Sunday, October 17, 2021


Third photo grouping. A smattering of helio flying and some of the surrounding countryside that was the helicopter pilots "daily office" for work in 1967. 

It did not take long during those first few weeks of flying daily missions for me to appreciate the magnificent beauty of this country. Everywhere. Everyday. To this I would add that the waging of war part and all of this never ever computed. Never came to a comfort zone nor grips with the polar opposites of war being waged in the beauty of a paradise. 

I am not doing justice to trying to explain and share that here. More so now that I am a much older man. Nowadays, I put myself living in one of those villages while war was over head, just up the river and or too near. 


Large troop airlift preparation. All these young men!!

HQ tents

Vung Tu view

Enroute to a mission

Huey "C" model rotor system. Noticeable by wider blades.

OH-13 Light observation helicopter. Flew low and slow over enemy contact areas or out scouting low and slow.  

Hughes "500" gas turbine Light Observation Helicopter replaced the OH-13's early in 1967. Same mission. Low and slow drawing ground fire, looking for a gun fight. Part of that mission was to take fire away from our boys on the ground and eliminate those problems early in the mission.

Good pic of the LOH flying, and the UH-1H troop lift helicopter to the right. Note longer body on the UH-1H.

CH-37 Mojave helicopter. Largest twin piston engine helicopter ever built. 

Coastal view.

Lush mountainous areas.

Could/would not drink the water. Settled for warm beer.

Troops head to board helicopter.

Another troop lift. All these young men!!

Coastal airport, Phan Thiet.

Chinook helicopter with door gunner at the ready.


East Texas chill.

This past week finds a chill in the air now. Cool house bring out sweatshirts and snugs. Her has this weird mandate that we cannot turn on heat till November 1st. She initiated that rule living in New Hampshire. Something about "a principle involved." But I get cold. Working on it!!

Chores and the comings and going these past weeks have eaten up any free time we get around here. Last minute work on painting some of the house for better protection against the weather, re-staining some of the outdoor wood window shutters and putting away flower beds and garden. 

Add to this road trips with other folks for other reasons. Damn near impossible to plan meals. Chicken nuggets,  bowls of cereal, a hot dog or baloney sandwich because we do not want to cook.

Today will be spent here house painting the pipe fence. 

If you have time to read a small piece of history:  

Found a brief mention of this woman on ACE this morning. Found the full story on the net and spent time reading about her. 

How deep did she have to reach to survive all of this? Become a champion. Have a family. Live a full life? God Bless!

Thanks for the visit this week and thank you for the great comments.

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