Sunday, March 20, 2022




Ford Dependable 

Heading West

Daily Driver

The Oxbow tavern once made the biggest and best hamburgers in the Pacific Northwest. Located on one of the most traveled roads of log trucks and tourists. 

Runs as strong as the day it was new.

New family home.

A perfect day.

AIRSPEED crossing from Miami to The Bahamas this past week. 

STILL GOOD AS THE DAY CANNED. Became beef stew last week.

COWS COME TO VISIT. Actually, they thought that they were going to get fed. Instead a neighbor and I were throwing lures for early spring Crappie (pronounced cropE) in nearby pools. No bites but my casting was excellent and I was content with that. 

I was told that the water needs to warm up a bit more. Apparently. the fish are quite large from these pools we fished last week. 


"From sock_rat_eez:
What are your thoughts on the whole search - engine thing ?

Do you have a preference ? Which one do you use ?
I use DuckDuckGo, and it's mostly okay. Learning how to use the custom search extensions helps (enter ! and one or more letters at the end of your search query and it will use a different search index - and there are thousands supported)."

I learned something new this morning and it works great. Try it!! Really opens up this search engine.


JOHN ADAMS, mini-series on HBO 2008.

Her and I first watched this series living in a George Bush (43) world. Her is a big fan of history, well-read and knowledge of these times past. I drug my feet then to watch, but much enjoyed the series. Historical prospective, good acting, and true to history. 

Now, 76 and living in a completely different world and America, watching this series again this past week causes me to suggest this to you.

If you have not seen this mini-series or it has been years since you watched it like us, I recommend you and the family sit down for a heart warming/heartbreaking experience. More importantly, a reminder from where and how this great nation started. Some of the dialogue is directly from historical writings of John Hancock and others of those days. 

These times should be a permanent cornerstone in the hearts of all Americans.


East Texas weather has blown through everything but snow this past week. T-shirt/shorts to triple-layer clothing and chilled to the bone. A few wonderful afternoons sitting on the patio talking of life and living with my wife and best friend. A glass of red wine.

Speaking of wine. We brought home some wonderful wine in 2007 from South Africa. Since then we have been saving it. Saving it  for what?

Best get to enjoying it now.  

Thank you for the visit and have a blessed week.

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