Thursday, December 31, 2020



One thing you and I have in common this weekend is that we are entering a new year. The good old days and holidays are behind us. My attention is on today and tomorrow. 

We are entering into a year of unknowns. Open season on good vs. evil. 

The lemon tree above was found in a row of other plants at one of our local road side nurseries this past summer. It was knocked down, still bearing fruit and the dirt in which it was living was dry and pulling away for the inner walls of its small pot.

The attendant propped up the tree at my request and the fruit wobbled on the small branches. I was amazed at how this little tree was producing fruit under what I perceived as serious neglect. The other lemon tree next to it was standing, had a couple fruits and also attempting a good life in poor dirt. Twenty bucks a piece.

They have lived here now for a few months. Repotted, well watered and fed. But they have some kind of blight that I addressed this last week. 

Folks in the know have said it looks like reaction to chemical spray; bugs and blight. I am applying a user friendly spray and a dusting agent. The turning in of the leaves from chemical spray is most likely drifting spray carried by the winds from other places. Bugs and blight are just that. 

Go ahead and start purposely growing a garden or flowers. You will soon learn that what you plant will be in your care. Will need your time, effort and work. Each day will pay dividends directly associated with your efforts. 

Got close neighbors? Start a community garden. I bet they will be open to the idea and work with you.

One morning last week I noticed that one flower had bloomed from new wintering buds. Lemon trees do not do well in cold weather so I have been fathering them in and out of the shop each day. Their nights are spent under a warming light. Not the best environment, but better than the over night lows of late. And the little flower is a hint of things to come. A survivor. A leader. 

I have taken this little event to heart. A lesson. It most likely is no more than any other plant that endures. All living have to struggle somewhat against down times to keep doing what living is suppose to be doing. 

This lemon tree is setting to produce fruit this year. Has a job to do. Would appreciate a much better environment for sure and that is on the way. A perfect home for lemon trees and other assorted garden vegetable's and flowers. 

We will build it and in the meantime they will have to do the best they can under Texas winter circumstances. They will be loved and attended to each day until their new home is secured. 

That new home starts this week. A greenhouse for us. To practice and learn small gardening in east Texas. The perimeter electric fence will be staked out. A greenhouse design and possibly a kit chosen no later than months end. A structure up by the end of February/beginning of March. Landscaping along the way. 

Life, living, growing, surviving and producing will happen this coming year.  If any of us become the lemon tree, hang on and for God's sake never quit , give up or give in. We all have fruit to bear. Good fruit! And should you find a lemon tree, fallen on the ground this year, take the time to pick it up and help as best as you can.

If the mind and body are uncomfortable in the days ahead, it is a sign that we are alive. Embrace the day. Words and advice from Keith. A grand friend and a man who lived the words, every day, day after day, years and years. Well beyond his days left on earth, said "the doctors."

Stay tuned.



Last day of 2020. No hoopla nor looking back. Time to become more matter of fact. Basics. What we have control over. No rabbit holes (maybe a shallow one) nor "poor me" attitudes. No savior coming for any of us. 

We are all brothers and sisters. We can choose our paths, together, supporting each other, growing together. Or we can choose not to. 

I choose getting and giving help. I choose some hard work, planning, protecting, a strong belief in God and working goodness as best I can. I am not afraid.

I vow to be the very best man I can or the very worst man I have to be. 

If I fall, it will be from a standing position. 

God bless and love "y'all." Thank you for your time over these past years.

Our test starts tomorrow.


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  1. And so say we all....

    "Old men ought to be explorers
    Here and there does not matter
    We must be still and still moving
    Into another intensity
    For a further union, a deeper communion
    Through the dark cold and empty desolation,
    The wave cry, the wind cry, the vast waters
    Of the petrel and the porpoise. In my end is my beginning."