Sunday, February 27, 2022


I know you are tired of seeing bread here, BUT...

2 cups flour, water, salt, yeast. A skill set. Comfort food, filling and always fill-in-meal gaps. 

Things are about to get super difficult for Americans and others around the world in terms of rising food prices, fuel shortages and prices, supply chain breakdown etc. Get prepared now while you still can. We are on a roll now – this is going to be bumpy!"

The Burning Platform



The Organic Prepper. What is all of this going to mean to you?



Bottom line.....

You and I/we have control over our own lives today.  Stock up!!

This mindset is a must to act on and continue to act on. 

Taking a few step back. How many folks are going to need help and if they come knocking on your door hungry, exhausted and in fear, can you help and for how long?

Are you teaching each other and your children how to cook basics. From opening a can of soup to simple, safe meals to prepare? Why not?

My worries and life lessons come from the stories told of my parents and grandparents going through the depression. Personal health and food on the table job 1. "If you have your health, you have everything." (mom and dad)

Forget the world this week. Focus on your stores and shoring up what it will take for you and yours to take care of each other long term. 

Practice cooking skill sets. Learn. 

There is not a question that the internet cannot answer in the prepping world. Keep it simple, basic, affordable and multi functional for meals.

It is going to be more difficult if you live inside a big city. If you are seeing empty shelves now, get out of town to smaller towns, cities and stores.  Work a plan.

If you live away from the bigger towns, do the same. Dollar stores appear to be stocked with full boxes filling the aisles. Keep looking, keep shopping. 

If you can feed yourselves for a year, then you can use that year as it progresses to continue to work your surviving plan. Again, you will be called upon to help others. 

How far can you push this can of soup to feed 4 for one meal today?

Think of this as a challenge. You will never forget doing this.

Too far today? Over the top? Maybe.  November 2022? Maybe not.

Regardless. New thinking, planning and worrying will help us all be better prepared.

(not pushing or compensated by Progresso soups--happened to be the one I pulled off a shelf) 


Can go on and on. But things to do. 

March, daylight savings and a whole new world working its magic on us this coming month. 

Thanks for the visit. 

Saturday, February 26, 2022




A war begins and truckers on the move fourth week of February.  News stories all over the media, blogs and the net full of memes and tweets.

Bottom line,...hell, I do not know. But Putin vs biden&minions? 

Me thinks it is time to work the drawbridges a few times to make sure all is in working order! Mean dogs?


East Texas Ice

Closing in on two years in east Texas. Surprising how we have acclimatized to the weather. February is working, it's last days of some freezing weather. It is not New England weather, but a week or two of Texas winter is more than enough for us. 

Bring on the warmth, spring rain and t-shirt weather. 

"Your body language is awful"

Doctor's appointment inside the hospital meant putting on a mask. Necessary evil. 

The folks working there have to be masked up every day. They call out names through their masks and it is muffled. Barely audible to me. 

The gal had to get up out of her chair, stick her head out of the cubical to again say my name. I walked over, presented my cards, answered questions that had to be repeated to me. As I walked back to where my wife was sitting, she offered up her opinion on my body language. And I knew she was right. 

All of it stems from my being a little out of sorts at the mask wearing. I agreed and tried to improve my walk and attitude when I was called back to get my cards. I said a kindly thank you and no one saw my accompanying smile. 

I had no reason to be a pissy old man. None. My god, these folks live in this every day of their working life. They are professional and very helpful. 

Her also had to remind me to quit shaking my head side to side in the lack of understanding how easily man/woman can be brought to their knees. 

There was an hour wait for the doctor. That has not happened in years and years of doctors visits. So I/we sit there being good minions. Chit chat. 

Watched a puking boy walk in and sit a few seats away from us. Mom had provided him with a small bucket lined with a plastic bag. He held it close. Been there before but it has been decades.

My wife and I moved knowing that someone puking tends to make us both oozy. 

Doctor said I was good for another 20,000 miles before the next check up. That will get into year 77.

Mask comes off as soon as the outer door of the hospital opened. Free again. Damn near ran to the car like the dog would do leaving the vets office. Free again.


The bride turned 70 this past week. A big day. A good day. 

Time looks different for us. Each day a week and the myriad of little things are brighter. We have witnessed folks aging and like most all youngsters, have paid little attention. Living and life is so busy that days, weeks and years flash by. 

But now we are in the moments of later aging. Not as much time ahead and time is most precious. In that light, we find each day's a grand gift and work at enjoying the simplicity they offer. 

A good night's sleep, a nap, morning coffee, afternoon tea, a pot of soup on the simmer, another loaf of bread out of the oven and sharing. On any given day, simple moments. 

A birthday cherry pie with lattice top is our joint effort. And in keeping with this treat, my first slice was covered with whipping cream while hers was perfect as sliced. 

Two kittens have grown into cats. They travel in pairs and appear to have the surrounding property under control. They are killing critters and establishing their rule. They are outdoor cats, but love the close cuddle when it suits them. From time to time, they run to us complaining that something in the wind is array. They follow like dogs and must constantly jump, climb and crawl over, around and through our outdoor chores. 

Planting this season is basic.  Onions, potatoes, squash, cabbage, peppers, lettuce and herbs. Her is starting flowers and making plans for this and plans for that. I think yard color splashes will double this summer. Hopeful sunflowers will be sowed on a west rise that is bathed in morning sun.

The world turning is apart of what we are concerned about, too. The American dream is under attack from within. Freedom around the world is under full attack. History is repeating itself verbatim. 

"All of this has happened before and will happen again." (BSG)

Quite often, our readings and talking of all of this ends with a sigh. A sign that we must get on with the day. Moments of our lives.


Leaving here while enjoying a warm cup of tea.

God Bless All. Thank you for stopping by. Be ready for long days ahead.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


Magnificent Cat 

HT to Foxhat in NH. 

This is a big bobcat and wintering well. 







OUR THANK YOU. Two new loaves since last post. Waited 15 minutes before slicing. Makes a world of difference. 

East neighbor has another hen laying now. Winter slows down his few chickens from producing. "Another hen is laying and I have more eggs than I can eat."

We bake bread and works well for saying thank you. Everyone loves homemade bread. I think it is universal.

Local gardens being planted now. Backyards like ours to larger plots. They will all produce more than can be eaten and sharing is normal. 


Rescued kitten with a smashed foot. A throwaway cat from someone.

Good home now. Much love warm safe place to live.  Foot healing but maybe a permanent limp.

Gonna be a big boy if he grows into those legs.


Do not be lazy and ignore reading this. Read it several times.
Do a copy/paste for personal copy.


Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 20, 2022


 ......with deer sausage.

The best homemade chili yet. Deer link sausage put this batch over the top.



2 examples

"In light of the federal government’s refusal to defend the southern border, Texas should immediately deploy the National Guard, Texas Military Forces, and necessary state law enforcement to seal the border, enforce immigration laws, and deport illegal aliens.

[ ] Yes

[ ] No[2]"

"Texans should not lose their jobs, nor should students be penalized,
 for declining a COVID-19 vaccine.

[ ] Yes

[ ] No[2]"

Early voting started last Monday. I found the 10 propositions being 

put to the voters very, easy to understand. No double speak 

or double negatives clouding the proposed proposition. 


February 23rd Convoy to DC

How will all of this play out?

Long Range Acoustic Device: HERE & here

If the use of a LRAD on the citizens of Canada was indeed used, then 

we are much closer to "game on." If the truckers want to they can shut

down Canada and the U.S., united, they can just park their trucks and 

stay home. It will not take long, week and a half, and all shelves will 

be empty. And all people want is to be left alone. 



90 Miles From Tyranny : Johns Hopkins U Confirms You Can Be 

Vaccinated with a PCR Swab Test Without Knowing.


Forrie J. Smith Down-to-earth kind of guy.


Found on American Digest    Shag Dance 2003


"Jack and John Lemon" trees finally planted. 

Lower branches are full of lemons budded out. The trees have 
been attacked by every parasite / bug and snacking deer in East Texas
for the past two years. They continue to survive. I so want a good 
crop of lemons.


I keep trying to improve on flavor. 

Four cups flour ( 1 all purpose, 1 wheat, 2 bread flour) 2 cups of 

water warmed to 109 F, 1.5 tsp salt and 1 packet of yeast. 

Let rise two hours. Made two loafs and let them rise another 1.5 hours. 

Floured top and slit an X on top with a sharp knife. 

Baked 25 minutes, mid-oven at 425F. Small Pyrex dish of water on 

the bottom rack with 1" of water for steam. 

The photo does not do justice to the quality of the bread as we both 

jumped in with a bread knife a minute after the loafs came out of

the oven. Hot bread out of the oven does not cut easily. But oh how

the butter melts.

A no no! Wait 10 minutes. Try!! Flavor, chew and crunch!!!

And yes, these loaves were much better homemade bread. Toast the 

next morning was heaven.


We are living history. Suppose that is always the case. But every day

now it appears that governments are ramping up against peaceful

demonstrations against government over-reach and that desire of elites 

to rule the common man into the dirt.

No longer a hidden agenda. No longer afraid to outwardly lie and use

force to mandate 100% compliance. No lack of the availability of our 

fellow law enforcement man to put us (their children, mothers, fathers, 

brothers, sisters, neighbors and good friends) on the ground with brute

 force. To arrest and lock us up, freeze our assets and those assets of 

our children and threaten the passerby with similar behavior/physical

 force. All of this with full 24 hours of blacked out journalistic support from 

the media. 

Every citizen the enemy and terrorist.

And if you and I still think we are exempt, then we are blowing smoke

where the sun don't shine.


Raconteur Report  The Jesus Nut

I first heard this term in Flight school, 1966, Ft. Wolters Texas. There 

is one nut holding the helicopter rotor system on the helicopter. It is 

called the Jesus Nut and it was part of our daily pre-flight inspection.

This term is often applied to a single point where complete failure of the

whole mechanism can happen. We made damn sure that the Jesus Nut

 was inspected by visual and touch. Touching was back up insurance

Raconteur applies this wonderfully to the Truckers being one of the Jesus

Nuts holding our society together.


Prepare based on what has happened in Canada. From The Organic 



80 YEARS AGO YESTERDAY A Day of Remembrance. 

"Eighty years ago, on February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive 

Order 9066, stripping people of Japanese descent of their civil rights."


AND FINALLY, will leave you with this read read. A good one.

SEVEN GREAT TRUTHS from Straight line Logic


I believe that "It" is coming and soon. 

Post 300 today. YMATA advice is the same X10.

Appreciate your visit. God Bless. Prepare. Protect.

Sunday, February 13, 2022




A trip east to a small nearby town to do a large load of blanket laundry also meant that we would stop and shop our favorite Mexican market. There we found a large box of lentils sold in bulk. Several large scoops double-bagged and brought home spawning my first batch of Lentil soup.

"Get out your soup pot 😊 from FoxHat

Sauté in 1/4 cup olive oil:
1 large onion, sliced, and 2 big carrots, diced.
Stir in 3 cloves garlic, minced, 2TB tomato paste, add 5 cups of water and 2 bay leaves. Simmer about 25 minutes. Then add 1/2 lb ( 1 1/4 cups) washed any color lentils or yellow split peas. I used red lentils. Add 1 15oz can diced tomatoes, 1 tsp salt, and pepper to taste. Simmer about 20 min more, depending what you used for lentils or peas. When lentils are done, add 4 cups baby spinach, 1/4 cup minced fresh dill, and juice of 1 lemon. Done! You can purée if you want smooth soup, but we like it with chunks.

Enjoy!! Gracie says Woof!"

First time in my life for cooking anything with lentils. Did some research and learned how healthy lentils are. Did not know; never paid attention.

They do add wonderful bulk to the soup. 

The Italian Grandmother and Spanish recipes will also be tried and tested. Good videos and fun to watch.


Six years to the day that YMATA has been up and running. Two hundred and ninety nine blogs posted. Started here.

Feel as though I should have some grand walk through of these past 6 years. That folks from all over the world have gone out of their way to visit and many visiting weekly is humbling. Technology! But the todays that are unfolding at the speed of sound have me numb. 

I never saw any of this coming. 

The After in my mind were days ahead in which we were all living in a downward spiral that was easy to see. The spiral that is. In this light, might it be best for all of us to start tucking a few beans, rice and Band-Aids aside for the times these everyday items become difficult to impossible to get. How The After was to play out in some form in the years ahead. A gut level feeling. 

Within all of these posts I was getting to write and share many things to include my love for photography. Share some family history.

This week we see the truckers' strike in Canada setting deep roots. They have the support of the Canadian people. The government is pushing back as expected. History is being written as you and I witness the deep set roots of human freedom being fought for.

A truckers' strike/run on Washington DC is now set for early March.  Already the winds of push back from our government are ramping up.  I fear many false flags and attacks on this convoy from the get-go. Might you and I put in another bag of beans, rice and Band Aids this week?

To push back against a tyrannical government like this is a 100% push and will impact every American.  To enter into this resistance at anything less than all or nothing is defeat before the wheels start to roll. 


A few minutes read and food for thought.


I told my wife that reading the above article was like trying to look through a brick wall for clarity and understanding. The very best I can come up with is the side-to-side head shake. Best leave it there as the rabbit hole beckons. 


Planting time 2022

Chives have wintered as normal. I up=potted and cleaned off some of the debris. Added a little food and set them to start their new season. I have help these days no matter what I am doing. 

A few onion sets planted, a few cabbages and potatoes very soon.

Both lemon trees will be planted by month's end. They have outgrown two pots and I am tired of moving them around. 

Temperatures in the 70s and the next day in the 30s and freezing overnight. The next day full sun, warming temperatures and the cycle continues through this month. 

Thanks again for the visit this week.

Sunday, February 6, 2022


East Texas hit hard this past week from winter storm Landon.


Built from several ideas ideas and old leftover lumber. Electric hand tools. Watched many videos on others who also built to fit/suit.  

The storage area under the lid is a good idea. BUT, I need to learn to get out all the basic tools before cluttering the work top with materials for any project X.

The drawer will be helpful but has not yet found that purpose. 

Still a work in progress but does allow the use of a small table saw now, the air-compressor on hand and assorted basic tools all in one location.

Storage area underneath.

Next is building a crosscut slide, installing a power strip to minimize plugging in/unplugging, then repairing a chair her has in the queue. 



Basic Artisan recipe but this time using bread flour and an egg wash. Best texture and flavor so far.  Another   I cut the recipes in half.



Leftover coffee from the morning "hotted" up, chocolate added whipping cream. More please!

Monday morning last was a morning without coffee and breakfast. Had fasting labs to get done. 

Did our long mile walk before leaving the house and struggled every step. Was grumpy to the point of her having to comment several times. 

Sitting in the hospital waiting to be called for blood work, it occurred to me that the only thing, on this particular morning, that was different, from all other mornings was the lack of several cups of coffee and no breakfast. As simple as that.

I headed to the cafeteria to get that first cup for both of us while her was waiting to be called. I sat down, mask off and started sipping. Felt guilty, but not that guilty. Little sips. 

Her was called and came out ready to go. I told her to sit down and take time to sip coffee with me. She did and like two small children dipping their hands into the cookie jar, we just sat, sipped, shared and smiled. 

Breakfast was next. Only one restaurant to choose from in the town we went to. Nice restaurant, but minimal menu; OK food. No choices though for building the breakfast each of us wanted. 

The breakfast served us as well as those first sips of coffee. We shared  and enjoyed the moment. 

We headed out with our batteries properly charged and I told her that her husband was back and apologized for being a cranky meathead that morning. She may have used a term other than meathead. 

We decided that next time we are in that little town, we will go to the hospital cafeteria buffet for coffee and breakfast. Many choices and costs less. 

Visiting hospital cafeteria's is not a bad eating out choice. Usually more parking and easy access. Try it!



Made it the way mom did. Always been one of my favorites, especially the way she made and served it. This try was 100% successful.

The upside is the butter and brown sugar in the middle. Like gravy on mashed potatoes, whipping cream on pie or milk with cookies.  

We have a Pyrex dish that worked perfect for this squash. 

Cut the squash in half and be careful not to hurt yourself in the halving process. Keep both hands above the knife the whole time. Make two/three smaller cuts if you have to. No rush.

Scrape out the middles. Set in your baking dish with 1" of water in the bottom of the dish. Place a large chunk of butter and two big tablespoons of brown sugar in the centers of each squash half. We use Splenda brown sugar and nothing is lost in the flavor.

Bake for an hour at 375F. I made a small foil tent and placed it over the top of the squash. I want to take advantage of some of the steam in the baking process. Check to see if there is still some water in the bottom of the baking dish half way through. .

Gently scrape the sides and bottom of the squash into the butter and brown sugar using a spoon. Take your time and do not puncture the sides or bottom of the squash or all the juice will run out of the squash and into the bowl. 



A CHICKEN POT PIE KINDA DAY (followed directions)

East Texas winter was a several day event. Low temps, lots of rain and mix. The lands are thirsty and the ponds low. It has been a long time here without significant rain.

House-bound by choice. Cooking always a way to pass time. Entertainment. 


This week's post has turned into a food post. Not a plan. Just weather/housebound happening and yadda yadda yadda.

Mid-week last the local grocery store was stocked to the brim. Yesterday the vegetable and fruit bins were empty. The chicken all but gone. Noticeable open spaces on the shelves. Not a potato chip in sight. 

Employee chit chat, "No trucks till next Tuesday." Something to the fact that even then, only a few pallets of goods. We'll see? 

Thanks again for the visit this week.