Sunday, March 26, 2017



Red rubber non conductive safety mats cover the negative and positive 
busbars pictured above at all times. The safety mats are removed here to show some detail of this build.


One 130 Watt Solar Panel

One Morningstar ProStar Solar Charge Controller / $212

Four Trojan T105 6V batteries / 447 Amp Hr / $115 each / wired in series and parallel providing a 12V system with 894 Amp Hr capacity. Purchased from local golf cart company who could answer all my "best battery for application" questions.

One DC to AC 5K24012W Inverter  for 220/440 electrical well pump / which I broke in the learning curve and it cost me to learn the weakness of my design. Could not blame this on someone else or find a safe place to make me feel better. Just ate it! More on this below. 

One AIMS DC to AC 1500 W Inverter. Works perfectly!!

One car charger outlet for direct 12V applications.

Built the cart and busbar from pieces gathered in the shop and from purchased items. 

From the top.

If you are inclined to build a solar project, do your own homework. Do not use this blog as your guide to build, but rather as an interesting read and maybe an opportunity to learn.

AC voltage current is "alternating current". Because the current is constantly stopping and changing direction (alternating) it can be "let go of" if a user gets shocked (low household current 120V for example).

DC voltage current is "direct", one direction, current and is always "on." A user accidentally grabbing a DC current line cannot let go: thus, the notice here is to pay attention. DO NOT BELIEVE A 12V SHOCK IS NOT SOMETHING TO WORRY ABOUT. IT IS AND IT CAN KILL YOU.


The above listed components were my choice from many options.

The cart was designed around the component dimensions and space needs.

The aluminum busbars (positive and negative battery electrical connections) - the middle photo - is always covered with a safety rubber mat. The mat is removed here for visual aid.

The batteries and connections are also always covered by the white perforated  removable shelf. The shelf serves as a temporary storage area as well as safety cover. I wanted to make sure that no accidental dropping of tools or mis-touching would ever result in electrical shock.


Three-wheeled cart for easy movement around the driveway and property. Always stored in the garage. Solar panel pivots to access seasonal sun alignment. The cart is simply turned during the day to follow direct sun as wanted.

Shows battery storage, electrical hook up to the BusBar, 1500 W inverter installation and perforated shelf for safety, ventilation and temporary storage. Laptop is plugged into 12V outlet for a test charge that day. The busbar is uncovered for this photo. A non-conduction rubber mat completely covers the busbar otherwise. (repeating my-self)


Shows the solar charge controller at work indicating a 7.6Amp charge at the moment the photo was taken. The max charge I have seen in perfect bright sun is a charge of 8.2 Amps per hour.



I wanted to build my own solar generator. I wanted the education and to learn what I could accomplish. The project lasted two years due to piecing parts together that would build a solar generator that would ultimately run our 220/440 Volt well water pump.  

A major design parameter for this generator was to run the water pump for 15 minutes or so at a minimum. I could then recharge from the sun and do it again. Fifteen minutes of pumping water would yield about 70 gallons of fresh water that could be stored.

The additional smaller 1500 Watt inverter and a direct 12V connection option would complete the major design components.

I was new to most all of this. I did understand and respect working with electricity and direct current. Hell, any current!! I knew series vs parallel wiring. When volts add up and amps add up through wire connections. I could wire a system from a good drawing. I took my drawings to several folks with experience in the electrical fields to confirm that part of the design and to also seek additional information I may be over looking.

If I went to one Solar store, I went to dozens asking questions. Many would give me hand outs for the starting $12,000 home installed system. Hand outs for computing all the items I intended to run from the system; OR, often the little out of the way Solar Store was closed; OR "the guy" I needed to really talk to was not in that today, OR they had a pre-built solar generator I could purchase. I never ever found "the guy" until I broke the expensive inverter that was to run the well water pump. 

The 12 volt system I designed and built was great for a 12V system for smaller needs. But there was not enough power in my design to run the large inverter and when I turned on the bigger inverter, it fried itself internally.

I finally found "the guy" by accident. I found that I was looking for building a solar generator help from the wrong folks / wrong stores. "The guy" was a fellow who worked on, designed and maintained large off grid home solar applications. Just a guy who drove an older car, came to the garage here with pen, pad and a volt meter in hand. I learned more in one hour with him, than I did in the two years building the generator. Simply put, I should have designed a 24 Volt or a preferably a 48 Volt system. Through drawings, math and volt meter readings he explained all of this to me. I understood, but in no way can relay that to you then or now. I would not even try.

The 12 Volt system was not big enough to handle the power needs of the large pump at the bottom of our well and the inverter I had planned to use.

"The guy" charged me an hours labor for his time and my education. The very cheapest cost associated with this whole project. He left, and I sat in my chair and looked at my generator (top photo) for the longest time. It is pretty, does work quite well for a 12V system and will provide in a temporary or all out electrical emergency. But it will not run the well water pump.

The direct sun will bring the batteries to full charge in a few hours and that is always fun to see the lost capacity return to 100% from the power of the sun.

I can charge a trove of Ryobi batteries and run a myriad of lights and hand tools using this system. It will charge cell phones, lap tops and run a ham base station. Can run strings of 12 volt lights, outdoor lights, recharge car batteries and other similar electrical use/needs. I can cook a full slow cooker meal when the generator is charging in the direct sun.

I have learned so much more about volts, watts, amps, batteries, solar and how very cool it is that the light from the sun can provide electricity in the design and building of this project

It is not like plugging into the grid, and it is not like never, ever having electricity again in the after.

I did finally find a store and fellow in Manchester, NH who helped me put the above pieces together in design. Answered most every question I knew how to ask. I paid a little more purchasing parts from him, but I could take them back if they did not work out of the box. They were not damaged in shipping. I could not do that with off the net ordered items.

Besides, I am a person who likes human contact and to touch things I plan to purchase. Especially important bigger items. That has value to me and I am/was willing to pay for it. I have learned it is quite often cheaper in the long run.

Advice to you if you want to build a solar generator. 
  • Have a good idea of what you want to run and ask a lot of questions.

  • Practice safe procedures always throughout the build and then in daily use.

  • This not a tool for anyone to play with or to try to operate. Never let children have hands' on opportunities with your home-built solar generator. Never let others use the generator unless you have taught them and trust them. Never let anyone borrow it.
  • Know it is going to cost you and do not cut corners. Buy quality. 
  • Find "the guy" early on in your design and build. If he/she is not interested in you and your project, move on till you find "the guy." Look for the guy who designs, builds and maintains in-home off the grid systems. Ask off-grid home owners who helps/helped them design and solves problems.
  • Pay for some of "the guy's" time in design and inspection from work completed.

I found  a clamp meter for measuring current to be an affordable and useful tool when trying to figure out what else I could run off this system and for how long. I had to split a small extension cord so as to take an amp use measurement. 

I first used this to figure out how many amp hours the slow-cooker ran at to help me figure out how that I might best use a slow-cooker with this generator. The slow-cooker uses around 6 amps per hour if memory serves me right and was best used while the generator was in full sun light. The power from the solar panel was just a little over what the cooker needed. Very little energy was needed from the batteries. I can cook a meal in direct sun light for 6 hours with little challenge to the system. A large pot of soup/stew for a family dinner cooked using solar power was also an eye opener for me.

Coffee is an important part of our mornings. This solar generator will run a morning coffee pot. How about your electric razor? Yep!!

Another item to consider is a 12V water pump. Maybe pumping filtered water or using an outdoor shower. Regardless, building your own solar generator can be designed to fit your specific needs or wants.

The generator is several years old now and I am still learning. It is safe to be around and to use. This was a very important part of design and concern. I over emphasize this here in this week's blog because safety in working with electricity in a project like this is job one. 

Making a little electricity for yourself could be of great benefit in the after. In the meantime, some new skill sets are acquired.

After thought photo here, just before publishing, of the non conductive safety rubber mats covering the positive and negative terminal busbars. There!!

Always heads up! Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Early morning on the lake. Baby is perched in her spot for the day. She barks at the fish being caught, when fish are actually caught and settles into her curled up sleeping mode on long trolls. Eyes open always and twitch at any change in boat maneuvering. This dog and man time is one of the secrets of life and cannot be purchased for any price. A man and his dog, the only ones on the lake all morning long.

She is art form in a purest sense. A toy monkey and green tennis ball kinda girl. Striking a pose caught between playing monkey and a distraction that may change her moment in an instant. Focused. 

Monkey is quite old and has had a few major surgeries. The wife has sewn on limbs, repaired a torn head and performed the longest of stitching surgeries on the monkey's stomach after new stuffing repair. Monkey may be the bravest of souls here.

Lucy and the new pup, Baby. Baby had "the look" as a pup. Compare this pic with the one above. She came to us that way. Lucy was another outstanding dog that if a story was to be told, let it be said she saved my life. She rode so many bumps in the road over a period of time with me and never ever left my side or questioned her devotion to me and us. I fondly remember the times we would pull into a local hamburger drive through (not a chain restaurant, but  locally owned). I would order my deluxe hamburger and a plain hamburger for Lucy. We would pull off to the side of the restaurant and enjoy a hamburger moment together. Simple good happy moments. We did it so often that the folks at the drive through knew that the plain hamburger lunch was for Lucy.

 Baby, a true and trusting friend don't ya think?

For the absolute love of the green tennis ball. Swimming till out of breath comes second to nothing else in her world. Well, maybe the vanilla cookie cone as the end of the swimming treat. Yep, it is "the look" again.


Early in this past week writing here. Big storm coming across New England and things are flying off the shelves. Foot of snow or more predicted and most likely the last big one of the season. In fact, it will already be officially spring, a few weeks of daylight savings behind us and this storm will be in the history books when you read this blog. But tonight, it is tomorrow and the next day. 

Snow for the most part, is gone now. Many in New England have been teased into thinking Spring. Weathermen/women are in their height of reporting glory with this last on coming storm.  OMG OMG.

Steep driveway slope sanded and woodbox topped off. Food, water and generator fine. Apple-Peach pie to bake for storm-watching entertainment

- - - - - - - And it was good here now a few days after the snow storm. All of the snow that winter had piled up thus far, then melted to nearly nothing, came back in a one day snow event. Between 14"16" here and maybe a few drifts a little more. One storm like this does not set most folks back. But add another one soon or an extreme cold snap and storm, then problems and longer term discomforts can come quickly. But we are looking to spring and this last winter covering to melt away for another season. 

I have been waiting this week for a guiding light or topic to surface and write about. But nothing of import that needs just one more opinion in print. A short blog is in order. Also found this week to be filled with more clean-up chores than normal, upped outdoor activity and an extra nap have been priority. Enjoyed a day off with son to go do man things, shop at man stores and lunch out. 

I would like to leave you with this hour and seven minute video from Springfield Armory. Found it by accident and was happily surprised at how well a story is told, guns are taught and portrayed and watching a group of women interact in  competition personally and professionally. You can find this video in (10-13) minute episodes if you do not have an hour to play with. Maybe bookmark and come back when time and interest permits. Watch, learn, enjoy and share.


Plan, practice and heads up. Have a great week. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017



No reason to start here other than I was cruising some of the old bands and music this past week and came across Grace Slick singing White Rabbit on stage at Woodstock. All those guys in the crowd are in their 70's now.

What it must have felt like for the performers, walking out on the stage to that crazy crowd and getting to perform?



Just ten years ago I was a teacher introducing 3D printing to students taking Project Lead The Way courses. The main thrust then was to show students they could prototype their design as an integral part of the design process. Today, a mere ten years later, those kids could be making and selling homes using 3D printing technology.

They can design and build a small model in their office overnight and be on site the next day with the tools and technology to start your home. 

This particular example is by no means that unique in the 3D printing world of today. This is an exploding technology and only limited by the size of the printer and the availability of printing materials.    

If regulations were as fluid and flexible, 3D printed homes could easily be on your lot this year. Yep, watch your home built in a day (or so) for $10,000.  


A gun rights rally on the coldest day of the year on the steps of the NH State Capitol.


Sadly, I do not think I have heard this song before or if I have, it never stuck in permanent memory. More likely, never really paid attention. 

A DAY W/O WOMEN    "strike?"

A close friend of ours posted that if his wife is going to be home: "make me a sammich." two smile emoji's here if I knew how

For some reason, I am thinking that a better title for this strike and march might have been given some thought. A Day Without Women just seems like this is going to come back and bite women in the north end of their south bound march.
Been working since I was 12 and never ever in my life have I ever given thought to women being less or more able or of some lesser worth. Where in the hell does this come from?  

The Men's Day Off: we shall unite and take a man's day off. We've got that nailed though. We probably would not march with signs or make demands of others. We sure in the hell would not be going to Washington DC. 

We would have thought this out and had our march on a Monday or Friday and made it a three-day weekend. Maybe have it a day after a three-day holiday and make it a four-day march for men. Yep, we could stretch this protest into a week off with just a little more planning, thinking and justifying. 

"Stock up the fridge, sweetheart, I am going to be gone for a week protesting the plight of man, gender nonconformity, men of color, significance of man in a global economy, equity and standing with men around the globe. We will be wearing darker shades of green signifying masculinity, wealth, peace and tranquility. Taking the 8-year old twins too babe, Blade and Dalton, to engage the children so they may learn the ways of man and men's plight.....I know you will support this man in your life." 

Wait a minute. I am home alone writing here, watching the home front with orders request to put the meat loaf in the oven at 3 PM. Was quizzed on the correct temperature. She is out with girl friends. 

I am experiencing vulnerability and exclusion. 


I get it from my dad.  Blame him!!

It's time to give partisan war some weight in your preps, the left's tantrum is turning into militant insurgency. We can't know where this is going or who's loyal to who, but it's plain DC is getting dangerously unstable. It may be closed-loop hysteria, or it may be that everything of consequence is happening backstage. Everyone knows something, no one knows everything, and everyone has a theory. This is isn't politics, this is treachery, government by scam, third world stuff.  

Most often, others say what I want to say or talk about using the most succinct language. I would go to depths and never find the words to capsulize how I am thinking and feeling at some of these days in time. Ol' Remus can easily put it all in just a few words.

From ZeroGov

Use your time wisely to prepare for the continuing Endarkenment because there is no stopping it. Consider this a pause to gather your family, increase your preps, continue training, refine your armory and get ready for the path ahead which will demand not only your life but will determine just how free your children may be.


An article that generates over 700 comments in a short period of time stirs a large simmering pot.  


Another good read this week.

Google or Bing Vault 7 CIA  to snug up the edges of crazy nation this past week


HAND INJURY--In The After?

Hang with me, buckaroos and buckarettes. You can do this part of the blog just fine. I was kind enough not to put a large pic down below. 

Question: Can you handle this kind of hand injury in the after? Happens to be son's hand and a simple little injury working using hand tools that can pinch. Chunklet of meat removed and he and his better half have taken care of the wound w/o having to go to the doctor. But that is him and one of his/their skill sets.  Son explained to me that it hurt like hell while properly cleaning the wound. His better half is not a snowflake and was the one who took over in the final cleaning and managing of the wound.

And it occurred to me that this moment in his past week might play well here in The After. We all will be dependent on our skill sets in every facet of life. The more skill sets we have and acquire and practice, the better our chances of surviving what ever is coming. Something is always coming. Also shows attitudes that needs to be acquired and practiced.

So can YOU manage a hand wound like this today w/o issue? This type of injury could have as easily come from falling to the ground and catching oneself with outstretched hands."What's in your bug out bag?"


I know "Sometimes" will be talking to herself now! SO

I am a believer. Because of the odds. Beyond that, I am curious.

For months now, I have seen little hidden story snippets of the ISS turning off it's cameras because of an unidentified object flying/visiting/docking/looking/ or in some manner getting so close that the video feed is turned off by higher-ups. Still not good picture for us to see, but a nice semi transparent blur coming in close proximity to the ISS. But watching the ISS Live feed, I see that camera imaging is darn good.

Watching a posted video of one of the encounters, accompanied by outer space music, does not help sell me nor my blogging about this. I would expect a voice over explanation when watching these close encounters.

Noises you and I make when someone like me opens this type of conversation can be heard here now. Maybe a spinning finger near the ear body language to better peg this curious. Regardless, I find it very intriguing and interesting.

The last article and video showed a much larger, foggy, poorly represented, iffy object. Now, the objects are not little lights or small cigar shaped fluff, but bigger saucer-shaped. That is different and what does it mean?

Well. Yea!! Bigger. The under boss(s) maybe. A look-see. Mid-management. And then a "UFO cube in Texas." Says it is a portal opening up. How in the hell does anyone know it is a portal? Regardless, any portal I have ever seen in a movie has never ever been associated with anything good for planet earth. Probably a couple 23 year-old geeks testing a project at Los Alamos.

Step back now with me and consider the absolute crazy world we live in and tell me if you would not be surprised that government starts floating alien (not illegal) visitations. Keep in mind that technology is hinted at being 30 years ahead of where we dirt people know it to be.

He climbs back out of the Rabbit Hole, dusts himself off, looks over his shoulder to see if anyone is watching. Unbeknownst to him, a dimly defined object slowly disappears in the low morning stratus over Lake Sunapee.