Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Oil and butter melted in the pan. Salt and pepper then floured. Fried medium heat for minute and a half on each side. Heaven on earth!!

Tis the season!



Folks in the gun community; hunters, plinkers, home loaders, hobbyists and serious shooters have forever been saying get it while you can. That there is no upper limit on how much ammo to have on hand. 

But standing in any gun store just 6 month's ago, shelves full and over flowing with guns, ammo and any accessory on any given day gave way to feeling that it has always been like this and will be like that tomorrow. Therefore no rush and no need to buy more guns or ammo today. I can get it next week; next payday. And during past years this thinking was fine. Besides, we would be able to see a problem coming and jump into action with purchasing. 

Guns, toys and ammo were costly and damn if life did not also demand the bills be paid and food in the fridge.  

But the advice from most all shooters was get it now and get a lot. Yes, I too gave this advice but now regret that I did not overload the shelves at home. How much is enough of anything?

The correct answer is that there is no upper limit!

And just like that .22 ammunition dried up. Seemed like in one week it was all gone. Shelves went from overflowing to empty. Well, it will come back. No worries. And it did and then it all dried up again. 

Today, at least where we are living, shelves are dry. Dust covered and any ammo that comes into a gun store is sold immediately. There are limits, quite often one box per customer. One box of any ammo is not enough to warm up the engine on a gun and practice at the range or in the back yard. 

Seeing .556 and 9mm advertised at over a dollar a round this past weekend is eye opening. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Advice? Apply this lesson forward to other products that also can dry up over night. 

FYI: Found 9 mm yesterday and yep, only could buy one box. Eighty cents a round. All sold out by noon. 

Walking out of a gun store with one box in hand feels very different than walking out with a box of 500 rounds. Walking out with nothing in hand feels even worse.  


Getting the lemon trees and celery some East Texas sun. 

Temps in the high 60's and low 70's this week. 

Appreciate the visit. 


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