Wednesday, January 6, 2021



East Texas sunrise, first week 2021

Celery stock BELOW re-planted. 

Slice an eighth of an inch off the butt end to clean off hardened root end. Plant, water and give it some sun light. 

Small pot on your window sill? Porch? Any window sill with light.


I did not like reading this:

From Raconteur Report. “ 80+ is God's waiting room.” That statement alone is why I am sharing. 

I am 75.5 now (yes, back to the times when we were young and included half years with our age) and I do not appreciate being closer to the end than in the beginning or in the middle. Do not like it at all. 

I still have things to do, not yet started nor completed. Getting up in the morning with nothing to do and only being half done at quitting time. 

And I am now on too many endangered living lists. Old, white, retired, veteran, and viewed as already having lived a good life. A throw away man. Written off with in the small print of conversations.

"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence"

John Adams



Our new green house is sketched. Windows to be found. Plot leveled and 8'x10' structure roughly staked out. An electric wire fence is needed to protect from deer. That, too, visually planned. 

A start! The leveled greenhouse pad endured three days and 3" of heavy rain over New Years. I had worried about erosion of the barren dirt recently filled, leveled and raked. 

The spots that look water-filled are settled sand from puddles. Some earth movement, but given the heavy rainfall with ground cover, I am confident this spot will weather well.

Drag rake works wonders for cleaning and leveling.



The world is watching. Crowds gathering. Decisions will be made regarding the presidential election and my bet is that the fat lady will not sing this week. Others disagree! 

Talking heads will be on fire. Some fist pounding, chest thumping and more downgrading of the dirt people. 

Folks walking into DC this week are walking into a lions den. My bet is they know that. God bless. 

A close friend commented this past weekend that everyone around him is so happy to have 2020 finished. He mused that, this time a month from now, they will be more than happy to return to this past year. It's funny.

On January 20, at day's end, we will all know. 

HT to American Digest for sharing my recent post, YEAR ZERO. I appreciate. 


Gonna post early. Have run into a brick wall. So tired of looking up at the scimitars hanging over our heads. Let's get on with the final act so we can start getting on. 

Thank you for the visit. God bless. 

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  1. found you via the feral irishman. See lots of commonality - I moved to NH for the live free part. Spent some time in S TX in the service, it definitely has stately esprit de corps. Thanks for the blog, look forward to reading regularly.