Monday, January 18, 2021

JANUARY 17, 2021

Cannon and Denver, soaked to the bone under east Texas thunderstorms. I often see them and Rummy (not pictured) standing by the fence looking at their owners home. Last week they grabbed my heart like a young puppy can. That part of me that wants to physically wrap the animal up in my arms. Horses are one of my favorite animals. 

And yes, I know they are weathering all of this in stride. Horses live outside yadda yadda and so forth. But these large magnificent horses have the path that tugs at my heart. I think it is their eyes.


Appreciating the amount of work that went into building a large farm storage silo.


Good Morning,

Trying a laptop propped up with a pillow while sitting here in my living room chair. Up early every morning just because of habit and a good nights' sleep. The propane fire place heats this area wonderfully, but the bedrooms are cold as is my computer work area.

Realized that this next week is upon us and if ever I was at a loss of words and opinion, this coming week tops any I can ever remember where I had no advice or idea on the coming week ahead in my life and the life of this country.

These past several weeks have found us tightening up the things we have control over. Has been more socializing with neighbors and trips to near by towns for stuff in general. Some skill set work, outdoor activity from planting our first row of onions, getting the ham radio antenna hung and testing several bands. From Chicago to Florida and one hit in San Diego. Mostly chatter about much of nothing. Receiving ok, but antenna problem with transmitting. Will work on that if time permits.

You and yours are folks that own a big part of our hearts and thoughts. As my mornings progress much in the thinking department, you are always included.

We have talked of times like this and I doubt we never knew any of the details of down times. But damn if they are not on all of our door steps. Each of us have our sh*t together as best we can. I know that. To what point here?

I think of you daily. And most likely will forever. Know that for whatever that is worth. Please keep in touch with how you are doing and snippets of the world in your circles. I do not need details because we have talked of such things.

I will do the same. If coms break down we will write letters. If that breaks down we will punt. We are physically fine. We are mentally fine. We most likely will be fine barring an un-foreseen local event.

It has been a grand run, huh? “It” is not over for sure, but boy oh boy is it going to be one hell of an adventure. None of us will be bored or complaining we have nothing to do.

God bless us all. Be smart, keep your knees bent and question everything.

I am going to put in an expensive bottle of booze early this week. A shot every now and then as needed to remember and toast good moments still to come. Join me.

An optimist would buy two bottles. 


Kitchen sink chicken soup with home baked white bread. Family came to visit and we laughed and joked. 

Took two cans of very good peaches from the storeroom to our neighbors this morning and then they brought over homemade chicken spaghetti and buttermilk pie at dinner time. 

Saturday was gas station fried chicken and we shared bites of the one sausage on a stick for lunch. 

It is a good thing that east Texas weekends only last for two days.

A good tired tonight.

Yep. Thanks for stopping by.  

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