Sunday, February 6, 2022


East Texas hit hard this past week from winter storm Landon.


Built from several ideas ideas and old leftover lumber. Electric hand tools. Watched many videos on others who also built to fit/suit.  

The storage area under the lid is a good idea. BUT, I need to learn to get out all the basic tools before cluttering the work top with materials for any project X.

The drawer will be helpful but has not yet found that purpose. 

Still a work in progress but does allow the use of a small table saw now, the air-compressor on hand and assorted basic tools all in one location.

Storage area underneath.

Next is building a crosscut slide, installing a power strip to minimize plugging in/unplugging, then repairing a chair her has in the queue. 



Basic Artisan recipe but this time using bread flour and an egg wash. Best texture and flavor so far.  Another   I cut the recipes in half.



Leftover coffee from the morning "hotted" up, chocolate added whipping cream. More please!

Monday morning last was a morning without coffee and breakfast. Had fasting labs to get done. 

Did our long mile walk before leaving the house and struggled every step. Was grumpy to the point of her having to comment several times. 

Sitting in the hospital waiting to be called for blood work, it occurred to me that the only thing, on this particular morning, that was different, from all other mornings was the lack of several cups of coffee and no breakfast. As simple as that.

I headed to the cafeteria to get that first cup for both of us while her was waiting to be called. I sat down, mask off and started sipping. Felt guilty, but not that guilty. Little sips. 

Her was called and came out ready to go. I told her to sit down and take time to sip coffee with me. She did and like two small children dipping their hands into the cookie jar, we just sat, sipped, shared and smiled. 

Breakfast was next. Only one restaurant to choose from in the town we went to. Nice restaurant, but minimal menu; OK food. No choices though for building the breakfast each of us wanted. 

The breakfast served us as well as those first sips of coffee. We shared  and enjoyed the moment. 

We headed out with our batteries properly charged and I told her that her husband was back and apologized for being a cranky meathead that morning. She may have used a term other than meathead. 

We decided that next time we are in that little town, we will go to the hospital cafeteria buffet for coffee and breakfast. Many choices and costs less. 

Visiting hospital cafeteria's is not a bad eating out choice. Usually more parking and easy access. Try it!



Made it the way mom did. Always been one of my favorites, especially the way she made and served it. This try was 100% successful.

The upside is the butter and brown sugar in the middle. Like gravy on mashed potatoes, whipping cream on pie or milk with cookies.  

We have a Pyrex dish that worked perfect for this squash. 

Cut the squash in half and be careful not to hurt yourself in the halving process. Keep both hands above the knife the whole time. Make two/three smaller cuts if you have to. No rush.

Scrape out the middles. Set in your baking dish with 1" of water in the bottom of the dish. Place a large chunk of butter and two big tablespoons of brown sugar in the centers of each squash half. We use Splenda brown sugar and nothing is lost in the flavor.

Bake for an hour at 375F. I made a small foil tent and placed it over the top of the squash. I want to take advantage of some of the steam in the baking process. Check to see if there is still some water in the bottom of the baking dish half way through. .

Gently scrape the sides and bottom of the squash into the butter and brown sugar using a spoon. Take your time and do not puncture the sides or bottom of the squash or all the juice will run out of the squash and into the bowl. 



A CHICKEN POT PIE KINDA DAY (followed directions)

East Texas winter was a several day event. Low temps, lots of rain and mix. The lands are thirsty and the ponds low. It has been a long time here without significant rain.

House-bound by choice. Cooking always a way to pass time. Entertainment. 


This week's post has turned into a food post. Not a plan. Just weather/housebound happening and yadda yadda yadda.

Mid-week last the local grocery store was stocked to the brim. Yesterday the vegetable and fruit bins were empty. The chicken all but gone. Noticeable open spaces on the shelves. Not a potato chip in sight. 

Employee chit chat, "No trucks till next Tuesday." Something to the fact that even then, only a few pallets of goods. We'll see? 

Thanks again for the visit this week. 


  1. Good morning. I've been reading your blog for some time, when I found it I went back and read many older posts. Love the life you're living and hope the best for you guys. I live in north Florida and am looking forward to retirement in the next few years and maybe relocating west, maybe UT, AZ, CO. We love it out there. Anyway, the reason for the comment is I wanted to try the artisan bread, it looks great but the link doesn't work. Could you possibly post the recipe or check the link. Much appreciation. Keep up the great blog. Carl. (I have no idea how to sign in here using my gmail account so I guess I'll be anonymous, sorry)

  2. My doctor doesn't require fasting for bloodwork any longer. From what I read, it isn't necessary, since non-fasting blood sugar levels can too show problems. That's a relief for me, since breakfast is the one meal that prevents me from staying under my bridge, and a danger to passing people.