Sunday, February 25, 2018


A school shooting solution. 

Israeli teachers from Bing Images

Children appear to be well-mannered, safe and OK. Teachers seem happy. No one hating on each other. How can this be? Notice teachers are also on watch, not just carrying. Little things. I have no doubt that these gals could/would turn deadly offensive as any moment would demand in the protection of school children. No doubt.

I listened to the audio while channel-surfing yesterday and some fellow was expounding on the non-virtues of arming teachers. He was very uncomfortable with trusting teachers with guns in schools. Proof that naysayers know nothing about the world and people of guns. 

Today, we continue to group kids in a corner of a classroom while evil is free to roam. Notice the gals above are not heads down in a PDA.


I am late posting (2 weeks) and have run the gauntlet of the occurrences of these past days. Acts of senseless violence on school children with many doses of a civilization gone.  

I have written and written this past days. Same old 2nd Amendment stuff. Same old arguments that it is not the gun.  

Same agendas from the Left. Same hate. Same yelling and screaming; "Do Something and Act Now." So many people standing on the bodies of these children and grieving community. How sad we are. Now the adults are pushing these/their kids to push gun control agenda. A sad face, a teary eye and lots of hugging. Adults bussing their children to lay down in protest on the backs of this national tragedy. How sad we are.

Our National Anthem sung in horrible disrespect and accepted. A single student can complain that the National Anthem is racist and the adults comply. Maybe the NFL can man up and take another knee. Solidarity and all of that.

New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles have a very serious problem with homeless, drug use and feces in the streets.  Watch this and health problems arising from this squalor. It is going to get worse. Citizens are voting with their feet as the only course of action left in their own best interests, safety and futures.

I visited with a good friend of mine a few days ago and he said an old friend of his recently drove over to visit him. His friend was happy and giddy saying he found "something better." Heroin. My friend noticed the passenger in his friends car with head hanging down and noticeable hypersalvation. They shook hands and said their good byes.  Broken people? 

The push to legalize drugs is working well across this nation.  


Milo Yiannopoulos

Regardless of your take on this young man, listening to him here for a few minutes will give you a good window why universities do now want him on their campuses speaking to young people. It is not because he is gay!!

"Boston Dynamics "bot" will not go quietly."

We are not very far away from these little guys being in our lives. 

"Testing does not irritate or harm" the robot. Some one is going to feel sorry for these AI creatures and make damn sure they have all the rights afforded you and me. 

Deputy took a position outside for four minutes while the shooting was in progress. 

If ever there was a school shooting and mass murder where all the signs were ignored by law enforcement/local/national authorities and now adding this school officer's actions/non actions, cements our failure/serious desire as a nation to protect our children. Now appears that four deputies stayed outside while the shooting was taking place.

Compare their behavior to the unarmed coach who stood in front of his students and gave his life in their protection. 


Wrapping Up

The Broward County story has developed over the past week and a half beyond wildest imagination. I sure did not see this developing the way it has. Bad enough the threat of school safety from evil, but when evil, corruption  cowardice are also inside the schools and law enforcement, we are in serious trouble. 

Lets not ever forget the people who stepped in to save students and students saving students. 

God Bless the people of Broward County.


You are your own first responder.  Stay vigilante.  

Thank you for your visit.   

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Herman, loving the snow!

I enjoy opening posts with a current photo of life living here in New England. I have photographed most every inch of the home at some point and this rainy morning, I cannot even fake a good blog photo. I visited with son on our HAM channel this morning and asked if he could help with one of his photos around which I could build the blog opening. He sent several and Herman gets top billing this week. 

I have tossed much of what I have written earlier to the point that Herman gets to open here. He has done his job and set me to work this Sunday morning. "He's a good boy."


I found this clip surfing YouTube and I have always enjoyed listening to
him. I like his take on the times we live in and he does push my buttons to view life from different vantage points. He hits the nail on the head a few times as it relates to times of our lives today. Too bad he has passed. Enjoy.


Here is a great example of we the people and the folks we elect to govern us. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

I want to quickly go down the rabbit hole on all of this but will refrain. It would just be ranting.


Proves the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. 


I watched this story on NOVA “The Impossible Flight” this past week.

There is some push on down playing fossil-fuels and up-playing all of this for the good of solar power and climate change. If they were to true to themselves, they would have acknowledged their carbon foot print in their historic achievement. Fossil fuels made possible Solar Impulse. Twenty years from now, solar power may very well be able to do this. But not today!

I will tell you that there were moments in this program that set my eyes to watering. Came on during some of the grandeur and greatness of watching this airplane in flight. A wonderful marriage of technology, men, women and team work. 
I have lived long enough now to have seen a few firsts in aviation. We are indeed a special species capable of greatness beyond our wildest imaginations. While the world wades in corruption, talk of war, greed and social injustices, men and women still risk their lives to push boundaries for the good of all. 

Show this to your children and grandchildren and teach them how great we really are and that they too can do these kinds of things.

Let no one tell them "no, they cannot or no, we are not a great people and world." No One!!!



February 6, 2018

Are any youngsters around the world excited again about space adventure and wanting some part of it? Or has the school systems killed all of that kind of mindplay and thinking? I am hopeful that a few youngsters are running through their kitchens with a toy car in hand overhead, flying in space and making whooshing noises as they move from room to room.

“Tex Johnson” is alive and well and his human spirit lives on. He was just selling airplanes.

My hat off to Elon Musk for showing the world what man can do if he puts his mind to it. 

I said to my wife this past week, during one of our daily moments of digesting a crazy world moment, "and Elon Musk put a Tesla in space." I repeated it. Then again. 

She said that she "got it." That in all the worldly muck there are still men and women who are opening new doors for the human race. I wonder how few people even realize any of this anymore. 

And if that is not worthy of picking our heads up off the ground or out of of cell phones, this ought go give you goose bumps on human capabilities. 

Watch near the end of the video the two boosters returning and landing.


This past week I have settled with being in awe of human kind. 

God Bless, keep your heads up and hearts open. Thanks for the visit. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Burning wood during the winter comes with the collection of the dregs of wood pieces, splinter pieces and general wood rubble. Son decided to clean out his wood box and wood shed of said rubble and a couple pallets. A snowy night bonfire seemed good entertainment. 

A hot, quick fire lit up his back yard and in the process, he took another excellent photo that I would kill for in the planning and taking. He seems to come to these easily and often and is able to capture not just a picture, but a life photograph.

His fiancee and their dog lit by the night fire is more than worthy for starting out this weeks blog.

The dog's name is Herman and is a red Golden. Most folks we know cannot help being pulled into this breed. Something about a Golden Retriever that says come wrap your arms around me, hug me, love me and give me a cookie. Herman is the quintessential Golden with eyes that will melt your heart and his bark at the door for strangers will make them back up several steps. When I go to visit, he barks several times and then turns into a bowl of shaking and wagging jelly as he physically checks out both of my hands. If they are empty, he sits down in front of me oozing happy anticipation. We have each other well-trained to both know one or two dog treats are always ready when I visit. I love his dog.



A lyric from the song My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit.

Quite often in these later years when I discover something, I like sharing. What I have learned is how late I am now to most all games now. Folks already know, have known and it is history to them. To me though, it is a new discovery. “I like it.”

I have not found much music these days that gets me where I like being got when a tune plays or voice and instruments start to sound.

I have no patience for much music on radio or on TV anymore. I have enjoyed a few of the “new singing star” series and every once in awhile, a worth listening to singing voice/song. This last year I did not even bother to record any of these series because I could not wade through all of the associated old singer antics or interactions. No patience. No new talent.

I came across the group First Aid Kit in the YouTube video; Weightless by Jean Baptiste Chandelier awhile ago. What a marriage of video and music. Totally absorbed for nearly 6 minutes. Enjoy.


SS Thermos vs Stanley vs Plastic Thermos vs Yeti

I did a test of the above 4 bottles. I wanted to find out how well they performed holding hot beverages in a challenging environment. Bottles were all warmed with hot tap water for five minutes, emptied, re-filled, sealed and set on the wooden steps of our non-insulated garage (30 degrees F) for five hours. The short version of my findings is the SS Thermos jug failed. The Stanley won with just a 15 degree loss of temperature followed second by the Plastic Thermos with a 20 degree loss of temperature. The Yeti failed.

Exposed stainless steel to the cold of winter for 5 hours must transfer that extreme cold to the contents. If I was to make a judgment on purchasing a new bottle for keeping my coffee warm while I was out sporting or working in winter conditions, I would purchase the Stanley, hands down.

The blue plastic thermos must have been designed by the very folks who use bottles for hot/cold beverages in their work/outdoors living. It comes with two cups and a carafe type top that allows controlled pouring of the beverage. No slopping or over-spilling. The two cups are indicative of sharing and part of the design. It also has a closed small cap built into the “cork” top that will hold a dry sweetener or creamer. If one is going to go through the work of putting together an on the road or off to work hot beverage container, why not maximize the design?

This was a hard environment test of these bottles. I will not rule out the two that failed and further test in more friendly environments.


As of 11:30 Monday night, the markets are dropping and the VIX is rising, and both are accelerating.”

I have been watching the VIX for the past several years. Takes just a second or two to check the number. The number has always been around 10 (+-) over the past year. It is a measurement of market volatility and may be used/judged to predict market trends.


Caught on camera with play-by-play announcer. 

Did you laugh?


Could not land on any P&M this week. Not there is not enough to find fault with and add to the pots of the unhappy. Just could not sum up the energy to further any comment. 

Big game tonight. Starts at 6:30 PM here on the east coast and kills any party or gathering for us. Besides the wife is dead set in her discontent for all things Patriots. She will acknowledge with quiet voice that Brady has skills, but if you do not hear it the first time, she will not repeat it. Beyond that, the Super Bowl lacks. The only emotion I can summons is a numbness at all inside of the NFL circle. 

I will tune in to listen to Pink sing the National Anthem. I will give her the opportunity to do it right. I am hopeful. 

NO, I will not be watching the half time show. I like Justin, but not like I like Lady Ga Ga from last year. That was a show. 

I am not hopeful of great commercials. Use to be worth the wait. But like most things NFL and kneeling, I am all but gone from this national past time. History and habit will have me glancing at the game tonight. Just one Bud Lite with puppies or Clydesdale's could change this for me though. 

A Super Bowl snack that wife is making today.

A small tube of Jimmy Dean hot sausage fried and drained. 
Add a can of Ro*tel original diced tomatoes and green chilies
Add one 8 oz of creme cheese. 

Mix well in the (off) hot frying pan from the sausage. Stir, fold and mix.
Serve immediately in the frying pan. Party goers have got to come to this, not this to them on the couch. 

Fill favorite chip and eat. Say it with me: "yummmmmmmmmmmm" 

If you are a fan of "hotter", than use a hotter version of the Ro*tel.

This can re-warmed, but not hot-heated. Whew!

A product of Thailand

I am guessing that folks who frequent the dollar stores may be grouped for general comment. Social status, financial status and maybe lesser than. So be it; add us. 

We stop often for the little things and to see what is on the shelves. The wife finds do-dads for finger nails, cheep throw away easily lost reading glasses and so forth. We also find from time to time good deals on canned fruit. I have mentioned this before. It is hit and miss and also a matter of like/dislike going in. 

We have found best ever canned peaches from South Africa and just this past week Apricots from Chili and Mango Slices from Thailand. Apricots are good, but lack only for our take on any Apricots; not the quality of the canned product. 

The Mango Slices are to die for. We get four servings @.25 each per can. The broth in the can has got to be something for a mixologist to try a shot of this or a shot of that in. Right now I get it all. 


The weatherman has forecast every kind of weather possible today along with fatherly comments on driving. Thus I have an immediate date with the tractor for the next hour; recent snow removal; fill wood box and best "I keep on keeping on."

Thanks for the visit and have a wonderful week.