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Optimists grow things. Planting trees is trust in a future, something of the kid in us staying alive, pleasure in seeing some of our efforts and love pay off, short term and long term. My planting of things is woven in my genes and being around family that planted and harvested. For me, it is a simple pleasure. 

This morning in the brisk East Texas colder morning, my wife's gift of a few celery plants a month ago are coming along just fine. There is indeed some inner pleasure I get every day, coming and going by these plants. Being able to grow during this time of the season is new to us. 

My wife's rose bush has also taken to the Texas soil and owns the primary spot in her flower garden. Just a week after planting, her little rose bush exploded with three of the trees best efforts yet. Not a day goes by where we both do not pass this little bush and appreciate the life it is living here and efforts to be happy in East Texas. 




The next door neighbor and I followed our wives in another side by side, touring back roads this past weekend. The girls chatted up a storm, hands waving here and there as my wife heard stories from years and years ago. Her husband and I laughed that these two were lost in their world as they soaked up the lands near the trail. We think that the area we live in is God's country. But just around the corner, over a few hills lies some of God's best work. A house tucked here, a house tucked there, far back from the one way dirt road. Large green lush fields with trees older than dirt owning the view. 

We stopped on a grassy pull off near another fenced in land. Beyond the gate were the remainders of last years garden, surrounded by a make shift electric fence. The wires have been removed since the end of the growing season. My neighbor shook his head as he explained the amount and size of tomatoes that came out of that garden. We both agreed that a salt shaker is needed when picking ripe tomatoes. 

Quick make-shift electric fences keeps out the varmints. 

Moving down these road, I quickly learned to keep my mouth closed as things that fly can be easily captured mouth breathing. 


Veteran's Day came and went again. Seems like a million years ago. My wife and I  joined a veterans' driving parade put on by the local schools in town. All of students were saying thank you for your service and waving individually made signs in support of veterans and veterans day. Quite moving. 

My wife teared up several times, quietly saying; "Only in Texas, only in Texas." I am sure there are many other communities supporting veterans that day, but we were fortunate enough to personally be a small part of this day's community mission. 

I had to laugh as a few grade school boys were say "Merry Christmas" as we drove by. They were giggling and pushing a different narrative. Respectful for sure, but kids being kids to the full extent. I wanted to reach out to just one of them and tell them that to keep it up and they were going to be just fine. Just fine! Yea, it was good; very good for this old Vet. 


Each veteran this day received a personal gift at our last stop. A youngster came to our window, again said thank you for your service and then handed us a small brown paper bag, folded together at the top. Inside a personal designed card with a hand written thankyou inside, an eagle cookie and gift card. 

Thank you small-town Texas. Thank you!!


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Yep, I know about gutter guards. But the needles get stuck in the holes requiring each one be individually pulled out. 


Will end this blog with morning homemade biscuits for two and home canned Fig/Strawberry jam from a wonderful lady down the road. Never had this jam mixture before. The half-full jam jar speaks for itself.

Fig trees close by and next season some home made bread traded for figs and this jam recipe will be in order.  

Texas Governor just announced "no more lock downs." 

Appreciate the visit. 

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