure. 

This morning in the brisk East Texas colder morning, my wife's gift of a few celery plants a month ago are coming along just fine. There is indeed some inner pleasure I get every day, coming and going by these plants. Being able to grow during this time of the season is new to us. 

My wife's rose bush has also taken to the Texas soil and owns the primary spot in her flower garden. Just a week after planting, her little rose bush exploded with three of the trees best efforts yet. Not a day goes by where we both do not pass this little bush and appreciate the life it is living here and efforts to be happy in East Texas. 




The next door neighbor and I followed our wives in another side by side, touring back roads this past weekend. The girls chatted up a storm, hands waving here and there as my wife heard stories from years and years ago. Her husband and I laughed that these two were lost in their world as they soaked up the lands near the trail. We think that the area we live in is God's country. But just around the corner, over a few hills lies some of God's best work. A house tucked here, a house tucked there, far back from the one way dirt road. Large green lush fields with trees older than dirt owning the view. 

We stopped on a grassy pull off near another fenced in land. Beyond the gate were the remainders of last years garden, surrounded by a make shift electric fence. The wires have been removed since the end of the growing season. My neighbor shook his head as he explained the amount and size of tomatoes that came out of that garden. We both agreed that a salt shaker is needed when picking ripe tomatoes. 

Quick make-shift electric fences keeps out the varmints. 

Moving down these road, I quickly learned to keep my mouth closed as things that fly can be easily captured mouth breathing. 


Veteran's Day came and went again. Seems like a million years ago. My wife and I  joined a veterans' driving parade put on by the local schools in town. All of students were saying thank you for your service and waving individually made signs in support of veterans and veterans day. Quite moving. 

My wife teared up several times, quietly saying; "Only in Texas, only in Texas." I am sure there are many other communities supporting veterans that day, but we were fortunate enough to personally be a small part of this day's community mission. 

I had to laugh as a few grade school boys were say "Merry Christmas" as we drove by. They were giggling and pushing a different narrative. Respectful for sure, but kids being kids to the full extent. I wanted to reach out to just one of them and tell them that to keep it up and they were going to be just fine. Just fine! Yea, it was good; very good for this old Vet. 


Each veteran this day received a personal gift at our last stop. A youngster came to our window, again said thank you for your service and then handed us a small brown paper bag, folded together at the top. Inside a personal designed card with a hand written thankyou inside, an eagle cookie and gift card. 

Thank you small-town Texas. Thank you!!


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Yep, I know about gutter guards. But the needles get stuck in the holes requiring each one be individually pulled out. 


Will end this blog with morning homemade biscuits for two and home canned Fig/Strawberry jam from a wonderful lady down the road. Never had this jam mixture before. The half-full jam jar speaks for itself.

Fig trees close by and next season some home made bread traded for figs and this jam recipe will be in order.  

Texas Governor just announced "no more lock downs." 

Appreciate the visit. 

Monday, November 9, 2020



We found two lemon trees early last month while plant shopping. I have talked quite often, that when we get to Texas, that I would like to have a couple lemon trees. 

Lemon and lime trees lined one of the guest houses decks we visited in Franschhoek SA many years ago and I thought it would be so cool if I could pull a fresh lime from one of the trees for my daily gin and tonics. Then there was the lemon tree in The Worlds Fastest Indian. Seemed I ought to be able to find one or two in East Texas and learn about growing them. 

The two trees have taken to their new home. They are just in the midst of turning yellow. Will harvest when they turn completely yellow. The bride suggests a lemon meringue pie. 


Ordered a new work bench tree weeks ago. The price was most reasonable and realized four days later why that was. I had to assemble. 

Every part fit like a glove and this is easily an $800 dollar tool cabinet and work bench at half the price. 

This was so heavy that I had to call for help to lift it up onto the wheels. 

I have always enjoyed projects like this and was able to get lost in the process. Very much an up-side in this day an age and one of the reasons I love building things. Another up side is I know every part, nut, bolt and screw in this cabinet.

Leaving the neighbors the other day we saw we saw this blue horse grazing in the field across the road. The photo does not do justice to the noticeable light blue color of the animal. 


It appears that all media are now in the tank with outright deceit and continual lying to the American pubic.  If I could trust just one news network before, today I can trust none of them. 

Buy as much of everything you can/want/need to buy now. Right now!! Buy for long-term self-sufficiency. Buy before the panic set in. You will regret not doing so. Screw what anyone else thinks or is doing.  

If you think you have enough, then double it. Think investment, barter, trade, helping others. Do not quit or relax. 

Practice/improve skill sets. 

FYI: Rumors of truckers' strike in November. Keep an eye out/follow information regarding this. 

"could start at any time..." got your turkey yet? Dressing mix? All the traditional side dishes? 

Some of the worst mask "offenders" are the employees working under these door-front posted C19 "guidelines." Under the chin, hanging from one ear, fully opened front mouth vents and office workers w/o any masks. 

Take away our freedoms and 'peeps" all will find away around it. 

Eat, live, love well and may God Watch Over You.

Sunday, November 1, 2020



On the day we voted one of the gals at the voting station welcomed us by saying, "Welcome to the Country of Texas." Deep roots!


We have been on the road this last week plugging holes and shopping for last minute items. The stores we have visited were fully stocked. All of them were working at getting products on the shelves. From fresh veggies and meats to every day items folks have been buying for years. The stores were all busy. Baskets filled to the brim. Half of the folks shopping wore no masks.

Maybe all is normal. But everyone we have visited with has been in a high state of concern and preparation this past week.


Two hundred and twenty seven posts have past in youmeandtheafter blog. All have been fun to share, from prepping, family history, cooking/baking and hinting in most every post to be ready for the possibility of difficult times. All of this is yesterday now. We all go into tomorrow with what we have. 

Visitors here have been and still come from every corner of the world. Technology is amazing as it is scary. My take on what is coming will affect all of us to some degree. Just a few days ago Paris was going into lock down and other countries and the 50 states of the USA are various degrees of Covid19 restrictions and worry of pending violence due to elections. From all outward signs, this is going to continue and in some locations become extreme violence against everyday people. Absolute unrestricted power grabs from some governors in some states. 

I believe media will hype the upheaval, continue to lie about what are the truths, feed the violence and you and I will have to find our own avenues of understanding. Actions that we may be called upon to do, help, protect and keep living / moving forward will challenge the long days ahead. 

Also, we might want to consider not quickly jumping on current bandwagons but rather seek other avenues for information gathering. Seeking truth and reality. Keeping close to family ties and like minded neighbors. Day after day. Trust in ourselves, our gut feelings and God. 

I want to find an all inclusive summation of yesterday, today and tomorrow but we are entering a new era of world history this coming week. My wife and I have had our difficult conversations, cemented the fact we love and trust each other and that all that we can ever do is our best. Life has proven that giving our best everyday proves long-term consistent outcomes within our chosen course of life and living. We plan to stick with that. 

We are not prepared for everything. We know that. 


Some advice we were given this past week regarding C19.

  • Over 200 people treated with hydroxychloroquine with 100% success rate.

  • Symptoms of C19 Severe headaches, cough, noticeable body ache, noticeable fatigue, temperature yes maybe no.

  • Conventional health care not prescribing or dispensing hydroxychloroquine.

  • Under no circumstances take the coming Vaccine.  The Swine Flu rush to vaccine  had serious long term neurological effects that followed because the  vaccine was not fully developed/tested.

  • C-19 Preventatives : Vitamin D 5000 unit 1x2 daily, Zinc 100 mg 1x daily and Vitamin C 1x daily. People using these vitamins, who have come down with C19, have the highest success rates of recovery. These vitamins have proven to be effective against C19.

  • ...........

God Watch Over You. 

See you next Sunday.