Sunday, June 23, 2024


 Simple Song of Freedom (1969-1971), Bobby Darin

The words and music speaks as loud today as it did nearly 30 years ago. I have listened to this song over the years, but it rings louder these days than ever before.


 Heat .gif  

Updated hourly. Might be worth putting the link on a home screen and be able to pull up a real time heat map this summer of the USA.


 First cutting of hay, 2024

Another year, another season for getting in winter hay. Rain has set back the first cuttings this year. A nearby field above is descriptive of the local landscapes along back roads of the Piney Woods. I am told that the next cutting produces a better quality bail of hay. Less weeds! Most likely only two hay harvests this season.



Mast and boom coming together on the 20" pond yacht build.

First prototype sail attempt below. Using Dacron and gluing the hems. First attempt better than I had anticipated. Three sixteenths grommets install easily. Look good and are functional. 

Working with any kind of cloth is new to me. Terminology along with methods of folding/gluing to achieve a sail that replicates the fitted pattern. Photos next post should show a mainsail fitted to the mast and boom.



We are entering into the 3 months of HOT in Texas. Temperatures approaching triple digits this past week and I expect that we should hit that by the 4th of July. 

It is what it is. We learned how to cope and endure winter snow and ice storms while living in NH. Now we continue our education of how to best to get through the long hot days of Texas.

We started this week by getting outside by 07:00 and completing yard work and plant watering NLT 09:00. Getting back outside in the evenings after 7:30 PM will be another option. Sun will be down and plenty of shade to work in. 

Radiation Burn 

A difficult read, writer experience shared. I find him hard to read, but in this instance, regardless of if I like what he says or not, there is good information on taking care of burns. And I think he is correct, I am not seeing anyone talking of things like this. Lots of finger pointing and OMG OMG. Give some thought of having to take care of burns in the times ahead and not having the meds on hand. So, food for thought and solutions actionable. 

Appreciate your visit. 


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