Monday, November 30, 2020


Yep, pet neighborhood deer. Came with the house. True story.

Apparently a neighbor down the road found the injured baby deer and nursed it back to health a few years back. Did not pen the deer, but continued to care for it. Now the deer, named Baby, travels between local houses and farms. The very first thing we were told about the deer is that it a pet and do not harm it. We never would. Apparently, the deer is cared for by all the neighbors. This past week was our first personal visit by Baby. 

The deer appeared silently behind me on the driveway. It blended in with the surroundings and I had to take a double-take recognizing a deer was standing next to me. I figured it would run if I made any quick motion. I told my wife to look at the deer and she too was quiet as we watched. 

The deer did not startle but rather followed me towards the carport and then it saw the lemon trees and the celery. Into the garage the deer came and was quickly chomping and tearing at my "prize" celery plants. We immediately did the hand-waving and "swooshing." The deer was steadfastly snacking. Then it went up a lemon tree branch and found the leaves to its liking. Seconds passed as it snacked. One by one, lemon branch's being de-foliated. 

More "swooshing" and hand-waving. Can't, won't poke or physically move the deer. So we set to standing in front of the deer. Blocking moves. 

The deer stood its ground, its nose working its way up my pant leg and chest. Eyes fixed on mine. And it was like that for the next two hours. The deer was indeed a pet and had zero worries about us trying to dissuade its advances on our plants. So we moved all the plants into the garage shop and back end of the side by side. Whew!! The deer won.

It then walked around the back of the house and I knew that our new garden of wife-plants and trees could be next on the list. Sure enough from the boxwood trees to each of the new plants. The deer passed what it did not like and found the $40-each green trees with bright leaves to its liking. My wife is trying every verbal swooshing mover she has ever known. I am again blocking. And that is all we could do. Making noise did not work. The deer had no intention of leaving.  

Eventually it sauntered into the front yard, leaf snacking. We thought "good." A car drove by and the deer ran. Not away, but back to us and laid down next to the side walk in front of us. Safety ya know! We had the deer's back sitting in our porch lawn chairs and the deer could safely watch the road out front.

Our neighbor drove over and told us that indeed this is the neighborhood pet deer. Said it does visit her from time to time and that she has tried feeding it apples and other assorted deer snacks. The deer was not interested. She said "hello Baby" and patted the deer on the head and neck. The deer responded as a big dog would. Took the patting and rubbed next to her in passing.

It is plainly clear to me that we will be learning about Texas electric fencing around our green house and garden this next season. We get it!! If not Baby, then other wild animals looking for good snacks.

A pet deer! Never saw this one coming. 



And it was good. No drama. No politics. Great family and friends gathering for Thanksgiving dinner and all the fixins. Long day but nothing that 12 hours in bed that night could not fix. 

Pie for breakfast. Pot of turkey soup was quickly on the cook. 

On the road to Christmas.

Yep, Christmas decorations. 

New Mexico Governor shuts down grocery stores for two weeks. Deems non essential.  Folks waiting in line 2-4 hours to buy food in the name of C19 today.

I wonder how many folks are crossing into Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma and or Texas to do their shopping. Helping to build up bordering states economies while killing the economy of NM. Not by choice, but because putting up with the nonsense of this state governor is worth rebelling against. 

I put myself and my wife in a scenario like this and realize that standing in a line outside for 4 hours for a few groceries is an experience neither of us ever want to have to endure. But will come to all of us soon if Socialism takes root. 

Plan accordingly!!


Appreciate the visit this week.

More animals.
As of this past weekend, there is a kangaroo running loose and a pet pig that has escaped its pen. Everyone is on the look out.

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