Sunday, March 19, 2017


Early morning on the lake. Baby is perched in her spot for the day. She barks at the fish being caught, when fish are actually caught and settles into her curled up sleeping mode on long trolls. Eyes open always and twitch at any change in boat maneuvering. This dog and man time is one of the secrets of life and cannot be purchased for any price. A man and his dog, the only ones on the lake all morning long.

She is art form in a purest sense. A toy monkey and green tennis ball kinda girl. Striking a pose caught between playing monkey and a distraction that may change her moment in an instant. Focused. 

Monkey is quite old and has had a few major surgeries. The wife has sewn on limbs, repaired a torn head and performed the longest of stitching surgeries on the monkey's stomach after new stuffing repair. Monkey may be the bravest of souls here.

Lucy and the new pup, Baby. Baby had "the look" as a pup. Compare this pic with the one above. She came to us that way. Lucy was another outstanding dog that if a story was to be told, let it be said she saved my life. She rode so many bumps in the road over a period of time with me and never ever left my side or questioned her devotion to me and us. I fondly remember the times we would pull into a local hamburger drive through (not a chain restaurant, but  locally owned). I would order my deluxe hamburger and a plain hamburger for Lucy. We would pull off to the side of the restaurant and enjoy a hamburger moment together. Simple good happy moments. We did it so often that the folks at the drive through knew that the plain hamburger lunch was for Lucy.

 Baby, a true and trusting friend don't ya think?

For the absolute love of the green tennis ball. Swimming till out of breath comes second to nothing else in her world. Well, maybe the vanilla cookie cone as the end of the swimming treat. Yep, it is "the look" again.


Early in this past week writing here. Big storm coming across New England and things are flying off the shelves. Foot of snow or more predicted and most likely the last big one of the season. In fact, it will already be officially spring, a few weeks of daylight savings behind us and this storm will be in the history books when you read this blog. But tonight, it is tomorrow and the next day. 

Snow for the most part, is gone now. Many in New England have been teased into thinking Spring. Weathermen/women are in their height of reporting glory with this last on coming storm.  OMG OMG.

Steep driveway slope sanded and woodbox topped off. Food, water and generator fine. Apple-Peach pie to bake for storm-watching entertainment

- - - - - - - And it was good here now a few days after the snow storm. All of the snow that winter had piled up thus far, then melted to nearly nothing, came back in a one day snow event. Between 14"16" here and maybe a few drifts a little more. One storm like this does not set most folks back. But add another one soon or an extreme cold snap and storm, then problems and longer term discomforts can come quickly. But we are looking to spring and this last winter covering to melt away for another season. 

I have been waiting this week for a guiding light or topic to surface and write about. But nothing of import that needs just one more opinion in print. A short blog is in order. Also found this week to be filled with more clean-up chores than normal, upped outdoor activity and an extra nap have been priority. Enjoyed a day off with son to go do man things, shop at man stores and lunch out. 

I would like to leave you with this hour and seven minute video from Springfield Armory. Found it by accident and was happily surprised at how well a story is told, guns are taught and portrayed and watching a group of women interact in  competition personally and professionally. You can find this video in (10-13) minute episodes if you do not have an hour to play with. Maybe bookmark and come back when time and interest permits. Watch, learn, enjoy and share.


Plan, practice and heads up. Have a great week. 

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