Thursday, March 19, 2020


Local Market Basket in middle NH opens Thursday morning, 05:30 till 07:00 for senior citizens over 60. Most all shoppers this morning seemed to be shopping normally for needed basics. One or two younger folk and one extra large member of the human species with an overloaded bread-only basket. The chains plan is to have their stores open like this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Several other chains have followed suit.

Eggs and bread here this week till the middle of next week. Eases some of the worry for elders keeping the basics.

Talk though of complete shutdowns. Feels like fear tactics as some decision makers are looking over seas and at large metropolitan areas having serious problems containing the virus, for guidance. Martial law overseas declared in some places. 

It may just a matter of days before those kind of restrictions are put into place nationally or locally. 

Her and I are playing this one day at a time and wash wash wash. 


STELLA from American Digest

Need a smile. Watch this video for a minute or so. Especially if you are a dog lover.

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