Sunday, February 20, 2022


 ......with deer sausage.

The best homemade chili yet. Deer link sausage put this batch over the top.



2 examples

"In light of the federal government’s refusal to defend the southern border, Texas should immediately deploy the National Guard, Texas Military Forces, and necessary state law enforcement to seal the border, enforce immigration laws, and deport illegal aliens.

[ ] Yes

[ ] No[2]"

"Texans should not lose their jobs, nor should students be penalized,
 for declining a COVID-19 vaccine.

[ ] Yes

[ ] No[2]"

Early voting started last Monday. I found the 10 propositions being 

put to the voters very, easy to understand. No double speak 

or double negatives clouding the proposed proposition. 


February 23rd Convoy to DC

How will all of this play out?

Long Range Acoustic Device: HERE & here

If the use of a LRAD on the citizens of Canada was indeed used, then 

we are much closer to "game on." If the truckers want to they can shut

down Canada and the U.S., united, they can just park their trucks and 

stay home. It will not take long, week and a half, and all shelves will 

be empty. And all people want is to be left alone. 



90 Miles From Tyranny : Johns Hopkins U Confirms You Can Be 

Vaccinated with a PCR Swab Test Without Knowing.


Forrie J. Smith Down-to-earth kind of guy.


Found on American Digest    Shag Dance 2003


"Jack and John Lemon" trees finally planted. 

Lower branches are full of lemons budded out. The trees have 
been attacked by every parasite / bug and snacking deer in East Texas
for the past two years. They continue to survive. I so want a good 
crop of lemons.


I keep trying to improve on flavor. 

Four cups flour ( 1 all purpose, 1 wheat, 2 bread flour) 2 cups of 

water warmed to 109 F, 1.5 tsp salt and 1 packet of yeast. 

Let rise two hours. Made two loafs and let them rise another 1.5 hours. 

Floured top and slit an X on top with a sharp knife. 

Baked 25 minutes, mid-oven at 425F. Small Pyrex dish of water on 

the bottom rack with 1" of water for steam. 

The photo does not do justice to the quality of the bread as we both 

jumped in with a bread knife a minute after the loafs came out of

the oven. Hot bread out of the oven does not cut easily. But oh how

the butter melts.

A no no! Wait 10 minutes. Try!! Flavor, chew and crunch!!!

And yes, these loaves were much better homemade bread. Toast the 

next morning was heaven.


We are living history. Suppose that is always the case. But every day

now it appears that governments are ramping up against peaceful

demonstrations against government over-reach and that desire of elites 

to rule the common man into the dirt.

No longer a hidden agenda. No longer afraid to outwardly lie and use

force to mandate 100% compliance. No lack of the availability of our 

fellow law enforcement man to put us (their children, mothers, fathers, 

brothers, sisters, neighbors and good friends) on the ground with brute

 force. To arrest and lock us up, freeze our assets and those assets of 

our children and threaten the passerby with similar behavior/physical

 force. All of this with full 24 hours of blacked out journalistic support from 

the media. 

Every citizen the enemy and terrorist.

And if you and I still think we are exempt, then we are blowing smoke

where the sun don't shine.


Raconteur Report  The Jesus Nut

I first heard this term in Flight school, 1966, Ft. Wolters Texas. There 

is one nut holding the helicopter rotor system on the helicopter. It is 

called the Jesus Nut and it was part of our daily pre-flight inspection.

This term is often applied to a single point where complete failure of the

whole mechanism can happen. We made damn sure that the Jesus Nut

 was inspected by visual and touch. Touching was back up insurance

Raconteur applies this wonderfully to the Truckers being one of the Jesus

Nuts holding our society together.


Prepare based on what has happened in Canada. From The Organic 



80 YEARS AGO YESTERDAY A Day of Remembrance. 

"Eighty years ago, on February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive 

Order 9066, stripping people of Japanese descent of their civil rights."


AND FINALLY, will leave you with this read read. A good one.

SEVEN GREAT TRUTHS from Straight line Logic


I believe that "It" is coming and soon. 

Post 300 today. YMATA advice is the same X10.

Appreciate your visit. God Bless. Prepare. Protect.

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