Friday, April 3, 2020


......HISTORY HAS TURNED A PAGE....uh...huh..."

We put up with Sonny just to watch Cher. A looker.

We are living through a few pages being turned yesterday, today and many more tomorrows. RONA...there is no other news.....Well, there is the onslaught of everyone a hero and all of that.............


 An visual example of telling businesses and folk they are non essential.

Tearing down the old, installing the new. One structure at a time

In an out of the way nook, lineman are practicing distancing in their everyday offices. Linemen "linemenning"!!


What day is this now for being self-quarantining? The bigger question lies in the talk of months rather than days or weeks ahead. Now ,I hear that hope is we will be recovering by June.

From The Daily Mail Online. "Food banks near Disneyland....40 fold increase in people asking for help.."

Is this another wave we need to be concerned about. I ask myself, is this too just over the horizon. How many days before this is a story in all 50 states. We do not bounce back from this one. Not from major food shortages. Not from the lack of available food to feed yourself and your family.

This morning, our local major food market chain announced they are limiting folks inside their chain stores. Distancing the reason. The shopping carts will be disinfected by an employee. We saw that yesterday at SAM's Club. Each cart's push handle was wet with spray disinfectant. An employee pointed us to carts ready to use for shopping. 

Dinner conversation tonight. "This is what we have been planning for." A matter of fact comment from her after a home made dinner from the fridge and pantry. "We are in THE AFTER" I said. 

These are the days that teach of the one you love after all these years is also your very best friend. 

A few friends check in daily. An older couple than us touch base too. Family check in and we are getting a daily dose of how family and friends are working their self defined quarantines.

HAM radio VHF contact up north via a repeater. Just chatting. 

New HF radio and antenna up and running, but the leaning curve is steeper than vertical. 

Every one thing I learn brings on a half dozen other questions. I have picked up chatter from south eastern states, Portugal and Venezuela. I have yet to make contact for reasons I am still searching. 

Atmospheric conditions dictate high frequency communications. Add a thing or two I do not know about my antenna set up and it is a work in progress.

Reading and asking you tube video from HAM's who cover just about everything under the sun is very helpful. If only most of them would just get to the teaching. 

For all of their knowledge, they kill the lessons with over my head jibber jabber and self importance. Why can they not see that?

The good stuff though I will watch several times.




Her problems are far from over.


Tired this evening.  A mental tired more than physical.

But if you eat the elephant one bite at a time, it can be more manageable. 

Thanks for another visit. 

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