Saturday, October 17, 2020



Social Distancing - Just Not Right!! 

Deer Passing Through

Wasting Time

Call it unwinding. 

I have never had a difficult time just sitting, watching, listening and thinking. More so these past few years. Wasting time by most standards.

My wife joins me now in the early evenings and we talk of worldly things from dribs and drabs. If we are lucky, we may get to whisper to each other to look at 3 o'clock for the deer passing through. 

We first talked of moments like this the day we visited this home for sale. We talked of sitting on this porch in our rocking chairs, visiting and surveying our kingdom. 

The faint sounds are far off animals, wind rustling and the sound birds make whooshing though the trees to the fields beyond. Train whistles can still be heard in the far distance and on the quietest of early evenings, there are sounds the earth gives off from the weight of those trains moving down the tracks.

Still no television. Been 6 months now. Trying to figure out hanging the tv on the wall, understand Roku and how Sling TV works. We need a twelve year old to spend some time with us. (Finally hung the TV on the wall yesterday.)

Rocking chairs serve us well.

A Good Batch


The Cub Cadet Tractor/Lawnmower puked, we borrowed a trailer, hauled it to Sulpher Springs CC Dealer and landed at Carl Jr's for a hamburger lunch. 

My wife spotted a gal in the restaurant wearing this shirt and asked if she minded if my wife took a photo. She did not. 

Another East Texas Point of View.


Maybe more important short-term thinking and having stored in the back room now. If you are not into any of this, think investment. Double/triple your money in The After. Better yet, you will be able to help folks in need.


Worth reading. 


I could be wrong, hope I am. This coming week will be the last week I would expect to get what I want or need for the coming year.  Most likely, it is on the shelf somewhere in your circle of life. Even from the net, orders will be filled and shipped. (My wife just ordered wanted items for the garage/carport - free shipping and arrives Monday.)

Clean things up, put stuff in order, shore up plans and for goodness sake, do not be afraid or in panic. Stay a course. Work the course and no giving up. Be the person who is true to his/her family and friends. True to his/her God. True to his/her country. True to good vs evil. True to putting it all on the line if the moment comes. 

It is too late not to be ready.

Eighteen wheelers still rolling east/west-north/south delivering goods. Trains laden with containers same same. 

But just this weekend I am starting to see blurbs on getting your Xmas shopping done NOW and health officials making national policy in the want for gathering restrictions at Thanksgiving. Repeating myself; use your familiar freedoms available next week wisely. 

Do you have your turkey in the freezer and the necessary fixins' for boats of gravy and dressing overload? Pumpkin pie filling? If turkeys dry up, think two large whole chickens. Go ahead, laugh, but ponder Thanksgiving day w/o a bird on the table. 

A test? Tell your family and friends that you already have your bird and your Xmas shopping is done. Do it face to face so you can see the look on their face. Smiley face, smiley face!!

Neither of these holidays this year need to be excessive or "too much." But they should be enough to accomplish the spirits of the season and fulfill some responsibilities. 

Thanks for the visit this week. 

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