Thursday, March 12, 2020


Seventeen years here on the small hill in middle NH. Planned to stay here till the end of days. End of days in a normal getting older till our end of days. Someone one else would worry about all the little things left behind. 

During these past years we have always said that one of the up sides of living here and for all folk further away from any center of hustle/bustle, is that we will have time to "see it coming." In this sense, we will have some time to be better prepared.  Something is always coming and "it" always well defines itself starting the clock of "seeing it coming." Whew.

Today is the day. Yesterday was the day. Last week was the day. 

C19 has to be dealt with in a serious adult manner. We are older folk and the sights from C19 have us in the cross hairs with range, windage and elevation accurately adjusted.  One accurate shot gets us both and we are on our own. Get out the first aid book for cleaning this wound.

So what to do, la?

Daily reports now cover the bell curve, leaving little doubt that arrival of C19 is just a matter of time. C19 most likely is the "it" in our "it's coming."

Her and I have added a few things, thrown out, outdated storage and looking to shore up items that improve our immune system. A healthy immune system will help us fight the onset of being infected with C19 and is positive action now to better prepare ourselves.
A zinc lozenge each every morning before breakfast. Read up on zinc.

More liquid intake daily. Drinking more water daily as a matter of starting a new habit.

Fire cider bottled and new batch started. Powerful stuff. One test sip cleared my sinus's, covered my throat and I do not have a breathing problem. Will start daily when the draw bridge rises. One table spoon in warm tea with a little extra added honey taken at least three times a day.

Hand washing and disinfecting now more often as daily routine. 

Filling a small cardboard box with items needed set on kitchen table.  No need to start roaming storage nooks looking for immediate needed items.

No Panic plan. Being mentally and physically ready to stay the course for weeks and months. Having skill sets and tools to take care of each other. It appears that we will be on our own and that having to go to a hospital will not be an option with expectations of being well cared for. 

We (as most very sick folk will be) are expendable. Our age will be the first question asked upon our arrival. Our fate will be sealed. Just a fact of life Dorothy.

Over the counter.
Could save a life.  Yours?

Healthy eating and some more weight loss. Foods and vitamins that fulfill maintain a healthy immune system.

No more wife swapping, smoking, drinking, gambling, bar hopping, dancing on tables, hugging, hand shaking and running hand in hand naked through the woods.


From the article

"Ali said his clinic was also offering the worried wealthy an intravenous infusion of vitamins and minerals to boost their immune systems. “We know that 90% of adults have a deficiency in vitamins – what better to improve that than an IV immune boost? An intravenous infusion ensures instant and optimal delivery of these nutrients to the body’s cells and the nutrients should include vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B12 complex, glutathione, zinc and essential amino acids such as arginine, taurine, lysine and citrulline.” The treatment costs £350."

We do not have a bunker, nor access to a private jet let alone a desire to be any kind of participant. Even if invited with all expenses paid and a place to live underground indefinitely, we would not go. Never ever. 

Going full BS crazy locked underground has no appeal. 

I would enjoy though listening in to the under ground groups first meeting setting rules and guidelines. GMTFOH. I bet the billionaire wants to be in charge.

The upside for the normal Joe here is the list of vitamins we can put in our diet and supplements to add now to boost immune systems. We can still start all of this today. Right now. Get to the store, purchase what we want/need and better solve working our immune systems. 



If all of this just turns out to be an exercise, it is a good one. My bet is we all would prefer to look ridiculous in our concerns and actions. I would. And if this becomes the case, what great practice for the next "it."

I just saw a headline of 5 things that just changed in the past hour. Life changing.

Maybe the header for the next blog will soon become "WE ALL LIVE IN A DIFFERENT  WORLD THAN WE DID JUST AN HOUR AGO."  

Kevin Costner gets credit for all of this. 


Wash your mouse before returning to this blog site; please. 

Yep, I appreciate your visit.  

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