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The tall grass in an adjacent field is ready for cutting (shredding). A large parcel of land and our neighbor has made many passes with his tractor and shredder over this past week. Daybreak working and back at dusk working as temperatures in east Texas now are triple digits nearly everyday. Most folks who have outdoor work/chores to do adjust to an early daylight morning, late evening work schedule. Those who can do, for sure. 



In a clown world gone wild, there are still folks who can build and perform to the highest standards an industry demands. Enjoy.


THE SILENT GENERATION   born between 1928 and 1945

+ hard work, loyalty and thriftiness

+ often repair an item before replacing it

show respect to others

+ unlikely to give up when challenges arise

rebound in ways that reflect growth and learning

+ strong work ethic

+ analog-first experiences

made great personal sacrifices

+ fought for their principles early in life

completely or mostly retired now

+ "the builder generation"

 I was born in that era and raised by the folks of the Greatest Generation. Proud of it!

The list above the shovel photo is well representative of my generation. 

The shovel above is one my everyday tools. To this day I have guilt pangs of not maintaining these tools like my grandparents and my folks did. I cleaned, sharpened and oiled this shovel for the photo. Shame on me. It is the best looking yard tool hanging on my tool wall. 

After use, grandparents/parents mandated to clean, wash, sharpen if needed, oil and put away. Never set aside a dirty tool. Tools like these were costly to purchase and with a little care would last a lifetime. Broken handles were replaced from cured branches stacked in the barn. Axe handles and the like, too. Dependable tools meant jobs getting completed. A sharp shovel with a smooth handle works much easier than a dirty, rusty shovel. Spend a few hours using a shovel in daily life routines and that becomes proof positive.

Work ethic:

To this day I remember my mother talking to me when I went for my first job interview at 15 years old. She told me that I was to never sit down or stand around waiting for someone to come to me and find me a job/task. If I found myself with time on my hands, I was to pick up a broom and sweep. Stay busy. There were always little jobs to be done and to be working on. 

That is exactly what I did on the first day when I was hired to work at a Richfield gas station. 

There is great satisfaction and accomplishments putting in a hard day's work. To this day!!!



Finished the pond yacht build earlier this week. A post dedicated to this project later this month. This project has been a great distraction and good for the head. Learned new things every step along the way. 



Made it through June. I was expecting "an event" last month but now the chatter seems to be pointing to the month of September. Big shake up in the presidency now and how all of this is going to shake out is anyone's guess, at best. 

Independence day tomorrow. A chunk of meat goes on the pellet grill at midnight and we will be taking part in good eats that come with this holiday tomorrow. Two hundred and forty eight years since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. 

A hundred degrees here tomorrow. I will spend the day in flip flops, swim trunks, an old junk t-shirt and enjoy one cold beer as a treat.We are planning a relaxing day.

Have a wonderful 4th, enjoy family and friends, grill something. 

Appreciate the visit.




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