Sunday, December 13, 2020



Standing up against the wall in a neighbors shop were two trees like the one above. Their grandson made them awhile back in shop class. Yep, shop class. Actually, an agricultural course. Apparently some wood working involved too.  My wife was drawn to them immediately. I was too, but from a design point of view. How simple and functional for yard decoration this time of year. No plastic nor electoral help. A little paint with paper plate cut outs and spray cans of paint. Glitter of course!

I tightened the star on the top, my wife brightened up a few of the colors and to the front yard it went. Leaned up against a tree and fastened with wire ties. Christmas decoration for the season. I take time to look at it daily as we come and go. It is quite often the simple things in life that bring some joy and happiness.


No ranting. I am at my roads' end giving advice to myself let alone offering to others.  I ask myself constantly now, what else can we be doing in the few days left this year and before the 20th of January. Yep, we can still get more of this and more of that. Food available, even toilet paper to the top of the racks. No ammo. Have talked of that. We are, for all practical purposes out of time. Even asking for more time is wasteful energy. God knows we all have had plenty of time for the past few years. If we have not done it by now, more time is not an answer. Hope is not a plan. 

My wife looked at me this morning and said that we have lived long enough to witness the end. Witness being the key word. 

There appears to be real fear for gatherings or being in close proximity. I can feel it in the grocery stores now. People move out of the way, hold back within their 6' circle of perceived safety. Not all, but with some it is noticeable. People are polite. 

It has to be taking a toll, to avoid and be avoided in the social and public places. Conversations nearly impossible due to muffled voices. To be housebound for months on end has also got to be taking a toll.

Add to this the myriad of coming threats of against our freedoms and ways of life from newly elected governing class. I cannot find any happy news these days. None! 


Lemon trees appear happy though in the early morning dampness. Flowers healthy. I am putting off harvesting the last 4 lemons until I have to. They have become good friends at yard's end. They help me look forward to their next crop, next season, next year. Springtime. Growing season.  

Building a small greenhouse will be a healthy/smart endeavor. 



Deer sausage, black pepper and a little garlic salt, then grilled. Goes with cold beer like cc cookies go with cold milk. 

Jalapeno peppers, de-seeded and the inner membrane scraped out. Filled with sausage and cheese, wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven. Layers of flavor.

A long lonely back road in east Texas leads to this Christmas light display. Well done.


Winter weather this week has been bright sun and temperatures in the mid seventies. Then cool/cold, a few hours of soaking rain and this morning in the thirties with a high of 48 forecasted. 

My better half has the kitchen prepped for more Christmas cookies. 

Some ready to be mailed out and delivered. As in years past, she restricts my access. I have had only three so far and there is a promise for more coming for home eats this coming week. Today's bake comes covered in powdered sugar. 


And the beat goes on. Would you put your child through this?

For the children you know. Keep your eyes on more of these stories.

Who is John Galt?

 Another week. Appreciate your visit. 

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