Sunday, January 24, 2021


 Old barn has been there for awhile. Seen some history for sure.

East Texas family gardens starting.

Old chicken house being demolished and parted out. 

A dollar each at local small-out-of-the way stores this past week. Best canned peaches you will ever eat. From South Africa.

Sun-dried tomatoes go in every kind of cooking that you may add tomatoes to. We have cut up two bags of these tomatoes, put them in a small jar with jar garlic and olive oil. We add them to stew, soup and put them on top of Mozzarella slices with a little garlic salt, drizzle of olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

These go into meal planning very easily, affordable and store wonderfully. If you find them, buy every one you can. 

January 24, the month is damn near in the history books. 

East Texas gray skies, rain and thunderstorms have kept me in the house and shop. The upside of all of this has been a few pots of soup, stew and the bride's brisket teased with barbeque sauce. Add a few drop-off-the-end-of-earth couch naps. 

Renting some good movies and tv series. Reading a few blogs and even that is confined to headlines as long-winded crap is just that. Some YouTube videos for simple entertainment value. Zero sports of any kind as most have self-destructed. 

Getting back to outside chores will be great entertainment and productive. 

Thanks for the visit.

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