Saturday, February 26, 2022




A war begins and truckers on the move fourth week of February.  News stories all over the media, blogs and the net full of memes and tweets.

Bottom line,...hell, I do not know. But Putin vs biden&minions? 

Me thinks it is time to work the drawbridges a few times to make sure all is in working order! Mean dogs?


East Texas Ice

Closing in on two years in east Texas. Surprising how we have acclimatized to the weather. February is working, it's last days of some freezing weather. It is not New England weather, but a week or two of Texas winter is more than enough for us. 

Bring on the warmth, spring rain and t-shirt weather. 

"Your body language is awful"

Doctor's appointment inside the hospital meant putting on a mask. Necessary evil. 

The folks working there have to be masked up every day. They call out names through their masks and it is muffled. Barely audible to me. 

The gal had to get up out of her chair, stick her head out of the cubical to again say my name. I walked over, presented my cards, answered questions that had to be repeated to me. As I walked back to where my wife was sitting, she offered up her opinion on my body language. And I knew she was right. 

All of it stems from my being a little out of sorts at the mask wearing. I agreed and tried to improve my walk and attitude when I was called back to get my cards. I said a kindly thank you and no one saw my accompanying smile. 

I had no reason to be a pissy old man. None. My god, these folks live in this every day of their working life. They are professional and very helpful. 

Her also had to remind me to quit shaking my head side to side in the lack of understanding how easily man/woman can be brought to their knees. 

There was an hour wait for the doctor. That has not happened in years and years of doctors visits. So I/we sit there being good minions. Chit chat. 

Watched a puking boy walk in and sit a few seats away from us. Mom had provided him with a small bucket lined with a plastic bag. He held it close. Been there before but it has been decades.

My wife and I moved knowing that someone puking tends to make us both oozy. 

Doctor said I was good for another 20,000 miles before the next check up. That will get into year 77.

Mask comes off as soon as the outer door of the hospital opened. Free again. Damn near ran to the car like the dog would do leaving the vets office. Free again.


The bride turned 70 this past week. A big day. A good day. 

Time looks different for us. Each day a week and the myriad of little things are brighter. We have witnessed folks aging and like most all youngsters, have paid little attention. Living and life is so busy that days, weeks and years flash by. 

But now we are in the moments of later aging. Not as much time ahead and time is most precious. In that light, we find each day's a grand gift and work at enjoying the simplicity they offer. 

A good night's sleep, a nap, morning coffee, afternoon tea, a pot of soup on the simmer, another loaf of bread out of the oven and sharing. On any given day, simple moments. 

A birthday cherry pie with lattice top is our joint effort. And in keeping with this treat, my first slice was covered with whipping cream while hers was perfect as sliced. 

Two kittens have grown into cats. They travel in pairs and appear to have the surrounding property under control. They are killing critters and establishing their rule. They are outdoor cats, but love the close cuddle when it suits them. From time to time, they run to us complaining that something in the wind is array. They follow like dogs and must constantly jump, climb and crawl over, around and through our outdoor chores. 

Planting this season is basic.  Onions, potatoes, squash, cabbage, peppers, lettuce and herbs. Her is starting flowers and making plans for this and plans for that. I think yard color splashes will double this summer. Hopeful sunflowers will be sowed on a west rise that is bathed in morning sun.

The world turning is apart of what we are concerned about, too. The American dream is under attack from within. Freedom around the world is under full attack. History is repeating itself verbatim. 

"All of this has happened before and will happen again." (BSG)

Quite often, our readings and talking of all of this ends with a sigh. A sign that we must get on with the day. Moments of our lives.


Leaving here while enjoying a warm cup of tea.

God Bless All. Thank you for stopping by. Be ready for long days ahead.


  1. Tell the "Boss", Happy Belated Birthday :) please.

  2. Happy Birthday to Herself. Love the BSG reference; I find myself saying it a lot more lately...