Sunday, January 29, 2017



One of my favorite snacks is Triscuits. Salty; have crunch; I like the flavor and can share with the dog, who is always by my side when I am snacking. I can no longer grab the bag that the Triscuits come in and pull open the top. Strength and pissy attitude contribute. Scissors now for opening the tops of most such bags. Wrap with a rubber band, or temporarily crumple the top when storing. Problem solved. 

Wife laughed this morning when she opened the refrigerator door. There next to the milk was my box of Triscuits. I had neatly stored the box next to the milk and cream last night. Triscuits belong in the cabinet, next to the peanut butter, in the hallway and have always lived there. So where was my mind last night as I stored the Triscuits in the refrigerator? I have no memory of doing that. I cannot blame the dog because she cannot reach that high. It was me. 

What ever was going on, it is obvious that my mind was somewhere else. Is this the real reason why I cannot find things?  "Honey, have you seen the Dodge truck?"

Erector Set

The erector set crane was fun and much more detailed that I imagined. I bet I had no more than a dozen pieces left over in the kit and the same in assorted nuts and bolts. Conflicted weather to dismantle or leave on the desk. It is a piece of mechanical art, that works, and I will enjoy this for awhile.  I did get this out of my system for now.
Video 1     Video 2



Hermon and Spooky. Not a Care in The World

Just woke up and found my son's cat, Spooky, is now famous. She made The Pet Morons on Ace of Spades. Thanks Ace!!

 Hermon's Snow Angel


I found Green Peace live streaming the hanging of their RESIST banner in Washington, DC. this past Wednesday morning. I happened on live streaming with my new notebook. I have recently picked up blue tooth head set so I can be all alone with sound and not disturb the goings on around the house. 

After a few minutes I figured that the folks hanging 275' in the air from rigging, probably knew what they were doing and had even practiced this protest. As the banner dropped, I noticed it acted just like a sail in the wind. The two anchor men hanging on either side near the bottom of the banner, held on to ropes as the banner waved in the breeze. 

It occurred to me that they were but a breath away from a natural disaster, had the wind picked up. Anyone who has sailed and raced, has seen the wind take charge, especially from the inexperienced sailor. Always entertaining and worthy of watching, if for nothing else than a learning opportunity.  

In all of their planning, they failed to design air holes for the wind to pass through. The banner would have presented much better and they would have had better control and warnings, should the wind decide to get fluky. The wind could have easily wrapped the crane frame work causing a protest opportunity to turn to an emergency. Lucky for them. 


  • the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. (BING.Com Search)

Son is again ahead of my by years on all of this. He brought the parts and pieces home and is excited to show me how it all works. He said my first experience will be a trip on (or as) a wing walker on an airplane. He said something about standing me up against a wall and holding onto me. I would prefer my first VR wing walk be sitting on the couch.

I told him that I wanted the full experience of getting ready to fly a mission in an A-10, Warthog. I want the mission experience, winding through mountain passes, diving on and doing a rolling exit off the target. Maybe a little dark humor with the FAC, that cannot be shared in public. Some minutes of this on my first VR ride please.

Or, to be at the helm of a 38' sloop, heading out of the harbor or inlet into the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Steady wind out of the west, some chop and an experienced crew.  Genoa set along with full release of roller furling head sail. As we gain the straits, the wind picks us up on a port tack. We lay over, adjusting sails till the rails awash. The sound and visuals from the helm please.

We'll see?



I often refer to folks, who work a totality of life, pushing the chain. Against the grain of common sense and working backwards in all of their rhetoric and energy to restore the obvious, that chain pushing is a real order of the world. Try as anyone could, be it instruction, discussion, disagreement or trial and error, the chain pusher is forever lost in the concept, physical process and self mandate to impose this on a world order

The more one tries to convince, through every avenue possible, that moving chain by pushing, is a lost cause and can also be proven historically, time and time again. Eventually the chain pusher resorts to personally degrading the chain puller or hanger, that he/she is the crazy one. The pusher will resort to threats, personal attacks, destruction of property and violence to get the process front and center as the only option. Chain pushers do believe deep in their heats that pushing a chain is the bright light of our futures.  They are the leaders and pullers of large crowds yet push pushing. 

They also believe and sell us the fact that the sky is plaid. I have mentioned this before. Any thinking person can go outside on any given day or night and see for themselves that the sky is not plaid. But God forbid they mention their observation in public, or even whisper it to a stranger.  

What is troubling is that folk can observe the futility of working a plaid sky or chain pushing program. Some youngsters are coming out of our schooling system, vetted in chain pushing.  Troubling though it is; well hell, I just do not know the answer here. Troubling will suffice for now.

The photo above is my very best effort, this winter, in chain pushing. I fail every time and am frustrated.  I have given this my best shot and for the life of me cannot get it. 

What is entertaining now is the new leader of the free world is pulling chains down the main streets and back roads of America. Four; eight; twelve to sixteen possible years of chain pulling ahead of us. To add insult to injury, a woman stands arm in arm with this country.  Theresa May doubles down

Do not be surprised as the pushers throw everything they can and decry from their pulpits their hate at the dragging and hanging chains across this land. 


Nothing to worry about here!


Be nice; keep knees bent, walk close to the buildings, stay away from crowds and alert heads up this week.   


Sunday, January 22, 2017


I sit here staring at the screen. Writing a few paragraphs, deleting and starting over. My screen saver is an old cabin in black and white and a photo I took in Idaho a dozen years ago. I love the photo.

The mouse is dragging around the block of sites I visit and read, waiting for inspiration. I re-size the box, drag it and drop it and start a new document like this one. It is late in the day, I am tired and probably trying to start a fire here with wet wood and no kindling. Best to wait for morning and fresh thinking a good night's sleep brings. But I want to write. It is quiet, the sound on the TV is off and a small light over this work space makes a good photo from the back. A man sitting and writing as nightfall sets in. Camera pulls back.


I drove an hour each this past week, taking this computer in to be worked on. It would not load windows and this would not work and that would not work. But it worked just fine at the repair shop. It worked all day. It is working now here tonight just like it has been working for the past year. I think it was me in my inability to properly hit the start button. I think I hit partially and too fast. A few ones and zeros did not hook up. That's all it took. But now it is a full court press with the on button in the morning.

I joked in one of the last posts that having Scarlett Johansson as a robot/AI out back stacking wood and that it might soon be in some far off future. I guess I would switch her on by a touch under the chin, Hollywood style. Up front here, Scarlett Johansson is one of my favorite actresses.

What happens if I do not hit the underneath of her chin properly, but just  partially start her up like I did my computer? I find all of this thought provoking.

Now with new technology, from this past holiday season and learning how it works, I am re-thinking ever having Scarlett as a robot/AI as a home helper. Too many things can go wrong for someone not tech savvy.

I use Google voice and find myself on the edge of saying thank you to her when she sends my voice text message or navigates me to a new location. That is stupid and I know that. I have not said “thank you” yet because it is a machine I am talking to.

But what if the machine has all human traits from looks to actions. The AI is working around the house, cleaning the kitchen, feeding the dog and cat and indeed stacking wood to a programmed set of mathematical tolerances.

Because I have a personal glitch that wants to thank “Jane”, the girl in my phone, begs the concern that I would surely converse with AI Scarlett.

What do I do with the AI when she is not needed. Touch her chin to put her in sleep mode? I have left my computer in the office in sleep mode only to hear it start up all by itself at 3 AM. That is in permanent memory now. Having AI Scarlett standing motionless in the center of the living room, would send chills through me. I am a big fan of Scarlett, but not standing silent in the middle of my living room at 3 AM.

How would I return her to the store if I decided it was not for me? Would she know that I am returning her and/or would she ask why she is being let go? Would she request that I call or contact through 1-800 or email, her manufacture/controlling agency?

Today I get pop ups and advertisements or constant invitations to sign in with my email address for access to new sites or services. Always someone offering me something for just my giving of an email address.

In larger stores, little out of the way cubicles start talking to me when I walk by. Motion sensors and all. “Would you like.......just swipe your card....” I feel obligated to say “NO, I WOULD NOT LIKE....” Knowingly talking back to a machine.

Will AI Scarlett be asking me these kinds of questions through out the day? She stops in the middle of stacking a row of wood and asks me; “Would you like me to order a chord of 18” split and cured oak from a local wood cutter?” I would say “no” and most likely she would find a second way of asking me. Thus a real conversation with AI, human AI, person, machine and crap, what have I gotten myself into? No putting all of this back in the bottle.

I could have a lot of fun here running hundreds of scenarios that you and I solve daily w/o thoughts or concerns. A normal human routine. At different points in our days, we stop, process a problem, find a solution and the routine continues. How will all of this work within a world of AI helpers? Sharing and problem solving with AI is sharing and problem solving with a machine, a machine that looks like Scarlett Johansson.


EX-MACHINA Spoiler Alert

AI AVA “Do you think I will be switched off?

CALEB “It is not up to me.”

AI AVA “Why is it up to anyone?” This where I turn saying “GMT*OH.”

Suffice it to say that AI AVA is now out among the humans and learning. She has been “free” since 2015. Roaming.


AIDA Marvels Agents of Shield 2017

AIDA has gone bad and also apparently replicated.

Yes Dorthy, I know it is only the movies.” But AI is here now and in our far off futures soon. It is “going to be a big step for mankind.” Think of just a few of the electronic glitches you have had over the past few years. Now couple that with your first AI in-home helper.

Go ahead: You be the one telling AI Scarlett that she is being turned off and returned. Or continue to act normal when she looks at you, tilts her head in "thought"; gives you a look but does not say a word.

As for me, I will be content to wait for her next action adventure movie and to read stories about developments of AI machines.


Watch the second video in the above link. 

It was the game moment that young athletics dream of as they grow in their sport. Seconds left, the game play is in their hands, the roar of the crowd is background noise and the ball is put in play through the air. As the clock times out at zero seconds of the last second of regulation play, the ball finds its mark. The moment marks a permanent time in the history of the sport, the teams and the star players. That was the Green Bay Packers vs. the Dallas Cowboys last weekend.

I have sworn off the NFL and stated so here several times in recent posts. The players getting on their knees for political and social agendas is so far from this sport that I could find no other option but to leave them in their own quick sand.

Over this season, Aaron Rogers has maintained his man's man approach to the game and as he presents himself to the public. I have always liked him as a guy. Somebody I would like to attend an outdoor BBQ with and share a beer or two. Seems grounded and his ability as a QB has played out in front of fans this season.

He and the Packers have lost their share of play-off games in past seasons. A Hail Mary pass two weekends ago for the record books and last Sunday with 12 seconds left, tied ball game, Rogers finds Jared Cook on the side line. The photo of him making the catch, forever etched in the history books. With three seconds left, the kicker Mason Crosby has to make the kick twice for the win.

The hiss of the crowd in the background, seconds left, the ball is snapped and he kicks the ball just before the clock turns zero. And just like in all of the young athletes last game seconds fantasies, the players arms go up in this once in a life time win. The stadium is lost in sound, or lack there of.

The original video link I had here no longer works. We missed Rogers saying, “That was fun” at the beginning of the interview. Most likely a lot of individual and team emotions in that off-the-cuff statement. A window into Rogers sense of humor, too.

Both the wife and I also became fans this season of the young QB, Dak Prescott, for the Dallas Cowboys. A great story of an up-and-coming young man, young QB with raw talent. This young man also helps save the NFL this season through his talent, love of the game and public presence.

Her is a died-in-the-wool Cowboy Fan, as was her mother. The only time she ever heard her mother cuss was when she would pace the living room while the Cowboys were playing. Her mother was the quintessential fan through and through. Dallas girls!!

Finally, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys own as much of this victory for NFL football as do the Green Bay Packers. This was one of the very best football games I have ever watched and it was what I expect and want as a fan. From the game, the players and the whole package presentation.

So NFL, this is what you are all about. Get back to it and shovel the knee crap and other social agendas where it belongs and leave it. Maybe, just maybe the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys will bring fans back to the game. Maybe?

Green Bay and Atlanta here in a few hours. I will be in my chair with snacks. Atlanta picked to win @ 63%. Drizzle rain and snow flakes predicted here. Dog nestled on the hearth behind the wood stove. It feels like old time weekend football. 



SPACE-X go to 18 minute mark and watch till 23 minute mark
Full Screen 
Also go the end of the mission for a quick brief on mission success.

Brings back days of old watching the shuttle launch and America going to space. What man/woman can still accomplish within all of the goooooo we are forced to wade through!!!

In a new and possible era of “Make America Great Again”, maybe our nation is returning to space and we get to watch. Minds of youngsters across America may flicker to life once more and can seeing themselves in this game.


I end this week's blog with the "writing wobblies" as we head into The After of the past decade.

Her and I watched the start of the Presidential Inauguration on Thursday and then the ceremony on Friday. We were not fans of former leadership; we were not haters, more like profoundly "disappointeders." But today, it is over, gone and the good ol USA has biggly challenges ahead for all of us. 

Her and I had tears in our eyes as our new president was sworn in and the "peaceful transfer of power" that is a corner stone of this country, took place. Media seems to like this phrase for the time being.  

Some of you may think this "hokey" or ascribe another emotion to our emotions. But emotional we were and in the most patriotic of ways. To again see our country in the hands of a patriotic leader and in the hands of Americans who voted for this to return front and center, has simmered long below the surface of our everyday existence. It has always been there, never wavering but helping us slog along through all the negativism of wants for neutral or parking gears for this country. 

To see other Americans wave our flag again and speak of the greatness of this country and all of the people, has re-blossomed inside of us. Our National Anthem and these moments, during these times, nearly brings us to our knees. Emotions surfaced here and we rode them. Some optimism returning.

I enjoyed coffee and hot out-of-the-oven pastry yesterday morning with my son. He has been on the road working all week and has not had time to watch any of the Inauguration. We watched "45's" Inaugural Speech. Son teared up and threw his arms in the air twice. Moments like this get you right here!!

I so wish I had the perfect words to scream out for our nation to get back to work and progressing the good for all. Pie in the sky? Maybe. But we are a great people with unlimited opportunities for good, advancement and achievement. Doing the right thing is always an option for individuals and nations.

Time will tell.

I again wish you well, a good week, keep your knees bent and heads up. Reach your hands out to someone else, at least once, this coming week.


A Russian immigrant, his American born daughter, my grandfather; late 1930's, early 1940's.