Monday, October 26, 2020


 The way home.

Lost this past week's post. The post opened in html. and I had no clue what to do. By the time I figured it out I saw that I had erased the post in the process of figuring out how to figure it out. A quick post then.



The Organic Prepper has a good review on being prepared this week. It covers much of what she promotes on being ready. One week before elections and being as self-sufficient as we all can be is paramount in my book. It also well covers what I have been harping on for the past years in getting ready for down times. 

My wife and I are planning on hitting a few main outlets and a few local markets this week to finalize some little things in our After closets. Trying to round out our one year preps for down times. 

Cream of Wheat (remember having when we were kids). Quick, tasty especially with a little sugar, butter and milk around the inside edge of the bowl. Also adding a few boxes of instant oatmeal. Hot water from the kettle and a meal is served. 

Peanut butter, honey and making sure we can bake bread and bisects more often than we do now.  Mixins for soups, stews and quick casseroles, too. 

After the election we plan/hope to continue living and store-going as we have since we arrived in Texas. Times will dictate how that unfolds and how we adapt.

I, too, suggest you get out this week and pick up extra items for your cupboards too. 



even in Texas. Days are noticeably cooler. Winter in the northern parts of Texas have snow and sleet now. Normal winter seasons returning around the nation. 

This is good news and should be used to everyone's advantage over these coming months. Common sense tells me that mother nature will again have her way with all of us and this will be a natural deterrent for folks running crazy in the big cities and suburbs. Not as much fun freezing their asses off in protesting. Will be much easier pissing and moaning from the net.  Take advantage of what winter offers. 



parades, chili cook-offs, pie eating, car shows and old fashion outdoor activities. 
Very refreshing. A few pics from this past weekend in East Texas.

Big, beautiful, and huggable.

Very clean Ford 289 cu. V-8

Dodge Hemi works well in this old car

Nice old everyday driver

4 on the floor

Classic early 1960's Chevy Impala

Many older cars and trucks along the side streets too


Thanks for visiting and have a good week.

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