Saturday, December 19, 2020


For no reason other than friendship, our neighbor showed up mid-week morning with one of his tractors and drag buckets and started leveling the west yard for an upcoming green house project. I learned that he has done this kind of work for over 20 years and after watching him take the uneven hillside and scrape it into a level pad for the green house, I knew this was not his first rodeo. 

It was most apparent he knew his tractor and he knew exactly how to and when to use the bucket to fill and level and the drag bucket to finish the flat and slopes to the build spot. It was also obvious to me that I had no such talent, even though I thought I might if I was using the equipment. But I do not.

Watching skilled folk work their craft was a pleasure to watch that cold East Texas morning. The level pad was within 1" of perfect when measured from four corners. 

Now to lay out the pad and get a load of rock dropped in.




Seattle setting up a new CHAZ. You can look it up. One of my favorite cities in the world to visit is now falling deeper and deeper into chaos. 


FIRST NO BIG GULPS AND NOW NO CONFEDERATE FLAGS. Screw what the constitution might have to say. There must be rungs on a ladder below the bottom one. Has to be. 

80,000 doses and ya "don't have to pay a penny!!"



"...we have no idea what the long term effects will be....if there are side are better off find out with those in their 70' and 80's than if you gave it to all........."

Soooooo, if this is the thinking in the medical community; I am 75 years old; ah ah ah ah...hmmmmm.... "well    -    and the horse you rode in on." 

A thinking person just might apply this group think to government officials testing/injecting/administering/ordering/mandating onto the lower crust doses of social justice to needle delivery off what is good for "them." Whew. 

"....and people over 65, frankly, have lived a life......."

And just like that, the age is lowered to 65. So if you are over 65, get a serious side effect, you won't even get an empty bed in the hallway. Expect an elevator to the basement. Reason simply stated that you lived a life and are expendable. Frankly!!

Move on, nothing to see here. 

No one coming to save our ass. Might we all just be on our own now? Feels like it.  

And this just in. IMMUNITY...
Maybe a good idea to take a longer wait and see approach. 


Late afternoon snacks for Rummy, Denver and Cannon.  Beautiful at a distance, magnificent close up. 



Accumulation on the driveway at our old home in NH. By far the biggest snow fall in the past 10 years. A hand-operated snowblower was being used here to clear the edges by the house and around the driveway before the tractor snowblower was used. 



From a good friend who took his boat out on the Miami River last night. He said it was beautiful but for the idiots and drunks out boating. I responded saying that idiots and drunks out boating on the Miami River last night just might be a good sign given the times we live in. Regardless, beautiful pics of parts of Miami at night taken from the river.

THE NORTH POLE OF TEXAS 20     "Build it and they will come." 

Another east Texas back road trip after dinner.

Parking in near by pastures. 

A wonderful walk through a Christmas display. 

Families by the hundreds, bundled in winter coats and hats come to see.

Train rides for the kids while mom and dad enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. 

People close to people, talking, visiting and even one gal carrying a blanket wrapped Lemur. We did not get it, but we did not have to. 

People being people. Families' being families. 
Good ol boys chatting. 
Gals chatting. 
Kids heads on a swivel taking in all the lights and activity. And me?

I was a very old kid last night. Big smile, arm in arm with my wife and our neighbors telling stories of Christmas hereabouts. 

Hey, the goats are real.

Kids still believe. Mrs. Claus had the youngsters full attention telling stories of the North Pole and how all the elves are hard at work getting presents ready. Mom and dad taking pictures, their children smiling ear to ear next to Mrs. Claus. 

Santa's Slayride (that's the way they spelled it)

And was all good. Very very good. 

Ya heard it here:

Merry Christmas to all.

Thank you for the visit this Christmas Season. 

Of course it is home made.

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