Sunday, October 11, 2020



Joined the local morning commuters this past week. Early shopping trip to town. The horizon exploded in reds, yellows and oranges seconds before the sun broke through. Early morning fog wets the fields over night. 


Local Weekend Market Sign


Ten pounds Boneless Chicken Breast and ten pounds of Eye of Round beef canned. 

Large chicken breasts from the butcher. Must be a machine that removes the carcass, leaving the two breasts still attached. Very little trimming needed to remove fat. Bowl of trimmed chicken in upper left hand corner for chicken soup.

Chicken cut into strips, then cubed.

Jars filled, one teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of water added. Our preference. 

Same process with beef. See remaining eye of round beef in the upper left hand corner. Very lean and good for canning. Zero waste.

Meat processed in pressure canners.

It has been four years since we have canned meat, so we used this go-round to relearn the whole process. Followed directions on canning meat and the directions that came with the pressure canners. 

In days of very very old, grandmother canned meats out of necessity. No way to store meat long term (one season). Grandfather brought bone in beef/chickens cleaned-plucked and grandma did the rest. Trimmed out meats landed in a pot for broths, soups and stews. 

Traditions and lessons from the past work as well today as it did then. And for similar reasons. To have some foods in the cupboards for the year ahead.

Canning pics and comments are not intended to be used for your home canning guidelines. You must do your own homework, learn the process and follow the directions for the foods you wish to can.  

One of our go-to references when home canning.



Apparently, the neighbors up the road let their horses out to roam from time to time, or the horses can get out easily on their own to roam, or some combination of both. We let our next door neighbors know but they already knew. 

We learned this is a normal occurrence.  If the horse owners did not find them that day, our close by neighbors would put the roaming horses in their fenced in land until the owners came looking for them.

The two horses sauntered about and then through our front yard in the photo above. They gave no appearance of being lost.

A land where horses can roam free.



Feral hogs had broken through a neighbor's fence and were about to tear up producing pasture land. Only one remedy to this problem and it is immediate and final. 

I have seen the damage done by a family of hogs and fully realize the destruction they cause when they set in to root through a section of pasture. The hogs completely destroy the land and its ability to produce.  

Hogs reproduce at an alarming rate and present on going problems for farmers to manage.


MOUNTAIN RESCUE A very cool video.


Our early mornings are filled with lots of conversations and a pot of coffee. My wife and I are resolved to the fact that waking up the morning of November 4th, 2020 will be the beginnings of difficult months ahead for this country. 

I see nor hear little hope for good things to come from the media and the net. Most all opinions, varying in degrees of the peoples of this country raging war on each other. Political, economic, personal, racial, religious and the list is long. 

No more sitting and talking of differences. No more visiting of shared good living in this great country. No more just getting along and living our individual lives together in a free land. I have been here 75 years now and have only read of times like this in history books. 

Worrying about having to go to Vietnam for two different tours of duty was a cake walk compared to my growing concerns for todays tomorrows. 

So our mornings are spent talking and planning. Not going down the rabbit hole planning, but tying up loose ends and using these last few days to our advantage as best as we can. More often than not, when the breakfast kitchen is cleaned, dishes put away and the official days starts, we have before us achievable tasks.  Other tasks are scheduled out several days. No more years, months or weeks of talking doing. Push is coming to shove. 

Possibility that panic purchasing is close on the horizon.  Clearing everything off of the shelves and re-supply will be a crap shoot.



Trailing Western edge of Storm Delta Friday.

Thanks for the visit this week, heads up, knees bent and be active in getting you and yours ready to be self-sufficient well into the new year. 


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