Sunday, March 5, 2017


Already thrown away three days of writing and this morning quantified all as babble. I think any one who dabbles in writing must at times realize that some of what he/she thinks is good or ok during the writing, is really no more than blather. Select All; Delete.

Cord and half of wood left. About right for remaining winter season.

March happened. Yesterday was February, snow and wind storms gone and this past week projects have surfaced just for the looking. Daylight savings next weekend and soon bugs returning. Buzzing, breeding and pissing folks off. Over night they will arrive and stay through out spring and summer. The fracking tics are something we watch for. Shorter hair cut last Friday so wife can preen easier after a day working chores outside. We are experts now at removing the little buggers and better protecting ourselves when outside. Black flies are the worst, but their time comes and goes early and fairly quickly. Her swells up noticeably from black fly bites. 

Today I can see the forest for the trees. A hundred yards into the woods, floor covered with patches of snow. Any movement within the view is easily noticed. A moose from time to time sounds like a D8-Cat moving through the land and often leaving a similar path. But in months ahead I will again mention that the forest can no longer be seen for the explosion of the greening trees. Movement in the woods then is well concealed.  

Last seasonal pot of Beef Rib Soup on early this morning. Ok recipe here. The soup I make is Italian as I learned it. The video shows the par boiling of the ribs. Do that. From there I only add onion, garlic, small can of tomato sauce & some tomato paste, celery stalks and carrots whole. Maybe 4 each depending on size of soup and quantity of ribs.

Simmer all day checking on it a few times. The removal of the cooled fat is a good idea. Helps a lot with the flavor. Even cooling for a few hours and removing fat from the top works. This is soup and ribs for tonight though. Remove cooked veggies and meat prior to serving. Add a small handful of Orzo noodles for soup as the first course.  A little salt and sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.   The meat and veggies are the second course. Salt and pepper as always to taste. I have always viewed this soup as a farm or crew meal. Bread or hot rolls out of the oven and a large salad to compliment. Rich hearty taste of home cooking.

Morning view of bird feeder(s). All God's creatures here must visit during the day both from the air and ground. My first outings in the morning start the look outs chirping at me to get with the feeding program and to their world that "he's up." Bought two loafs of old bread for a dollar, for the creatures. The bear will be out soon and his coming will be witnessed by all bird feeders slapped to the ground. The worm is turning. 

Cat, although still winter chunky, is eating like a horse. She zips out of the garage daily now to chase. Bunked up for several months in her warm cat house has too run its course. The dog seems bewildered at the lack of snow. 


I ran across the above article in my blog readings this past week and again opened the door with her that we most likely will never fly again. We both have loved the flying that was a part of both of our histories. She flew in a lot of planes with her father and can match me story for story. Everything associated with a large airport was always a treat for both of us. But the change and loss of freedoms ring loudly these days. Simple living in the hills of New England now with family and friends serves a quieter life style. The right place at the right time of our lives.


Image from Ace of Spades

Wife of fallen Navy Seal, Carryn Owens, receives a two minute standing tribute at President Trump's State of The Union Address. 

From the hearts of the people of our nation, a fallen soldier is recognized, respected and his widow recognized. And there are the puppy haters who mock this widow.

God it has been so long in my memory, that from the leader's of our country, to once again stand in open respect for all to see, the sacrifices of those men, women and families put in harms way for this country. I wish I could find all the right words to express just what this one man writing here feels and thinks. There but for the grace of God, for each and everyone of us. God Bless!

Follow up to last weeks post.

My shooting errors for all to see. Excuses I have many. This past Friday, family genetic hand tremors a little more noticeable. Tendency to always pull my shots low and left.

Honestly, I am happy with the groupings. Still pulling low shots, but centering was consistent. Second time out with the Walther PK 380 and shooting Winchester 95g FMJ RFP (rounded flat point). The pistol had no problems with this ammo and I think I am going to stay with this brand and bullet type for secondary personal protection and target practice. 

Trigger pull improved most likely due to more rounds through the pistol. The gun is a keeper and will be one we shoot every time we are out plinking with friends. Both her and I will work on improved shooting accuracy with this pistol.

Would I buy this pistol again? Yes

Give it a look if it fits your curiosity. Do your home work as always and play safe. 

For followers, run big this week.
Might we all run big this year.
 This video is ok to watch all the way through.

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