Thursday, March 3, 2022



They could have posed properly.

Saw the deer out of the corner of my eye early Sunday morning. First thought, photo worthy. 

I walked into the house told her to look out the kitchen window and she began whisper. l had not spooked them going into the house. Thought I had time.

Picked up the camera out of the bedroom, removed the mono pole near the couch and turned the couch corner and headed out to take some pics. 

My left foot caught the end of the 2x12x8 air drying on the floor next to the back of the couch. It is going to become the fireplace mantel. 

My right hand flew forward throwing the TX-2 camera onto the kitchen table and then onto the cement floor. Actually had time to realize that high value loss. Even thought that ok because I had bigger issues ahead of me at the forward leaning of 45 degrees.

"Feet don't fail me now," but it was too late. The only foot running was the right one as the left was flying in trail behind. Surprisingly, one foot running is a real thing.

I had time to plan the last part of the fall and that being landing on my right side instead of face planting. 

The muscle part of my right hip hit first, then my right wrist and then the muscle part of my right arm/shoulder. I did skid a few inches before coming to a stop. 

At this point my wife was running towards me for unconditional caring and support. 

My mind body does a system check. Yellow warning lights flashing, but no red failure lights. Good so far. I ran another scan.

"Old man on the ground." Whoop whoop whoop. 

I could hear a sound system repeating itself. I no longer bounce back up dusting myself off in the process like I could when I was 60. 

I remembered breaking my collar bone in a before life motorcycle accident and my best friend calling me a pussy as I winced all the way to the hospital. Why in the hell would my mind go there?

My wife was under the assumption that offering me an arm to raise and lift me was a solution. A wonderful gesture and kindness, but old man on the ground needed a chair/stool around which to pry, pivot and self raise. Some rolling, kneeling and 4 point lifting and I was up again. Legs worked, hip worked, arm worked as did the shoulder. 

Her was in full blown end of the world OMG OMG. Every ounce of her love was in her out stretched hands to be used up all at once if I needed it.  I even got a hug, a kiss and love tap on the shoulders. That was good. 

She added, "Don't do that again." 

I picked up the camera knowing it was forever gone. Getting ready for the heart break. Sadness. The good times we had known. Apologies for throwing it 8' across the kitchen. "I am so sorry."

Turned the switch on and the screen on the back lit up. Part of the mono pole plate was broken and laying on the floor. But the initial inspection indicated that the camera just might be ok. 

I walked out onto the patio deck and started taking photos of the deer.  Aperture/auto focus working. Shutter speed/zoom too. 

One of my greatest fears these days is a fall. Quite often, old folk do not come back from bad falls. These events seem to start that clocking ticking a little faster towards "they are going to host a celebration of life gathering for him at 4PM tomorrow."

It appears that, as of this writing, the camera and I have both survived.

The boards have been removed from the floor and the fireplace mantel will be finished at days end as of this posting. 

But I still fear that serious old man fall. 



Not sure how to enhance this photo to make it look as great as it tastes. 

Gifted to us a few weeks ago. Three pieces here for breakfast as a test. Her said she would try a slice but pre-determined that she would not like it. 

To both of our delight, this is some of the best link sausage, bar none. If I was to give this a rating, I would fill my freezer with as much as I could buy. I know the butcher who made this and his shop is on my visit list this week. 

I do not think he can sell OTC. But in this case, can and does make sausage out of deer meat for the individual hunter/friends. 

If I was verbose and had the knack of writing flavor, I would do it here to up-grade the photo. Suffice it to say that my pallet enjoyed the texture, the flavors and the slight spice heat. I ate with yellow mustard as an add on. 

The mixture of deer meat with pork/other animal and spices is spot on.   

I have to share now with her. It is the right thing to do. But I might have tried, "you will not like this at all, but I am going to eat it because we have it." Something to that affect to reinforce her initial conclusion of not going to like it. Too late now.

A few rounds of these with onions and peppers will be for lunch soon.


Add this to your reads this week from The Burning Platform. 

Potatoes to plant, Mead to make. 

Thank you for the visit. 

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