Sunday, October 3, 2021


The short version-
Started scanning 3,000+ b/w pictures, film and color slides from my tours of duty in the Army. Never before shared.

Gonna take some time.

Plan to share photos each blog starting this weeks post.

Daily times of my life as I lived them are in these photos. Nineteen, twenty and twenty-one years old.
Was a combat helicopter pilot two tours, 1966-67 - A Btry, 2D Bn, 20th Arty, 3rd Plt, 1st Cav Div (Air); 1969 -C Trp 7/17th Cav

Flew both a Huey UH-1B/C and the Huey COBRA AH-1G for a combined 997 combat missions.

Had my camera with me all of the time. Have always enjoyed photography.

Loved the flying.  We flew into gunfights every day and did it for the guys on the ground. So all of us to come home safely. Nothing more, nothing less. We were  men and women doing what had to be done given the times of our lives. Like it or not.
Maybe a story or two along the way here.

Some photos with captions as best as I can remember. It's been awhile.

An Lao Valley Central Highlands 1967 - Always two helicopter missions. Typical day

Returning to base, low-level along the coast. Memorable photo in that our flight of two had just escaped flying into a B-52 strike in the same area inland that we were assigned a fire mission. We were luckily on the edge of the strike with bombs falling along side of us and exploding a few hundred feet below us. 

All hell instantly erupted around and we tucked our tails between our legs and turned for the coast. We were running as fast as those Huey's could fly.

Mission de-brief was an "oops from the Air Force." Did not share that morning B-52 strike plan with us. Pucker factor is a real thing!!

Bought this near Ft. Rucker during our final stages of flight training. Mindsets amongst some of the cadets were that we all knew we were going to Vietnam. We did not know whether we would return. So, why not? 

I remember one candidate bought a new Mustang Shelby Cobra fastback off the showroom floor. White with blue stripe. I thought him a fool because he could have had his picks of any Corvette made. What a fool I was, huh?

I left the car with my dad and mom and they cruised this up and down the Washington State coastline while I was gone during my first tour of duty. Good for them. 

Given all the heartache sending their son to Vietnam, they told me they would take care of it for. Probably would not be driving it much. Come to find out they quickly adjusted that mind set. 

EDC included a gunship strapped on my back, flack vest, survival knife my father gave me and an Army issued .45. 

My father handed me this knife while my mother was not looking the day I left from McChord AFB for Vietnam. He tucked it into my hands and while holding me whispered in my ear, "Do what ever you have to son to come back to us safe and sound." A father's permission. Mom never ever knew. My fathers eyes were red, but he never cried in front of me that day.

Weather never stopped us from flying.

Gunship outfitted with 4 M-60 machine guns, two hard-mounted either side of the helicopter. I believe this is a C-model UH1. Wider rotor blades. 

Low level flying north out of An Khe, Central Highlands.

LZ Two Bits and LZ Hammond in the distance; south of the An Lao Valley and looking east. Central Highlands.

"The Golf Course", An Khe, Central Highlands. Taking off down hill and as soon as the helicopter reached translational lift, it would rise noticeably into the air. Loved watching these fully loaded helicopters take off. 

The Chinook helicopter was one hell of a work horse and rescue helicopter of that era. I enjoyed watching them work.

I had two cameras during this first tour. Both Pentax, I think. I lost the first one on a bus while on R n R in Hong Kong. Just got up and forgot the damn camera.

When I remembered, the bus was on the other side of a most congested road and there was no way I could ever stop the bus and get it back. Broke my heart, but camera stores were one of the reasons I went there for R n R. (Nope, did not do that!) For the life of me I cannot remember the camera I replaced that first one with. 

I have not taken the time to clean these photos of the junk on the lens or mirror. I did not know of this problem till I got home. And now, it really does not matter. Those cameras were also real work horses when I look back on the environments they were in. Sitting on helicopter floors next to a pilot seat.



Testing out the new (old) GoPro and learning time-lapse photography. 

October already. How did this happen? Will there be a "surprise" this month?

Let's end this weeks post with some music. I have shared before, but go back to this kid playing guitar quite often. Makes this look so easy. So easy!!!

Yep, thanks for the visit this week.



  1. Very nice of you to share Thanks

  2. A, coming here from Irish. Wow, you bring back memories. Flew Army 1985 to 2011, UH-1H, UH-1M, AH-1S, OV-1D, AH-64A and finally a desk in the 5 sided funhouse before departing the fix in 2011. Started in the ARNG with many old timers Army and USMC. Marines were former commissioned guys that fell back to CW-3 and drove on. Went A/C in 87 and saw the world. From Germany to Korea to Panama to Italy and most posts in the US. I'll wager you could pass a check ride even now if I put you in charlie gunship...

  3. Super awesome! This is great from many perspectives. I'm a shutterbug. The draft ended three days after my 18th. birthday in 1974.
    Two brothers next door both got drafted when I was 9 years old. They both made it back physically uninjured. I worked out of a helo for a summer back in the day piloted by a Nam vet who demonstrated how to fly a Hughes 500 Turbo in ways that I didn't know a helo could do. Back in the day in the Toulomne Canyon. I'm very curious about that whole conflict. Thank You.
    Wirecutter sent me here.

  4. Came here from Irish. I will be looking for your posts every time I go through my blog list. I was the right age but 4F due to only having one good eye but I enjoy reading about peoples "adventures" during that time.

  5. Sent over from Irish. Got my wings in '72, 10 years Navy and 11 in Army Guard. Flew Hueys for 13 years. Was in Japan as a dependent 65 to 68 and Minolta was my camera of choice, I have hundreds of slides I need to go thru, maybe someday. CNF

  6. Another one coming from Irish here.

    Thank you for your service, and thank you for taking the time to scan and post these.

  7. Irish sent me.
    Awesome pics, and I'll be back for more !

  8. Another Irish transfer. Dad was USAF at Cam Ranh Bay in 65; lots of pics & stories from his time. I did 20 from 80-2000 as a crew chief on A-10’S mostly. Did more than a few trips to Sandland. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be here again!

  9. Thanks for sharing, Cav. (I was in 1/17 in the 82d for a time) My war was in the desert, mostly Baghdad & Tikrit. It's interesting to see what others have done.

  10. This site is now bookmarked---Thanks for your service and sent here from Irish

  11. Irish sent me. Great pics. Thank you for those and your service

  12. Came from Irish as well. 91B near the end I loved these birds. Ended doing more school and time. After 24years and more wars decided to stop. LTC and still taking care of people. Love your pics.

  13. Hey "A";

    Irish sent me, I still have my Dads yashica he bought in Vietnam on his second tour. My War was in the Desert, the first one and thank you for posting the pics.

  14. Irish sent me. 997 sorties is almost unbelievable. It would be impossible to count the lives you saved. God Bless You.

  15. From Irish. First of all thank you all for your service. Got my draft card in 1971,didn't have to go. Thanks for the photos and your blog, already been 10 pages in. I'll be back regularly. Thanks Al

  16. Came from Irish. Thanks for the pics!

  17. Sent over from Irish and bookmarked. Only did one tour flying guns (Charlies and Mikes) in the 129th AHC but we covered the same ground as when you were in C/7/17. Welcome Home Brother. regards, Alemaster

  18. From Irish. Dad was at An Khe 66/67, Co. C, 228th ASHB. Followed by Ft. Rucker 67/68/69 as Exec, then CO of the Student Aviator Battalion. Great pics. Kind Regards, LF