Monday, November 9, 2020



We found two lemon trees early last month while plant shopping. I have talked quite often, that when we get to Texas, that I would like to have a couple lemon trees. 

Lemon and lime trees lined one of the guest houses decks we visited in Franschhoek SA many years ago and I thought it would be so cool if I could pull a fresh lime from one of the trees for my daily gin and tonics. Then there was the lemon tree in The Worlds Fastest Indian. Seemed I ought to be able to find one or two in East Texas and learn about growing them. 

The two trees have taken to their new home. They are just in the midst of turning yellow. Will harvest when they turn completely yellow. The bride suggests a lemon meringue pie. 


Ordered a new work bench tree weeks ago. The price was most reasonable and realized four days later why that was. I had to assemble. 

Every part fit like a glove and this is easily an $800 dollar tool cabinet and work bench at half the price. 

This was so heavy that I had to call for help to lift it up onto the wheels. 

I have always enjoyed projects like this and was able to get lost in the process. Very much an up-side in this day an age and one of the reasons I love building things. Another up side is I know every part, nut, bolt and screw in this cabinet.

Leaving the neighbors the other day we saw we saw this blue horse grazing in the field across the road. The photo does not do justice to the noticeable light blue color of the animal. 


It appears that all media are now in the tank with outright deceit and continual lying to the American pubic.  If I could trust just one news network before, today I can trust none of them. 

Buy as much of everything you can/want/need to buy now. Right now!! Buy for long-term self-sufficiency. Buy before the panic set in. You will regret not doing so. Screw what anyone else thinks or is doing.  

If you think you have enough, then double it. Think investment, barter, trade, helping others. Do not quit or relax. 

Practice/improve skill sets. 

FYI: Rumors of truckers' strike in November. Keep an eye out/follow information regarding this. 

"could start at any time..." got your turkey yet? Dressing mix? All the traditional side dishes? 

Some of the worst mask "offenders" are the employees working under these door-front posted C19 "guidelines." Under the chin, hanging from one ear, fully opened front mouth vents and office workers w/o any masks. 

Take away our freedoms and 'peeps" all will find away around it. 

Eat, live, love well and may God Watch Over You.

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