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One of my favorite snacks is Triscuits. Salty; have crunch; I like the flavor and can share with the dog, who is always by my side when I am snacking. I can no longer grab the bag that the Triscuits come in and pull open the top. Strength and pissy attitude contribute. Scissors now for opening the tops of most such bags. Wrap with a rubber band, or temporarily crumple the top when storing. Problem solved. 

Wife laughed this morning when she opened the refrigerator door. There next to the milk was my box of Triscuits. I had neatly stored the box next to the milk and cream last night. Triscuits belong in the cabinet, next to the peanut butter, in the hallway and have always lived there. So where was my mind last night as I stored the Triscuits in the refrigerator? I have no memory of doing that. I cannot blame the dog because she cannot reach that high. It was me. 

What ever was going on, it is obvious that my mind was somewhere else. Is this the real reason why I cannot find things?  "Honey, have you seen the Dodge truck?"

Erector Set

The erector set crane was fun and much more detailed that I imagined. I bet I had no more than a dozen pieces left over in the kit and the same in assorted nuts and bolts. Conflicted weather to dismantle or leave on the desk. It is a piece of mechanical art, that works, and I will enjoy this for awhile.  I did get this out of my system for now.
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Hermon and Spooky. Not a Care in The World

Just woke up and found my son's cat, Spooky, is now famous. She made The Pet Morons on Ace of Spades. Thanks Ace!!

 Hermon's Snow Angel


I found Green Peace live streaming the hanging of their RESIST banner in Washington, DC. this past Wednesday morning. I happened on live streaming with my new notebook. I have recently picked up blue tooth head set so I can be all alone with sound and not disturb the goings on around the house. 

After a few minutes I figured that the folks hanging 275' in the air from rigging, probably knew what they were doing and had even practiced this protest. As the banner dropped, I noticed it acted just like a sail in the wind. The two anchor men hanging on either side near the bottom of the banner, held on to ropes as the banner waved in the breeze. 

It occurred to me that they were but a breath away from a natural disaster, had the wind picked up. Anyone who has sailed and raced, has seen the wind take charge, especially from the inexperienced sailor. Always entertaining and worthy of watching, if for nothing else than a learning opportunity.  

In all of their planning, they failed to design air holes for the wind to pass through. The banner would have presented much better and they would have had better control and warnings, should the wind decide to get fluky. The wind could have easily wrapped the crane frame work causing a protest opportunity to turn to an emergency. Lucky for them. 


  • the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. (BING.Com Search)

Son is again ahead of my by years on all of this. He brought the parts and pieces home and is excited to show me how it all works. He said my first experience will be a trip on (or as) a wing walker on an airplane. He said something about standing me up against a wall and holding onto me. I would prefer my first VR wing walk be sitting on the couch.

I told him that I wanted the full experience of getting ready to fly a mission in an A-10, Warthog. I want the mission experience, winding through mountain passes, diving on and doing a rolling exit off the target. Maybe a little dark humor with the FAC, that cannot be shared in public. Some minutes of this on my first VR ride please.

Or, to be at the helm of a 38' sloop, heading out of the harbor or inlet into the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Steady wind out of the west, some chop and an experienced crew.  Genoa set along with full release of roller furling head sail. As we gain the straits, the wind picks us up on a port tack. We lay over, adjusting sails till the rails awash. The sound and visuals from the helm please.

We'll see?



I often refer to folks, who work a totality of life, pushing the chain. Against the grain of common sense and working backwards in all of their rhetoric and energy to restore the obvious, that chain pushing is a real order of the world. Try as anyone could, be it instruction, discussion, disagreement or trial and error, the chain pusher is forever lost in the concept, physical process and self mandate to impose this on a world order

The more one tries to convince, through every avenue possible, that moving chain by pushing, is a lost cause and can also be proven historically, time and time again. Eventually the chain pusher resorts to personally degrading the chain puller or hanger, that he/she is the crazy one. The pusher will resort to threats, personal attacks, destruction of property and violence to get the process front and center as the only option. Chain pushers do believe deep in their heats that pushing a chain is the bright light of our futures.  They are the leaders and pullers of large crowds yet push pushing. 

They also believe and sell us the fact that the sky is plaid. I have mentioned this before. Any thinking person can go outside on any given day or night and see for themselves that the sky is not plaid. But God forbid they mention their observation in public, or even whisper it to a stranger.  

What is troubling is that folk can observe the futility of working a plaid sky or chain pushing program. Some youngsters are coming out of our schooling system, vetted in chain pushing.  Troubling though it is; well hell, I just do not know the answer here. Troubling will suffice for now.

The photo above is my very best effort, this winter, in chain pushing. I fail every time and am frustrated.  I have given this my best shot and for the life of me cannot get it. 

What is entertaining now is the new leader of the free world is pulling chains down the main streets and back roads of America. Four; eight; twelve to sixteen possible years of chain pulling ahead of us. To add insult to injury, a woman stands arm in arm with this country.  Theresa May doubles down

Do not be surprised as the pushers throw everything they can and decry from their pulpits their hate at the dragging and hanging chains across this land. 


Nothing to worry about here!


Be nice; keep knees bent, walk close to the buildings, stay away from crowds and alert heads up this week.   


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