Sunday, November 1, 2020



On the day we voted one of the gals at the voting station welcomed us by saying, "Welcome to the Country of Texas." Deep roots!


We have been on the road this last week plugging holes and shopping for last minute items. The stores we have visited were fully stocked. All of them were working at getting products on the shelves. From fresh veggies and meats to every day items folks have been buying for years. The stores were all busy. Baskets filled to the brim. Half of the folks shopping wore no masks.

Maybe all is normal. But everyone we have visited with has been in a high state of concern and preparation this past week.


Two hundred and twenty seven posts have past in youmeandtheafter blog. All have been fun to share, from prepping, family history, cooking/baking and hinting in most every post to be ready for the possibility of difficult times. All of this is yesterday now. We all go into tomorrow with what we have. 

Visitors here have been and still come from every corner of the world. Technology is amazing as it is scary. My take on what is coming will affect all of us to some degree. Just a few days ago Paris was going into lock down and other countries and the 50 states of the USA are various degrees of Covid19 restrictions and worry of pending violence due to elections. From all outward signs, this is going to continue and in some locations become extreme violence against everyday people. Absolute unrestricted power grabs from some governors in some states. 

I believe media will hype the upheaval, continue to lie about what are the truths, feed the violence and you and I will have to find our own avenues of understanding. Actions that we may be called upon to do, help, protect and keep living / moving forward will challenge the long days ahead. 

Also, we might want to consider not quickly jumping on current bandwagons but rather seek other avenues for information gathering. Seeking truth and reality. Keeping close to family ties and like minded neighbors. Day after day. Trust in ourselves, our gut feelings and God. 

I want to find an all inclusive summation of yesterday, today and tomorrow but we are entering a new era of world history this coming week. My wife and I have had our difficult conversations, cemented the fact we love and trust each other and that all that we can ever do is our best. Life has proven that giving our best everyday proves long-term consistent outcomes within our chosen course of life and living. We plan to stick with that. 

We are not prepared for everything. We know that. 


Some advice we were given this past week regarding C19.

  • Over 200 people treated with hydroxychloroquine with 100% success rate.

  • Symptoms of C19 Severe headaches, cough, noticeable body ache, noticeable fatigue, temperature yes maybe no.

  • Conventional health care not prescribing or dispensing hydroxychloroquine.

  • Under no circumstances take the coming Vaccine.  The Swine Flu rush to vaccine  had serious long term neurological effects that followed because the  vaccine was not fully developed/tested.

  • C-19 Preventatives : Vitamin D 5000 unit 1x2 daily, Zinc 100 mg 1x daily and Vitamin C 1x daily. People using these vitamins, who have come down with C19, have the highest success rates of recovery. These vitamins have proven to be effective against C19.

  • ...........

God Watch Over You. 

See you next Sunday.



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