Sunday, February 27, 2022


I know you are tired of seeing bread here, BUT...

2 cups flour, water, salt, yeast. A skill set. Comfort food, filling and always fill-in-meal gaps. 

Things are about to get super difficult for Americans and others around the world in terms of rising food prices, fuel shortages and prices, supply chain breakdown etc. Get prepared now while you still can. We are on a roll now – this is going to be bumpy!"

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The Organic Prepper. What is all of this going to mean to you?



Bottom line.....

You and I/we have control over our own lives today.  Stock up!!

This mindset is a must to act on and continue to act on. 

Taking a few step back. How many folks are going to need help and if they come knocking on your door hungry, exhausted and in fear, can you help and for how long?

Are you teaching each other and your children how to cook basics. From opening a can of soup to simple, safe meals to prepare? Why not?

My worries and life lessons come from the stories told of my parents and grandparents going through the depression. Personal health and food on the table job 1. "If you have your health, you have everything." (mom and dad)

Forget the world this week. Focus on your stores and shoring up what it will take for you and yours to take care of each other long term. 

Practice cooking skill sets. Learn. 

There is not a question that the internet cannot answer in the prepping world. Keep it simple, basic, affordable and multi functional for meals.

It is going to be more difficult if you live inside a big city. If you are seeing empty shelves now, get out of town to smaller towns, cities and stores.  Work a plan.

If you live away from the bigger towns, do the same. Dollar stores appear to be stocked with full boxes filling the aisles. Keep looking, keep shopping. 

If you can feed yourselves for a year, then you can use that year as it progresses to continue to work your surviving plan. Again, you will be called upon to help others. 

How far can you push this can of soup to feed 4 for one meal today?

Think of this as a challenge. You will never forget doing this.

Too far today? Over the top? Maybe.  November 2022? Maybe not.

Regardless. New thinking, planning and worrying will help us all be better prepared.

(not pushing or compensated by Progresso soups--happened to be the one I pulled off a shelf) 


Can go on and on. But things to do. 

March, daylight savings and a whole new world working its magic on us this coming month. 

Thanks for the visit. 


  1. Can't recall the website but the term "Social Master Caution" was invoked. Watch your lane and your neighbors.

  2. I've thought about this a little and I'm thinking a can of soup,can of chicken some rice(a lot of rice) little seasoning would feed a lot more than 4 if starving. I never served in Viet Nam but the NVA/VC got by with rice balls.I always like stopping by, Al