Sunday, January 1, 2017


Getting the old year behind and looking at the new year this morning. The newness of winter, snowfall and hibernation has worn off and the next few of months will be seasonal trudging.

I have enjoyed the neutral-ness of the past holiday weeks in the concern, worrying or planning of tomorrows. The snow has been cleared, the wood-box kept full, the cat fat, birds/squirrels fed and the dog healthy. Sand/salt near the garage entrance is a nuisance as usual. But, a must if we want to walk outside with out falling and breaking an elbow. The mess of sand coming in the house, regardless of my practice of shoe changing, will be managed as best as I can.

Binge watching Angie Tribeca; Breaking Bad and People of Earth  this past week has over filled the desire to binge watch anything. The overdosing of cookies, rich meats/crustaceans, assorted vegetables and specialty desserts, has run its course. Wishing everyone happiness and Merry for two weeks; also waning. 

I enjoyed it, from the heart and soul. But two weeks is enough for the entire year. Yes, I appreciate the return good wishes as does the bride. It is good; all good. But moving on now, picking up the head from inside the holiday bowl and getting back on the horse is in order; agreed?

I have kept an eye and ear on the news of the days past. I have not had any urges to stock-up on anything. No need for another medium-sized tank, armored car or train car full of chili, beans and rice. Although I see the left is feeling the need. Maybe their turn in the barrel for the next 8-16 years. Just made myself laugh!!

I am going to zero out the barrage from the Vulcan eyebrow “Stepford Commentators” on all species, times  and conditions. No more propped-up, cross-legged,  babble from idyllic perfections. Two weeks to break this habit starts this morning.


I am learning new technology with smart phones and tablets. I have them working and performing old tasks with fresh circuits. They can do so much more than I want or need. I have reached that point of the curve in less than one week. My son tells me of the wonders of being inside the bell curve and that I can do this and I can do that and can “sync” the two like gadgets of information. Well, I cannot “sync” them! Do expect a panoramic photo in a future post though as I think this option in photo taking is cool.

I must admit, in full disclosure, that I turned into “one of those people” I have thought I would never turn into. Just after Christmas dinner, while others were talking politics, I sat at the kitchen counter with my son, both with cell phones in hand. That was it. On Christmas day, it was father and son playing with cell phones instead of "fathering" and "son-ing." Well, he was helping me connect, hook up and learning that double tapping the up arrow sets cap locks. BUT!!!! I do not want to be one of those people living in my cell phone, especially when I should be living---not inside a hand held gadget. What is next, an AI that looks like Scarlett Johansson, outside stacking our winter wood? Send me that link please!

One New Year's Resolution this year. 

No more fast food from yellow drive-throughs. No salty french fries, no vanilla milkshakes and double-gooey meat, cheese, sauce and onions. No cardboard nuggets from cardboard boxes. I will add one exception and that is a large chili from Wendy's. Not promoting anything here. Wendy's chili is easy for me to eat. I like the flavor and it never, ever comes back to bite me

The yellow lunch turns into grease and my poor stomach and system have to deal with it. All of that flavor was temporary and the hold of the grease lasts the rest of the day. So, I am quitting “cold hamburger.”

Watching the wife go through an afternoon/evening of “nugget” food poisoning has cemented this New Year's Resolution too. I will not miss the comedy routine of garbled ordering through an outdoor speaker and the one lane traffic jams.


The cat above came to my son's house through family in Vermont. This little kitten has grown and come to learn living from a boy Golden Retriever. The retriever has a routine. Go outside, come back in, walk to the sink and receive a snack. Now the cat goes outside, comes back in and goes to the sink, requesting a snack. Afterwards, it is nap time for both of them in front of the wood stove.

My son took this photo on burst mode from his cell phone.  This is one of his learned options, inside that technology bell curve, with cell phone cameras. Immediate on, with the hand shaking of the phone and then holding his finger on the screen as the camera sets off on burst photo taking. He showed me this photo and just had to ask for permission to share.


Sometimes I Talk To Myself


Two cellphone/tablet apps that you may like, maybe not.

The first one is MY RADAR

  • You do not have to give your location, just tap the screen to move around the weather patterns. You can add wind, clouds etc. 
  • The other is app is TRUMP. The TRUMP app is the official app from the Trump camp. I would add a link here but fear I may send the wrong one. There are a lot of haters out there and would not forgive myself if I sent you to the wrong app. So look around and test them out. Look for the blue one with small American Flag-- Trump—News and Updates. Recent tweets etc.

I know this flies in the face of some folks, but I like not having to wade through all of the media buzz and twists to see what the man is saying. It is a new twist for the leader of the free world to speak out unfiltered. If we put up with the filters, we ought to be able to cope with “straight from the horse's mouth.” I am not fully convinced here yet, more curious.
Thursday Morning Blip-

One hour till the 14 hour forecasted snowfall, with over 12" or a foot, which ever comes first, starts. And to keep beating a dead horse here, her has just completed the fixings of leftover ham bone, soaking in (overnight soaked black beans) and associated seasonings. All in the big red Dutch oven on low. (Mrs. Garcia's Black Bean Soup recipe from Alton Brown). Will be served with warm cornbread.

It is Squirrel/Bird-maggedon at the outside feeders as we speak!

Storm warning of 12" or more of snow, just now down-forecasted to half of that. 


As we head into this New Year:
  • "You can be Jewish or a democracy; not both." Fitting square pegs in round holes - three prongs into two prong outlets- or having a full Yale University grasp of why more ducks fly south than in the winter and being able to make sense of it on a world stage. 
  • You can now can use your pitchfork to impale catfish in Illinois  this year and save money with no more luxury tax on tampons.
  • China plans to go to the far side of the moon and dominate space.
  • Either Russia hacked the election or Russia did not hack the election. BHO-RINOs are going to punish them, though. Putin personally. RINO says 99 out of 100 senators agree. Fake news? There is not one thing in this world that 99 out of 100 people will ever agree on.
  • People killing people in Chicago over Christmas, but reports conflict on the number.

  • Ronda Rousey gone in 48 seconds; $3 million pay check. A TKO in the first round. Tough game. There is always someone younger/hungrier that has to be dealt with. 
  • Avatar's ready by the end of the year for $8.3 Billion.

  • The left lost and now they are arming up and storing food.
  • Heroin is killing people and the solution is mo' money, mo' money from you and me.
  • Hashtag “Devastated.” Fart sideways and someone somewhere is devastated on the evening news.

  • Captain Niloofar Rahnani seeks asylum in the USA. Death threats and all from her homeland peeps.
  • Around the world sailing record in 49 days and a few hours. Love the boat and technology. Seven circumnavigations around the world! I'd like to have a beer or two with this fellow.
  • "I have to be quiet for awhile.” The world will be fine with this.

  • What happens to children who violate “The Graves Act?

  • New Hampshire Tax Calculator. Surprise surprise.

  • You will see this meme again on the next post with a side story.

    Learning Curve in 2017
    Learning how to edit video and publish to YouTube is another learning leaf to turn over and work on this year. I did not realize that I have a YouTube channel that came along with the blog site. Maybe I was told at the onset of the help I received when I started, but quickly forgot. Bear with me as I share this learning curve with you this coming year.

    I leave you with two minutes of birds this day and wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


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  1. Cool bird YouTube thingie! Better hope I don't figure out how to do that :) I wouldn't let my preps get too low just in case!